5 Ways a Business Name Generator Be Helpful for eCommerce

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It’s expected nowadays that any new business should have an online store, as eCommerce has seen a significant growth during the pandemic. This trend is expected to continue post-pandemic. One of Forbes’ compiled eCommerce statistics states that 20.8% of retail sales will take place online.

With millions of online competitors to consider, it’s critical more than ever for startups to stand out. If we’re talking about visibility on the Internet, then eCommerce SEO best practices should be followed.

But one of the best ways to achieve everlasting recognition is through branding. We’ve seen how effective branding propelled eCommerce businesses to the top spot over the years. One fact from WebFX reveals that 77% of consumers purchase an item based on the brand rather than the product’s name.

Brand identity starts with a name. If your brand name is unique and captures the essence of your business, you’re already one step closer to achieving brand success. But nailing the brand name takes time, effort, and research.

That’s why business name generators have been a godsend. They can help speed up the process, so you can set up your business faster. Let’s take the business name generator by Namechk.com, for example. Just type in a few keywords related to your business on the generator, and it will produce a number of suggestions based on those keywords. These recommended names may not be your final name, but they can help inspire you.

Let’s dive further. Here are the best ways a business name generator can help your eCommerce company:

1. It helps you create a clear and unique name for your brand

Brand names don’t need to be complicated. In fact, the best ones are simple, clear, and unique. Great examples include eBay, Etsy, DoorDash, and Shopee.

A business name generator can generate creative and unique names for your ecommerce business in a number of ways, including combining words, using metaphors or symbolism, playing with words, and utilizing alliteration. These techniques can help your business stand out from the competition and make a lasting impression on potential customers.

Business name generators produce names based on keywords. If you’re aiming for a name that’s keyword-based, then this is highly helpful. However, if you’re looking for a more unique business name, the generator’s results can help inspire you to think of one. You can even combine two words, just like DoorDash and Whole Foods Market.

2. It can help you find an available domain

Aside from giving a list of brand names, a business name generator can also indicate which of those brand names are available as a domain. First impressions are critical for any business, and for eCommerce, those impressions can be taken from the domain name alone. So it’s ideal that your domain name matches your brand name.

For example, Chewy.com captures exactly what it offers: a wide range of pet products, including of course, chewy picks.

3. It can produce brand names with relevant keywords

Since business name generators base their suggestions on keywords, you can get names that have strong keywords related to your business. Keyword-based names are not just great for building impressions, but they’re also helpful for SEO. If a user is searching for something related to your keyword, there is a high chance of them visiting your website.

Take a look at Shopify.com, one of the most popular eCommerce platforms today. It helps businesses easily set up their online store and start selling products. Hence, the name “Shopify” is fitting.

Speaking of Shopify, do take a look at our Shopify dropshipping guide for more helpful reading.

4. It can help you visualize a logo.

Your logo is just as important as your brand name. So, looking at a list of names can help you picture an appropriate logo that could capture your business offerings.

Amazon’s brand name and logo is a brilliant example. This online retailer wants the world to know that it offers everything, hence the name, “Amazon”, which means massive, and its logo, which has arrows pointing from the letter A to Z. Simple, but effective.

5. It can help you come up with powerful social media handles

A business name generator can help you come up with social media handles for your business in a number of ways. It can generate variations of your business name, offer suggestions based on relevant keywords, provide unique and creative options, and ensure the availability of handles across different platforms. By using a business name generator, you can establish a strong and consistent online presence for your business across different social media platforms.


If you’re an entrepreneur in the first stages of setting up your online business, using a business name generator can be handy. Not only does it help in picking out a name, it also aids in getting you a domain name.

Do try it out and see what brand names speak to you, or at least use them as a springboard to create better names for your eCommerce business.


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