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A sure-shot way to succeed for any business vertical is by developing a dynamic web application. No wonder every individual, be it a techie or a non-techie, is striving hard to delve into the eCommerce bandwagon and make the most of this profit-spinning field. The following post focuses on considering some of the best Angularjs development tools to take into account for your upcoming eCommerce development project. However, before we jump into those tools and technologies, let’s take a bit of a diversion and understand why you need an eCommerce website for your business in the first place. 

eCommerce - It’s High Time! 

Did you know how the concept of buying products online came into vogue? Well, it all began way back in 1994 with a man named Phil Brandenberger who bought his first product online and then after a span of 2 decades, the concept grew like a huge banyan tree. No wonder it has been estimated that the online market will grow by 4,8 trillion dollars. There was a time when successful businesses were conducted by opening a brick-and-mortar store, fortunately, that’s no longer the case! Today, even if you don’t have one, you can succeed by simply having a dynamic eCommerce website. Some of the most successful eCommerce models include B2C, B2B, C2B, C2C, D2C, B2A and so forth. 

Now you must be wondering what kind of products can be sold on these eCommerce websites. Well, you name it and you can sell it right from any kind of physical product to selling digital goods or services and so more! Further, I would like to focus on why eCommerce is growing and it still will be a few years down the line. 

#1 Personalized, tailored experience

If you are already an online shopper then I am pretty sure that you have experienced this yourself. It's fun to have a personalised or customised shopping experience. For those who have not, it’s more like having your favourite dish for dinner even without saying it. Have you wondered how your mom does that? Simply, she tracks your patterns, likes and dislikes and then offers you dinner. Much like mom, even your preferences and shopping habits are being successfully tracked and then on the basis of that data, customised products and services are offered to you. 

You see, by offering these kinds of personalised and customised services, the target market can be achieved in a short span of time. This leads to less wastage and a high return on investment. 

#2 Selling directly to end users

Another crucial aspect that makes eCommerce worth considering is where you get the ability to sell products directly to the end users. Earlier, there was a time when eCommerce was considered as a slow procedure but not anymore. With the increase in the technology stack, businesses can launch amazing-looking eCommerce stores in a very short span of time. Not just that, they can diversify their offerings, try reaching more and more customers, and offer better accommodations to the end users. Above all, you can gain a competitive edge in a pretty short span of time. 

#3 Convenience is the key

The next and ultimate reason is receiving products quickly and with convenience. From the customers' point of view, one no longer has to go to the physical store and buy products whether it is apparel, accessories or any kind of groceries. They can buy products sitting on their very own couch, wearing their favourite pyjamas and within a span of a few days, their product will arrive at their doorstep. In the online realm, the entire world is at your service. You can buy products from anywhere you feel like. 

Whether you take a break from your work or when waiting for your bae at a coffee shop, buying or keeping tabs on your favourite brands is quite possible with the help of these eCommerce stores. 

Now enough said about the eCommerce store, I am sure you are pretty convinced that you need one for your business. However, here comes the big question: how? Well, for starters you can consider hiring a reliable eCommerce development company that comprises the best team of developers who are skilled, knowledgeable and well-experienced in offering services like never before.   

In addition to that, you can even end up choosing a tech stack that you can never go wrong with. A tech stack that seems to have proven its worth again and again. A tech stack which is not cost-effective but made of high-quality results in quick development, and the creation of lightweight single-page web applications, and the list goes on! I am talking about none other than Angularjs. 

Well, I am pretty sure you must have heard of the term before so I won’t get into the features of Angular and how it is beneficial. It’s time to directly jump on what are the best or top Angularjs tools to take into account for developing an eCommerce website. 

Top AngularJS Development Tools To take into Consideration for 2023

As mentioned earlier, developing a website has become pretty important for any and every business to work wonders and gain a competitive edge in a short span of time. The usage of Javascript technologies is pretty much still in vogue even after so many years of its inception. Check out these usage statistics for AngularJS and see how the technology works wonders in the development of several mobile and web applications. 

