Top 4 Best Apps to Remotely Access Android Phone

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According to recent studies, 60% of children use smartphones. Tech-savvy minors ought to be supervised frequently to ensure they utilize their electronic gadgets responsibly. Gladly, there’s a wide variety of parental control apps in the market that can get the job done.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to remotely access an Android phone without knowing its password. Quick answer to try Phonsee for Android.

What Is Remote Control?

This term simply refers to the process of connecting to another device without having physical access to it. Remote control technologies allow you to mirror someone else’s Android phone and view its contents from your own device.

You can conveniently retrieve files, block apps and perform an assortment of tasks on the target phone without actually being present. Remote control has numerous real-life applications. For instance, your IT specialist can remotely troubleshoot and fix PC issues from a different location. This brilliant technology allows people to collaborate more effectively on mutual projects.

Did you know that you can gain remote access to Android without permission? This can be achieved via third-party apps for Android ─ some of which are discussed below.

How to Remotely Access Android Phone Secretly

The best way to access another person’s smartphone is by using a dedicated remote-control app. Most of these software applications are available online, so it’s important to conduct ample research before making up your mind.

Here are four excellent apps that can help you to access an Android device remotely:

1. See Everything on Their Android With Phonsee

Phonsee is a remarkable mobile phone tracker that allows users to monitor their loved ones with ease. This app accurately mirrors the target device, revealing crucial information such as SMS messages, social media texts and emails.

Some of Phonsee’s most impressive features include:

Social media monitoring ─ Phonsee provides users with a birds-eye view of their target’s social media chats, revealing all sent and received messages. You can also obtain shared photos, videos and links.

Email and text message tracking ─ if they’re flirting via email, you will certainly know about it. ​​This app even discloses all their SMS texts to help you discover who they’re conversing with and what they are discussing.

Browser history viewing ─ with Phonsee, you can gain remote access to Android without permission and view their full browsing history. 

Tracing and blocking hidden apps ─ has your child installed any apps you don’t approve of? Phonsee not only reveals all hidden apps that are installed on the target device, but it also allows you to block suspicious apps and websites.

2. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is another great app that allows users to access other devices remotely. You can conveniently mirror an Android phone from your iPhone, Android device, PC or simply via the web. Apart from being fast and easy to operate, TeamViewer is highly encrypted and can perform a plethora of operations.

To utilize TeamViewer, you first need to install it on your device. Next, install TeamViewer QuickSupport on the target Android phone. Launch this app to obtain a unique code, then send it to the individual who wants to control your device.

Once this ID has been pasted on the controller’s phone, he/she should have no trouble gaining remote access to your phone.

3. Vysor

Another alternative you could opt for is Vysor. This app accurately mirrors an Android phone, allowing you to control it remotely. Once this app is installed and a connection established, a copy of your target device’s touchscreen will be viewed on your computer.

You can subsequently start controlling the Android phone, copying files and retrieving data from your PC with ease. The beauty of using Vysor is that you don’t have to root the target device for it to work.

Follow these simple steps to start using Vysor:

Step 1: Download the Vysor extension and install it on your preferred PC browser.

Step 2: Link your phone to the PC you’re using and wait for it to be detected.

Step 3: Once the phone’s name appears on the status bar, click on View.

Step 4: An exact duplicate of your device’s touchscreen will appear on the monitor. Use your mouse to explore different remote control options that include playing music and opening file directories.

4. AnyDesk

If you want to access an Android phone remotely, AnyDesk might come in handy. This app helps users to view data from other devices, transfer files, control different apps and even change system configurations. It’s delightfully easy to operate and comes with a user-friendly interface.

If your demand for remote tasking is huge, then AnyDesk might just be a lifesaver since it doesn’t limit you from accessing multiple devices simultaneously. This software also delivers high definition audio-visual transmission, thanks to its cutting-edge “DeskRT” protocol.

Here’s how to use AnyDesk for remote control tasks:

Step 1: Visit on your PC browser and download the APK file.

Step 2: Alternatively, you can install the AnyDesk App on your phone and launch it.

Step 3: Type the address that’s available on the application’s home screen on your second device.

Step 4: Click on the connect button (the arrow icon at the top bar).

Step 5: Accept the connection request that pops up on the target phone, choose a permission profile and start controlling the second device remotely.


Every parent needs to learn how to remotely access Android phone secretly. After all, this skill can help you to unearth whether your little ones are befriending strangers online or viewing adult content. After months of trials and testing, we’ve ranked Phonsee as the best remote control app today.


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