5 Creative Marketing Ideas to Help Boost Your Business

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Marketing is the core of a successful business. The process behind reaching out to consumers, showcasing relevant products, and sealing the deal with catchy phrases is immensely creative. 

There is no denying that every strategy large-scale corporations have tried has been triumphant so far. For instance, in 2019, ASOS, a British fashion retailer company, encouraged consumers to post pictures wearing ASOS outfits over social media. 

This ingenious method of displaying their products increased their outreach and provided them with user-generated content, which they used for their marketing campaign. 

Therefore, it is no surprise that the global digital advertising and marketing industry will be roughly about $300 billion in 2020. By 2026, the sector expects an increment to $700 billion. 

As a business, it's natural you want to boost your sales cost-effectively. If you're looking for innovative techniques, search no further. Here are some ideas you can explore:

1. Content Creation 

Consumers like to feel connected with the brand they plan on purchasing from. Even if you're not writing a personal account, try offering tips and services related to your company. 

The more you work on building your visibility through content, the more you increase your outreach. Creating quality content takes time. You have to put in the work to create posts, push notifications and find the right keywords to invoke a call to action. 

Fortunately, many professional services such as Socialsales.io can facilitate building your image. Whether you need experts to look after your social media pages, need articles fit for a blog, or want an adequately formatted website, this one-stop solution is your best bet. 

Your digital appearance holds immense weight, so you can't ignore the process of crafting an image for yourself. 

If your consumer is not impressed by what they see, it takes them a second to click away. This increases the bounce rate, making your business unfavorable for the top search engine results.

2. Make Short Videos

The world is on the go. No one has hours to spare, let alone minutes to learn about your enterprise. Consumers rapidly scroll through posts or tap on their screen to move on to the following advertisement. 

The best way you can retain this fleeting attention is by catering to it. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok can help you there. Instagram stories allow you to make 15 seconds videos. You can share these on your public business profile as many times as possible. 

Tik Tok works similarly. By allowing you to post short videos, you can get to the point without the need for an elaborate advertisement. NBC's Saturday Night Live (SNL) is a good example. 

Through their TikTok, they post snippets of sketches and favorite fan moments. As a result, over two million followers and over 29 million likes grace SNL's profile. 

So whether anyone is a fan or not, they're exposed to their skits and end up engaging with them enough to subscribe to NBC. 

It's time to make footage behind the scenes work, a small tutorial on your product, or hire models to wear your merchandise. 

3. Seek Unique Collaborations

When two brands representing different niches merge, it creates a creativity explosion. It would be best to always hold out for various companies to collaborate with you to create exciting campaigns. This exposes you to a broader audience and allows consumers to purchase limited edition products. 

For example, Nike collaborated with PlayStation to release the Nike PG2 Playstation sneakers, a cross between a sports shoe and a gaming console. 

The design captures the essence of the popular gaming console into a sneaker, making it a popular choice among gamers and sports enthusiasts. 

Depending on what your business represents, you can do the same. When you can think of a product, try and incentivize consumers to make a purchase. 

These can be produced in a limited quantity, offering discounts to the top twenty customers or an exclusive sneak peek at new products you have in store. 

If you're wondering how you can meet different companies, all you need to do is email them, discuss your brand, pitch a product and let the magic of collaboration play its part.

4. Go On A Podcast

Podcasts are a great way to express your opinion and thoughts and share your company's ideology unfiltered. 

While some podcasts may follow a script, these are more roadmaps on carrying the conversation instead of telling you what to say. 

Platforms like Spotify give you the space to answer tough questions for your company, dive into the thought process behind every project, and let your consumers learn a different side about you. 

Popular podcast hosts like Joe Rogan, who, despite recent controversies, still gets over 11 million listeners per episode, are excellent for exposure. 

You don't even have to do much apart from relaying your thoughts and experiences. Perhaps share a joke or two to attract potential customers. 

There is also no limit to the number of podcasts you can do, including starting your channel or guest starring for various hosts. 

5. Publish A Product Comparison

You don't have to diss another company to push your product to the front. Product comparison aims to list different brands offering the same item but highlight where they differ.

If your competitors provide the same things you do, emphasize how their product is good but what makes yours better. 

You may even dive into how yours is more suitable personally, while a competitor may be adequate on an organizational level. 

The product comparison needs to be comprehensive. You can't add bulk information to one item and leave out the other. Consumers always read more than one source, so your unfair comparison will not go unnoticed. 

If you're writing a comparison, always take an objective perspective, and specify the good and the bad while guiding the consumer, the fundamental purpose of your goods.

Final Thoughts 

Being creative is all about knowing what consumers want and finding a unique approach to delivering these services. 

The customer of the twenty-first century is all about accessibility and convenience. So even if you have a robust product but use old-school methods to market it, making a profit will be hard. 

What you need is an innovation that allows you to stand out. These include content creation, making videos, collaborative opportunities, and lending your expertise to podcasts. 

You can also adopt a neutral voice and publish a non-controversial article that showcases both you and your rival in a justified manner.
Once you display your company using modern techniques, you'll tap into a healthy consumer base and hold on to their attention.


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