Top 11 WordPress Plugins for Social Media Auto Posting

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The first step is to acknowledge a simple truth: your firm requires a social media presence.

This applies whether you’re a one-person firm in your neighbourhood or a multinational corporation with thousands of employees worldwide. Social networking has evolved into something more than a passing trend these days. It is a critical component of your organization’s entire marketing strategy.

However, the success of a firm cannot be powered exclusively by social media platforms. Using social media platforms to connect with your customers, increase your brand’s exposure, and generate more leads and sales are all possible benefits of doing so. The most effective places to begin are with a well-thought-out content marketing plan and an always-on mindset. 


  • If the content on social networking sites is interesting, it can be an excellent technique of recruiting new clients.
  • Through your social media participation, you may increase the credibility, authority, and personality of your company.
  • Your social media strategy will necessitate the development of a well-thought-out action plan.

More than three billion individuals use social media every month, and this number is only set to grow in the coming years. You can also have a custom WordPress plugin made for you if you are in need so contact a custom WordPress Plugin development company and don’t lack in anything they will help you out in every way so you can stand out from your competitors. 

The following are the finest WordPress plugins for automatic social media posting:

1. Circleboom

Circleboom Publish is a comprehensive social media management tool that supports Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Business Profile. You can add and manage multiple accounts from these platforms on Circleboom Publish. You can auto-post your content for all supported platforms with Circleboom.

You can connect RSS Feeds to your accounts and keep them always fresh. Connecting RSS Feeds helps you keep your social media accounts constantly posting, even while you are sleeping. Additionally, with the “Discover Articles” feature, you can find great articles from reputable magazines worldwide and share them with your audience.

You can design your content on Circleboom. Canva, Unsplash, and Giphy come as built-in tools with Circleboom. You don’t need to worry about post size requirements for platforms because Circleboom provides the most suitable templates. Also, you can find images, animations, gifs, effects, filters, etc., to enrich your social media content.

You can share your social media post directly or schedule it for a later time on Circleboom. Additionally, you can set time intervals and send your posts continuously.


  • Bulk schedule your social media posts
  • Manage multiple social media accounts
  • Connect RSS Feeds
  • Design your social media posts
  • Find excellent articles in different languages
  • Standart and Queue scheduling
  • Auto-post social media content
  • You can add links to your posts


SNAP allows you to send neatly structured messages to your social media accounts without having to use any other plugins. There are a variety of methods for getting the news out to the largest potential audience while also keeping your friends, readers, and followers informed. Additionally, the plugin can be utilised with groups and subgroups, in addition to profiles and company websites, as well as community pages.

An extensive variety of social media platforms are supported by this plugin. It integrates with social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogger, Tumblr, Flickr, LinkedIn,, LiveJournal, DreamWIdth, Flipboard, Instagram, Telegram, Line, Diigo, Instapaper, Pinterest, Plurk,, YouTube,, and WordPress.


  • You can now automatically add both new and existing posts. All you need to do is republish older pieces on your various social media networks.
  • Auto-import converts social media comments and mentions to WordPress comments.
  • Publish a blog entry without first generating a WordPress blog entry.
  • Additional Parameters for the URL.
  • Capable of "Spinning" message posting templates.
  • Utilize Facebook comments in conjunction with WordPress comments.
  • Additionally, it auto-imports social media comments and mentions as WordPress comments.
  • You have complete control over what to share, which types of postings to avoid, and how to arrange it effectively.

3. FS Poster

This is the finest plugin for automated social media sharing on WordPress. Thirteen social media networks are supported by the company. These include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, and WhatsApp. Now that you’ve confirmed that it’ll function with your network, it’s time to talk about the features. Connect your accounts, schedule shares, and keep track of their progress with FS Poster’s simple user interface. You may see graphs of the success of all your sharing, as well as data on specific shares, such as likes and comments, by clicking on the respective links.

A good scheduling method is employed by FS Poster. You plan ahead of time when you’ll post to each site. Filters can be used to ensure that only relevant posts are viewed. 

FS Poster checks to see if you have new postings that satisfy the criteria after a posting time is reached. It will automatically share a post to the chosen social networks if it recognises it. Alternatively, you can post to all 13 networks at the same time if you so desire. 


