5 Reasons You Should Take SEO Seriously, Even If You Are Killing It With PPC

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SEO and PPC are the rocking stars of the digital marketing industry as the businesses are coming to terms with their virtual dependency on them. It's not a bad thing. Both of these practices exist because Google tends to create the best possible search results for every query and works to enhance the customer experience with each growing day. 

PPC and SEO practices intersect to bring better results combined than an individual service. However, in the past months, businesses have started to depend on PPC services a lot, aside from playing with the SEO services in Dubai. PPC does bring effective results but it is not a sole player and can harm the business in the long term. First below let's revise the core purpose of the practices individually.


PPC (pay per click) is a practice of paid advertising supported by the clicks on the landing pages. Google allows businesses to bid for a spot of paid advertising displayed on the top and bottom of the SERP. the higher the position, the higher is the price. 

In PPC, for every click, the businesses are required to pay only. It doesn't guarantee the conversion but it does guarantee the leads. PPC is a good practice for the business to appear on the top instantly while the other team works on the business visibility.  PPC monitoring software helps businesses track and analyse their PPC campaigns in real-time for optimal strategy effectiveness.  


SEO (search engine optimization) is a digital marketing practice responsible for bringing organic results by enhancing the rank and visibility on Google SERPs. SEO practices help google recognize your business credibility. Being in the good books of google means that your business will be suggested better to the researchers with the keywords. 

Under SEO comes a lot of strategies such as link building. Indexing, blog posting, etc, which when combined brings exceptional results with long-term ROI. 

Why SEO is Still Important With PPC?

SEO and PPC are considered to be a match made in heaven, integrating both of the strategies into your campaigns side by side has proven to generate 200% better results. However, depending on your business solely on PPC is a bad idea. Below are a few points that emphasize the need for strong SEO strategies even with the killing PPC results. 

1. SEO is a Long-term Investment:

The marketing budget of the majority of the business is less and concentrated divided between multiple campaigns. You must have heard that PPC is a short-term effective solution while SEO is an investment that generates results even when the paid campaigns are not at their peak or are simply turned off. 

SEO is a long-term and cost-effective strategy because of its organic nature. As compared to the PPC which has a solid fee for each time, SEO doesn't require any payments for its practices. 

2. SEO Helps With Business Credibility:

One of the reasons that PPC is not the ultimate tool is that google rewarding advertisers with higher organic search rankings would work against that mission. Several of the SEO practices depend on quality content as google disregards any spam. 

Quality content and white hat SEO practices ultimately translate into a trustable business working with a good provider of PPC services in Dubai. 

3. PPC Doesn't Affect Your Business Visibility Directly:

When you advertise your brand/ business through PPC services, your company does appear on the top or the bottom depending on how much you pay for the slot. However, as you stop paying, so will your brand stop appearing at the top. PPC doesn't help your business visibility on Google SERPs. 

SEO is specifically tailored to help businesses with visibility of the business on google. SEO takes some time to push your website to the top and remain there for a longer period. The practices help you stay on the top without paying a penny, additionally. Without SEO your business has no virtual presence that would catch the attention of the customers. 

4. Without SEO, PPC Results Are Not Effective:

Through the PPC services, the website page appearing at the top is called the landing page. A landing page's purpose is to promote specific services only. SEO results help create an association with the audience, as the business appears in several keywords based research. So as SEO practices create better visibility by appearing on the first page, and association the visitors are more likely to convert through the PPC and beyond while the customer explores the website.

5. SEO Holds importance For Google:

SEO practices required technical skills and a lot of effort to gain the desired visibility. Even if the algorithm is continuously shifting, Google keeps the SEO practices in high regard because it helps maintain the credibility of the result. SEO practices are only effective when the content and the links are of quality. Google ranks your website based on its quality and hence, holds it in high regard ultimately. 


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