Top 11 Flutter Open Source Apps to Get Inspired From

Flutter framework from Google is an efficient and convenient solution to build web, iOS, and Android apps from a single codebase. Another reason why developers love Flutter is the fact that it’s an open source framework, so many specialists can enhance its capabilities using GitHub.

This post will discuss the best Flutter open-source apps which may inspire you to build your unique outstanding solution. Let's begin!

Flutter apps for daily use

The first type of apps helps coping with common daily challenges, like health and financially related ones. 

1. Unloc


This cross-platform app integrates keys for smart locks into the main one, which is universal and secure. Another benefit of Unloc is the opportunity to provide other users with reusable or one-time keys with the help of a usual message. 

Sharing digital keys without wasting time waiting and meeting a person efficiently solves a daily struggle with forgotten keys and ensures a high security level. In case you want to hire app developers and build a similar solution, the app's source code can be found on Github. And Unloc is available for iOS and Android devices.

2. Natrium


Natrium is a NANO cryptocurrency wallet excellent for trading with no fees and scalable cryptocurrency. Red4Sec, a cybersecurity service, has audited and accepted Natrum, so users can transfer digital money safely. 

In addition, an app allows managing contacts, generating a new NANO wallet, and operating an existing one by applying a variety of tools and features. Besides, it supports 30+ currency conversions. You can get acquainted with Natrium's broad spectrum of capabilities by downloading it for iOS or Android. GitHub provides an open source code of this solution.

3. Watermaniac


This app's main function is tracking the amount of drunk water and sending adjustable notifications to users so they drink their daily norm and stay hydrated. 

You can enter your gender and age in settings, and Watermaniac will calculate a recommended amount of water your organism needs every day. You can also set the daily goal yourself. The app also can show the drinking history for chosen time gaps. Currently the solution supports only Android, and source code is available on GitHub

4. Deer


It's an excellent app for creating to-do lists. It was built applying the BLoC pattern (a Flutter pattern making it easier to build a solution for multiple platforms). 

You can use features and opportunities of Deer to take notes, create wish lists, shopping lists, or save movies to watch. The app's range of features allows users to attach images, filter notes, adjust notifications for significant events, and select an interface theme. Android users can find Deer on the market and check it out, and the source code is posted on GitHub.

5. My Trail

My Trail

This app saves your last location and will show you your route history. Furthermore, in case you've found an interesting place and forgot how to reach it, My Trail will not only find the address but give the directions to it, which is extremely useful for travelers. 

You can filter your recent points by applying the exact time and date to receive coordinates. My Trail is ready to download on iOS and Android gadgets, and GitHub provides a source code.

6. You


You App

This solution is not aimed at daily tasks, but its usefulness cannot be overestimated. It allows you to find out the various data collected about you from social networks such as Google, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Another life-saving feature is to erase all the data from the gadget distantly in case you've lost or got it stolen. Now the You app is available for Android users. GitHub source code is also ready for usage.

Flutter Apps for Brain Training and Entertainment

Apps can also serve as an engaging brain trainer, so you can evolve your intellectual capabilities and have fun at the same time. In addition, some of them may amuse you and your company during your spare time.

7. Pi Ultimate

Pi Ultimate App

For those, who are keen on maths, Pi Ultimate offers to memorize infinite PI decimals by completing puzzles. The app is challenging and exciting: the longer your combo, the higher your score is. Your records are fixed on the statistics page.

Pi Ultimate offers sharing these successful results on social media or send it to your friends to show the abilities of your brain. For this, install it on your Android gadget and check GitHub for source code.

8. SpaceX GO!

SpaceX GO! App

Want to become a part of a SpaceX crew? This app will provide you with all the information about SpaceX in detail. Among a range of other cool features, the primary of them are an opportunity to observe the history of the latest launches and get notifications regarding the following ones.

 Besides, the app provides users with the vehicle library where they can find the SpaceX ships, rockets, and their building process. You can install SpaceX GO! on your Android device, and GitHub has a source code for developers.

9. Zgadula


This solution offers you and your company to play an engaging game. It requires at least two people. You have to choose a category among the available ones (films, animals, series, food, and more). Next, one participant places the device on his or her forehead, while others give hints for the word written on display, helping the first player to guess it.

A diversity of provided topics makes the game suitable for playing with your family, friends, or at parties. Start playing now using an iOS or Android device or open GitHub to get the source code. 

10. PostMuse


PostMuse is an Instagram story editor which helps to create aesthetically pleasing content. It offers magnificent templates, stickers, and a variety of fonts. 

These customizable elements make it simple to create and post beautiful stories. So download PostMuse on your iOS or Android gadget to get inspired by the available designs and make gorgeous content for your Instagram profile. GitHub has a source code for Palette functionality only.

11. inKino

inKino App

This app allows users to check showtimes in Finnish movie theatres and order tickets. Yet, it contains information about any film's plot, cast, director, trailer, and duration, which makes this solution useful not only for Finland but globally.

What's more, there are website, iOS, and Android versions available. Source code is on GitHub for you.

Wrapping Up

We've considered a great diversity of impressive apps built with Flutter. This framework comprises qualities of native apps with cross-platform features, minimizes the time-to-market, and may be adapted to any project. The list of applications mentioned above defines that Flutter is beneficial for a project of any themes, categories, and aims. To create a successful Flutter solution, you should apply to a credible software development vendor who will realize your original idea in an outstanding product.

About the Author:

Vitaly Kuprenko is a technical writer at Cleveroad, a web and mobile app development company in Ukraine. He enjoys writing about tech innovations and digital ways to boost businesses.



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