  • Compatibility with all custom post types
  • Shares can be filtered by post category
  • link clicks can be tracked and compared.
  • Allows for the creation of WordPress multisite systems
  • Rapid response and technical assistance

4. Revive Old Post

ROP is a must-have WordPress plugin that helps website owners develop their audience by automatically distributing information from their WordPress site to social media networks such as Facebook, Google My Business, LinkedIn, and tumblr in order to enhance traffic and interaction.

Revive Old Posts is the most popular WordPress plugin for social media automation and scheduling, with more than 40,000 active users, according to the author.

It is possible that you will save time by implementing Revive Old Posts into your social media marketing approach.


  • Sharing RSS feeds Share content from ANY website's feed to your linked social networking profiles. 
  • Include a variety of share options, like as custom images, in your postings, and ROP will choose one to share on your behalf!
  • You can exclude categories and tags
  • WordPress entries can be shared to social media when they are published.
  • In order to track your social media posts, use UTM tags customised to your brand.
  • Distribute a wide range of content types across all of your social media channels.
  • Before or after the content of your article, insert predetermined text (Additional Text).
  • With Magic tags, you may increase the variety of your content.
  • "Additional Text" can now include magic tags.
  • You may instantly post pictures and videos from your media library to your social networking accounts.

5. Accesspress Social Auto Post

Using this high-end plugin, you may automatically post the content of your website on social media. It’s a piece of cake to work with this plugin: Make certain that you select the social media profiles on which you want to share your posts, as well as the content to which you would like it to be automatically uploaded.

If you have three Facebook accounts, you can use them all at the same time because the plugin supports an unlimited number of Facebook accounts. There are only a few social media platforms where it is available at the time of this writing.

Additionally, you may set or disable auto-posting for specific articles/pages/categories and schedule automatic posting for new articles, in addition to being able to customise the appearance of your postings. 


  • Admin interface that is both clean and user-friendly.
  • Filtering of posts automatically using tags and categories.
  • Configure an infinite number of social media accounts.
  • Plugin that is ready for translation.
  • Updates and specialised support are included in the price.

6. Blog2Social

Blog2Social is a WordPress plugin that allows you to post to many social media accounts at the same time using the same content. With over 75,000 active installations, it offers capabilities like auto-posting, cross-posting, and scheduling.

It is possible to share your posts and pages across 13 different social media networks, even if you are using the free edition. Additionally, you have the option to personalise your posts by including eye-catching emoticons, hashtags, and other unique notes. In addition, it provides content curation, meta tag, and other services to users. 

While you can always upgrade to the Pro edition if you want more extensive sharing and scheduling options, the free edition is sufficient. With the no-hassle trial option, you may try it out risk-free for 30 days without any commitment.


  • Customize the HTML markup in advance of publication.
  • Repost the old post as per your wants and needs.
  • Automatic generating of hashtags.
  • Manage all user-created posts and pages.
  • Easily access all of your social network posts in one place.
  • Scheduling social media is straightforward.
  • Cross-posting with branded content.
  • Simple-to-manage social networking calendar.
  • Social media campaign powered by Google Analytics.
  • Automated way of resharing.

7. WordPress To Buffer

No, WordPress to Buffer isn’t simply another WordPress to Facebook or Twitter plugin, or even another WordPress to Auto post. When you use this plugin, your content is automatically put to your Buffer queue, which is a smart scheduler for drip-feeding your content to your social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook as well as linkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram.

The decision on whether or not to use Buffer’s default schedule or create your own bases on the days and times that are most convenient for your audience is entirely up to your discretion. Your WordPress status updates can include the title, content, and excerpt from your most recent WordPress post if you utilise Dynamic tags.

The technology behind Buffer means that you won’t have to worry about your social media accounts being suspended, and the traffic to your website and your social media following will continue to grow and prosper. 


  • Post to both Facebook and Instagram concurrently.
  • Scheduling social media is simple.
  • Auto-posting to Facebook Groups is supported.
  • API access to Buffer.
  • Documentation that is frequently updated and is straightforward.
  • Numerous configurable status messages.
  • Publish old posts in bulk.
  • Integration of the Events Calendar and Manager.
  • Autoblogging and frontend post submission.
  • Tags and settings for dynamic statuses.

