How To Use Instagram Live Stream Marketing For Your Business?

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Live streaming has become quite a popular activity these days. It has made social media marketing pretty easier. Using the Instagram Live Stream, you will be able to connect the brands with audiences who might potentially become your customers. However, you need to learn a few important steps so as to use your Instagram Live Stream towards proper business marketing.  

And if you are not aware of how to do the same, then don't worry,  here you going to learn how you can use IG live for business marketing. By the way, before we get into the article, if you have a low following on Instagram, then none of these strategies would work. So make sure that you first work on increasing your follower count. If you are having a hard time doing it on your own, one of the easiest ways is to simply buy instagram followers to increase your follower count. Just make sure to use a reliable service so they find you relevant followers. 

So now let's look at how you can effectively use Instagram Live Stream for business marketing.

1. Set Goals for Instagram Live

The very first thing that you must do is to set goals for your Instagram live stream. You must have a defined reason for why you are willing to do the stream. In fact, you must have an overarching goal for the entire video as well as the specific purpose of why you are doing the same.

Once you have the general purpose of why you are doing the live stream, you must set aside the time at regular intervals. This will let you proceed episode by episode. You must not forget to include a clear Call to Action in each of your episodes. It will definitely encourage all your viewers to do something exceptional that will work towards the goal of your episode.

2. Streaming Schedule

Another rule to follow is to set your schedule properly. Be it your blog, video channel, or any other social media marketing platform, and you need to be very consistent with your viewers. Of course! They will expect to have new content from you at the time you have set.

If you set your time, it will make it pretty easier for you as well as your viewers to keep a balance.

3. Decide Video Format

Make sure your video isn't looking totally scripted. It must offer value to your audiences. In several cases, people like to stay consistent with the format of each episode. Here are some of the most common formats for live videos:

  1. a) Behind the scene views
  2. b) Interview with relevant people
  3. c) Q & A session with your viewers
  4. d) Key features of your service or product
  5. e) A product launch

4. Promote Instagram Live Performance

Now you should not expect people to automatically check out your live stream. The first step would be to ensure that people are aware of your existence and then, you must remind them of where and when each episode of the series will play.

This is not an accident; you see several on-screen promotions for live TV programs on your regular TV. Well! The same thing applies to the Instagram live broadcast.

All you need to do is to put details regarding your live stream on all your other social networking sites. You can even post it as your regular Instagram posts. If you think of mailing your regular mail list, you must mention your Instagram live stream details.

After the covid pandemic, many celebrities worked from home or avoided going into the crowd. So IG and Facebook is their first platform where they are showing their talent. Nowadays, normal users are also making another user famous, so if you want to go live, you can increase any number of live viewers easily with a simple few steps choose the time when you want to go live and buy IG live viewers for your profile from and any other website. It will give an instant boost, and people will love to be with your stream.

5. Prepare Before You Start

One of the essential factors to do is to prepare before you start each broadcast. It might include setting up your "studio" for the show. And with several people who are using smartphones in order to record the videos, the studio can be anywhere, preferable a place where there is light. It will be comfortable to record in that case.

You can always use an external microphone to have better audio quality, and it will not create any noisy broadcasting. Furthermore, you can invest in a good quality camera tripod to keep your camera steady while you are doing the live stream.

Then, certain formats will need you to have some form of script. You can try to write down some important points that you are willing to talk about in your live stream.

6. Start the Broadcast

The next step is to begin your live broadcast at the scheduled time. You will be able to do the same just by tapping "Start Live Video" present in your app. Apart from that, you will be able to see for how long you are recording just by tapping on the "LIVE" label.

7. Consider Adding Another Account to Your Broadcast

While you decide the format for your stream and that is an interview or you want to work with another presenter, then Instagram has a very useful feature that will enhance the broadcasts.

You can see a feature, "Go Live with a Friend." This feature will let you, along with the other influencer, appear on the screen simultaneously. When you are ready to go live stream with the other account, you must tap the icon having the two smiling faces right at the bottom.

This will ask you with whom you want to go live with and then you can tap on the "Add" button. And the other person will get the notification, and once they accept it, they will be able to join the live stream.

In fact, you can use this same feature to do your Q & A type videos. Your viewers will be able to request you to join the video and deny or accept it as per your wish.

8. Communicate With Your Viewers

Another important thing that you must keep in mind while doing live videos is communicating with your viewers. It means you need to engage promptly with your viewers. You might not like to share the screen with them, but you must read the comments.

Ensure that you address the commenters by their names to make them feel a little more special. You can keep a person who could read the comments and help you out while you do a successful live stream.


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