Further, I would like to mention certain Angularjs development tools to take into account. Each one of these web development tools is of a kind and must be used by leveraging its full potential. 

#1 Protractor

One of the best AngularJS tools to take into account is the protractor. This one is highly preferred for developing Angularjs apps with quite an ease. Some of the core benefits offered by the protractor include enabling it to test like a user, mechanising testing and testing the actual browser. The following tool is automatic and allows automatic implementation of different stages required as per commands of the end user. 

#2 Karma

The next amazing Angular js tool to take into account is Karma. This one is more like a testing automation tool that is developed by Google’s Angularjs team. More or less, it is like a QA and testing framework whose USP is the ability to test code within a real environment. Karma is one such tool which is successfully deployed by developers to test their products on true-to-life devices as well as browsers instead of getting into any kind of stimulation. You see, by using Karma, it becomes way easier to detect potential bugs, errors and glitches. If you don’t believe me, you can simply check its on-ground testing ability. 

#3 Sublime Text

If you are a techie then I am sure you must have heard of sublime text before. This one is a successful-looking text editor that is highly appreciated and recommended by Angular developers all across the globe. Though, this tool, in particular, features a wide range of add-ons and enables developers to create a wide range of applications that are highly customizable and ensure the platform is lightweight and worth considering. 

You see Sublime text comes with a wide range of packages and astounding features that make it favoured by almost any and every developer irrespective of his or her experience whether he or she is a beginner, a mid-level or a senior.    

#4 Jasmine 

Another significant Angularjs tool that must be taken into consideration for your upcoming eCommerce development project includes Jasmine. This one again is an open-source Angular development tool mainly used to test. And you know what is the best part here? Jasmine can run on any Javascript-empowered stage. No wonder it makes it to the list of the best Angularjs development tools to take into account. The tool features  BDD (Behavior-Driven Development) and TDD (Test-Driven Development) and can form the best duo with Karma. On and all, with Jasmine, testing and debugging becomes way easier and better. 

#5 Webstorm

Webstorm is more like a brilliant IDE which tends to offer amazing coding assistance, especially in regard to Javascript, HTML and CSS. In fact, webstorm has the potential to work with a broad array of modern web technologies. More or less, this one seamlessly assists in both client-side and server-side development. Some of its most alluring features include smart coding, autocompletion, and a wide range of refactoring features such as preventing from making any kind of progressive errors. On and all, Webstorm is one such Angularjs development tool that successfully enhances productivity and assures to take the development project to an entirely new level. So exactly what kind of frameworks does Webstorm support? Well, right from Angular to Meteor, testing, debugging, analysing code, well-integration with a wide range of version control systems and so forth.   

#6 Angular UI

Another interesting Angularjs development tool worth taking into consideration is Angular UI. Now this one is not exactly a tool but a wide collection of UI components that can be mainly used for conducting successful development projects. By using such tools and technologies, development projects can be accomplished way faster and better. 

It may quite interest you to know that Angular UI comprises around 26 modules. So here you can use the raw directives which ultimately speeds up the coding. Not to mention that different modules such as sortable, slider, uploader, grid, and Google maps assist well by adding different UI elements to your project. 

#7 Mocha.js

The last but certainly not the least Angular development tool worth taking into consideration is Mochajs. This one is more kind of a Javascript testing framework that is highly preferable for its amazing flexibility and precise reporting. No wonder this one turns out to be quite an amazing tool which is pretty fun and easy to use. What exactly do Mocha Js feature? Well, it comes with browser support, global leak detection capability, async support, string diff and regexps testing support, auto-exit and more such capabilities. Here generating meta suites is quite possible. 

To get started with Mochajs, you don’t need to gain ample knowledge. And that’s the reason why it turns out to be quite favourable for developers across the globe. 


So that’s all for now! These are some of the most amazing Angularjs development tools to take into consideration. If you have any other specific tool in mind, do let us know and share why you find that one alluring and worth including in the list. 


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