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OrbitingWeb.com offers in-depth tutorials on various topics related to Search Engine Optimization, WordPress Optimization, Blogging, Making Money Online and Online Marketing.

All articles on this blog have been written by me (Mukesh Mani), but I do accept guest posts from time to time. Guest posts are marked as such.

A few things about me..

  • I am a Marketing graduate from India making a living online since 8 years now.
  • I started off my career as a SEO content writer and link developer and worked my way up to a SEO Manager. After a few years of this, I quit my job and started working for myself.
  • I came across WordPress around 7 years ago and fell in love with its powerful features and the amazing flexibility it offers. I have been working with and studying WordPress since.
  • Currently I help select businesses improve their online presence and run a few profitable blogs of my own.
  • One of my goals is to create a simple 'out of the box' SEO plugin for wordpress that does not require any configuration.
  • Main influences: Shoutmeloud.com, Quicksprout.com, Wakeupcloud.com, StevePavlina.com
  • I am a bit of an introvert.
  • Topics of interest: Meditation, mindfulness, introversion, life, the human mind, internet, online marketing, SEO, blogging, wordpress, youtube, analytics.

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