Top Ten Essential Tools for Boosting Office Productivity

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Maximising productivity isn’t just about working harder. It’s about working smarter. And to do that, you need the right tools. Here are ten tools that are essential for making your office more productive.

1. High-Speed Internet Connection

In a world where virtual meets, working from home and sharing large files are commonplace, having high speed internet connection is vital. Fast internet means you can download files quickly, hold glitch-free online meetings, access online resources instantly and conduct efficient cloud computing. All of which adds up to more efficient use of time and resources. 

2. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

A UPS means that if the main power grid should go down, your computers and other essential equipment will continue running (and ensure that no unsaved work is lost). An Uninterruptable Power Supply also protects your system against potentially damaging power surge and spikes. For businesses that rely on continuous operation, such as those in the IT, financial and communication sectors, a UPS should be a given. It’s not just a backup; it safeguards continuity, data integrity and operational stability.

3. Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomic chairs provide the proper back support and good posture that keep your team comfortable, focused and productive during those long working hours. Plus, having healthy staff free of aches and pains caused by uncomfortable furniture, is likely to reduce absenteeism and boost overall workplace positivity.

4. Dual Monitor Setup

Having a dual monitor setup allows your team to manage multiple applications and documents all at once, without the need to flick between tabs and windows. It’s a really handy set up for tasks that involve data analysis, coding, research, and whenever there’s a need to frequently reference across multiple sources.

5. Cloud Storage

The Cloud has been with us for a while now. Many businesses swear by it for the secure storage and the ease of sharing and collaboration. Real-time collaboration is a big plus when it comes to time efficiencies. Multiple members of you team can work on the same document simultaneously; no more wasted time and effort sending files back and forth and waiting for responses before you can proceed to the next stage. And there’s the benefit of robust data backup. Keeping documents in the Cloud protects them against hardware failure or other issues.

6. Noise-Canceling Headphones

People working in open-plan offices, from home or on the move can be distracted by extraneous noises. These headphones reduce all those unwanted background sounds, creating a quieter, more focused workspace that reduces stress and allows the user to concentrate on the task at hand.

7. Task Management Software

Implementing time management software such as Asana or Trello helps you track deadlines, set priorities and allocate the resources needed to get the job done. The whole team is working from the same page because they’re seeing the same information. Any risk of miscommunication is significantly reduced. The software can, on the whole, integrate with other productivity software, creating a seamless workflow that doesn’t need constant switching between different applications.

8. Smartphone with Productivity Apps

This is a powerful tool for managing tasks on the go, as the phone literally becomes a mobile office. Team members can send and receive emails, schedule and hold meetings, set reminders and edit documents from virtually anywhere. The Smartphone bridges the gap between the office and the remote workspace (wherever that may be); providing work flexibility with continuous access to work resources.

9. Quality Printer and Scanner

Despite the shift to digital, the importance of having a quality scanner and printer shouldn’t be underestimated. There’s still a need for hard copy documents (contacts, reports and tenders are just three examples). A crisp, professional looking document reflects well on your business – and eliminates the risk of important information being lost because of poor quality printing.  A quality scanner digitises physical documents for easy sharing and archiving.

10. Healthy Snacks and Hydration

A well-fed, hydrated team is a happy (and productive) team. Keep some brain food on hand in the office, such as fruits, nuts, veges and yoghurts. They keep energy levels high and help avoid that afternoon slump when the team’s batteries start to run down. It’s just as important to give your team easy access to cool, filtered water, especially when tap water is too warm or has a bad aftertaste.

Each of the tools mentioned here plays an important role in creating an efficient, productive workplace. From high-tech assets to comfortable furniture, to a handy supply of healthy foods, incorporate these elements into your business and watch productivity grow.


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