8. WP Ultimate Social

The WP Ultimate Social Plugin can help you with that. This plugin includes social sharing, social login, a social counter, auto-publishing, and a Twitter feed, amongst other features and functions.

Because of the extensive range of options available, you may automate anything from the creation of social network icons to posting to the top 15 social media platforms.

Through the use of this feature, visitors are encouraged to share material on their favourite social media networks. All of this is made possible by the use of beautiful themes, animations, and display settings. As a result, SMM may reap the benefits of this plugin while also saving you a lot of money at the same time.


  • The best of all social features.
  • Custom taxonomies are supported
  • All APIs are automatically updated.
  • User interface that is simple to use and interactive
  • Supports WooCommerce and BuddyPress

9. Social Web Suite

With a fully automated Social Web Suite fully solution, you have complete command over all aspects of social media marketing. Messages can be shared with only a few clicks with this social sharing plugin, which posts them to a variety of social networking sites automatically. To your followers, each time you share an auto-post, whether it’s a brand new one or an older one you’ve already shared, conveys a different message.

For social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, Social Web Suite allows for the creation of automated posts. Instagram, Google+, and pinterest will be added to the mix in the future as the network expands. WP Engine, A2 Hosting, WP taverns are just few of the many high profile WordPress sites that have featured it.


  • WooCommerce and Gutenberg-compatible.
  • For the purpose of curating content, RSS feeds
  • Marketing approach that's out of this world.
  • A list of all your YouTube channels should be compiled.
  • Analytics powered by

10. WP2Social Auto Publish

WP2Social Auto Publish, a free blog auto-poster, allows you to publish your blog entries to Facebook on a scheduled basis. Instantaneous delivery of simple text and visual messages is possible. People can also exchange blog post URLs while still tying them to their unique websites, which is a useful feature for many people.

The same is true for the post that has not been published; you can apply whatever filter you want to it in the same way. It is possible, for example, to enable or disable publishing, as well as to employ custom post types in your website.

There is also a wide number of message formats to choose from when it comes to the post elements that can be used. The user’s public name and a link to the post’s main content page are also included in this area of the post description.


  • Utilization is straightforward and efficient.
  • Message formats and content are fully customizable.
  • There are distinct categories for self-publishing.
  • Detailed documentation and frequently asked questions are provided.

11. Social Auto Poster

Social Auto Poster is now considered to be one of the best WordPress plugins available. If you want to post your material to several of the most prominent social media networks with a single click, you might consider using Social Auto Poster. It interacts with social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, WordPress, Telegram, Reddit, Medium, YouTube, and Pinterest. It is possible to publish fresh content on our website, but it is also possible to republish existing information that you believe would reach a larger audience. This information can also be obtained by keeping track of your social media activity, which includes a variety of additional statistics about your postings, as well as a variety of other information. 

If you so want, Social Auto Poster is a fantastic tool for scheduling your content on social media. Besides that, it’s a good fit for personal profiles, websites, and organisations. This plugin support is hyperresponsive and based upon your time zone. The productivity and effectiveness of your social media increases as a result of this.


  • Establishing a schedule for publication intervals,
  • Taking into account the age of the reposted posts,
  • Tracking Google Analytics Campaigns
  • Exclude certain posting days, taxonomies, and posts
  • Schedule URL Shorteners and unique URLs in bulk, 
  • Additionally, you can customise the message format.
  • Multilingual
  • Automated re-posting of previously published content

Wrapping it up

It’s unsurprsing that social media and online platforms are the most effective methods of promoting and marketing your brand. However, the work may not be as simple as it appears.

To begin, there are a plethora of prominent platforms on which to sell. Additionally, managing your existing/ new website material and posting it to those social media platforms can be a challenging undertaking.

Thus, to assist in managing the chaos, we’ve compiled a list of the WordPress plugins for social network auto posting. They’ll assist you in automatically sharing and promoting your material. Not only that, but you also receive a slew of additional options for scheduling and managing tasks.

What did you think of this article? If you answered affirmatively, don't forget to share them. You have the social media handles in front of you. Additionally, we are always open to input, so please leave a remark below if you have any.

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