Using Exit Intent Pop-Ups To Reduce Cart Abandonment

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On average eCommerce stores lose over 75% of its sales to cart abandonment.

Cart abandonment is when a visitor leaves your website without checking out their online shopping cart. This was a customer who was actually interested in buying; they even added your products the their cart and for some reason left without completing the purchase.

Cart abandonment can be very harmful to eCommerce businesses as this is where they lose their potential revenue which converts to the loss of potential profit. Abandoned carts cost e-marketers about 2 to 4 trillion dollars per year. By reducing cart abandonment will instantly recover orders and save revenue.

Now there could be a host of reasons why this could have happened. Perhaps the customer got distracted, they wanted to do some more research, there was a technical problem, or perhaps they did not trust the website enough to move forward with the purchase.

Here are just some of the reasons for cart abandonment cited by Baymard institute based on a survey they conducted:

  • High shipping/handling costs (55%).
  • Forced them to create an account (34%).
  • Complicated checkout process (26%).
  • Hidden/Unexpected charges at the time of checkout (21%).
  • Trust issues (17%).
  • Shipping duration was too long (16%).
  • Bad returns policy (11%).
  • Lack of available payment methods (6%).
  • Technical issues (11%).
  • Looking for coupon code (8%).

As you would have realized, some of these issues are beyond your control, but there are measures you can take on your side to keep your abandonment rates to a minimum.

The following are some tried and tested strategies that eCommerce companies have used successfully to reduce abandonment rates.

  • Using exit intent pop-ups.
  • Not making registration compulsory and instead allowing guest checkout.
  • Not collect unnecessary personal information (eg. Phone numbers).
  • Optimizing the checkout form so it looks less complicated.
  • Making checkout pages look simple and clutter free.
  • Offering low cost shipping options.
  • Offering expedited shipping options.
  • Being upfront about charges.
  • Making available a variety of payment options.
  • Keeping the site mobile friendly.
  • Having a friendly returns policy.
  • Providing multiple ways through which the customer can contact you.
  • Displaying trust symbols to generate trust.
  • Making sure the site is kept error free through constant testing.

Out of all these strategies, one of the most powerful ones is to use Exit Intent Pop-ups to catch your customer's attention right before they are about to exit the page. How do you do that? That's exactly what we will be discussing in this article.

What is an Exit Intent Pop-up?

Simply put, an Exit Intent Pop-up (or an Exit Pop-up) is a Pop-up that appears right before a customer is about to exit/close the page.

The technology that is used tracks the mousepad movements to the point where the visitor is about to leave the page.

For example, let's say a customer has added products to their cart but instead of clicking the Buy button, they move their cursor to close the page. This is the precise moment when the Pop-up will appear ensuring that the user stays on the page longer.

Now the Pop-up could offer the user an exclusive limited-time discount or it can even ask them if they need personalized assistance in completing their order.

Additionally you can also use an Exit Intent Pop-up to capture email addresses of your customers which you can later use to contact them about exclusive deals and offers or for warming them up for future purchases.

These Pop-ups can easily be programmed to appear anywhere on your site, on web pages, blog posts, landing pages or elusively on checkout pages.

According to Socital (a company that offers Exit Intent Pop-up Solutions, you can check pricing here), exit Pop-ups save about 10 to 15% of abandoned cart visitors. Now that is really great news!

12 Examples of Exit Intent Pop-ups

Now that we know what Exit Pop-ups are, here are 12 examples of Exit Pop-ups done right.

1. - Discount offer

2. Tim Ferriss - Free Ebook Offer

3. - Sign-up to win offer

4. Leesa Mattresses - Exclusive deals upon email newsletter sign-up

5. Laura Ashley - Free shipping offer

6. GlobeIn - Exclusive flash sale offer

7. Farmer's Almanac - Free eBook

8. Everlance - Discount on first purchase

9. Discount for Facebook or Email Sign-up

10. Diamond Candles - Discount code

11. Diamond Candles - Buy now pay later offer

12. Swiss Watch Expo - Discount & Exclusive offer

Why eCommerce stores should use exit intent popups?

There are many reasons why eCommerce stores should use exit intent popups but there are 3 most important reasons.

First and foremost, the important reason is to reduce cart abandonment and internalize the bad effects of it. This means that the eCommerce store is going to increase their sales which would lead to an increase in revenue and maximization of profit. So, by making them an offer or prompting that the stock is running low before they leave will increase the chances of your sales.

Secondly, there is an opportunity to upsell or cross-sell a product. If a visitor is spending a considerable amount looking at a certain part of the website but trying to leave without buying anything there is a chance to target them with a custom campaign. This will boost sales and it will make the customer think they have received a better deal. There is a greater chance that they will return.

Finally, this website overlay doesn't disrupt the visitor because it is more of a welcome interruption as they don't take away from the user's experience while navigating on the website. This is very important as it doesn't put off the potential buyer. Overall, exit intent popups are easy and cheap to use to increase your eCommerce store conversion rate.


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