16 Best Online Intro Video Makers in 2023 (For YouTube & Others)

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It is a well-accepted belief that the first impression is the last. Most content creators understand this and take proactive measures to ensure that the first few seconds of their video compel the audience into watching the rest of the content. The use of intro makers allows them to front-load their content and create an interest in the viewer.

With thousands of hours of content being uploaded to the different video sharing platforms, content creators are on a constant lookout for high-quality intro-making tools. This is especially true in the case of organizations that are leveraging videos to brand themselves. There are hundreds of intro-making tools, and choosing the best is a Herculean task. To make things simpler for you, we have listed out the best seven intro-making tools of the present day.

1. InVideo


Screenshot of invideo.io

If you want to create a stellar intro from scratch, you should try the InVideo tool. Alternatively, if you are short on time, you can use one of its intro-making templates. InVideo is one of the few intro-making tools that allows you to create multilingual intros.

This tool has some of the most advanced transitions and special effects and, with proper planning, you can create studio-quality intros with InVideo. Another advantage of this tool is that you can access a media library consisting of millions of images, video clips, and royalty-free music files that you can use in your intro.

2. FlexClip

Screenshot of www.flexclip.com

FlexClip is a professional intro-making tool that allows you to create stunning video intros for your YouTube channel.  It is simple to use, and there are several free templates for you to choose from. All you must do is identify a convenient template, add items from the royalty-free media library and customize the video to your taste. 

The tool gives you a high definition 1080p support. FlexClip is one of the few free editing tools that allow you to create videos without a watermark. The best part of this tool is that you do not need to download any application. FlexClip does not even require you to sign up, and you can begin your editing journey straightaway.

3. Motionbox

Screenshot of motionbox.io

No matter where you are in the world, Motionbox allows you to work on videos with colleagues and friends. Spotted a market need for a fully-featured video collaboration solution that would assist creatives in significantly speed up their process. Provides a huge choice of templates, a music visualizer, podcast to video functionality, the ability to add subtitles and text easily and the means to trim audio, crop video, resize Gifs, Youtube to MP3 and more.

4. RenderForest Intro Maker

Screenshot of www.renderforest.com

Renderforest is an online platform that provides a variety of video and animation tools for individuals and businesses. One of their most popular offerings is their YouTube intro maker, which allows users to create professional-looking intros for their YouTube channels in just a few minutes.

With a wide variety of templates available, users can customize their intros with their own text, images, and music. The platform is easy to use, and users can preview their creations before downloading the final product.

Renderforest also offers a variety of other video editing tools, including logo animation, explainer video creation, and slideshow creation. The platform is suitable for beginners and professionals alike, and offers a range of pricing options to suit different needs and budgets.

Overall, the Renderforest YouTube intro maker is a useful tool for anyone looking to create a polished, professional-looking intro for their YouTube channel. With its ease of use, affordable pricing, and wide range of customization options, it is a great option for content creators who want to make a strong first impression on their viewers.


Screenshot of VEED.IO

Say goodbye to complex video editing software and hello to one-click online video editing. VEED.IO is used by content creators, influencers and small business owners around the world in producing amazing visual content build their social media presence. There’s no need to download any software. With its ecosystem, you can make powerful intro and outro clips to promote your brand, tie your online content together and build a coherent, consistent presence.

6. Clipchamp

Screenshot of clipchamp.com
An in-browser video editor that allows you to combine and edit multiple videos, images, music and titles which can be downloaded to your computer. It enables you to add visual effects, slow down a video or add a filter. It's free and easy to use, even for those with no editing experience!
Other service features include a video compressor and converter, which allows you to reduce video file sizes with no visible quality loss, convert video files to different formats, or record videos with your webcam. The free version places a small watermark in the corner of your videos, and limits webcam recording to 5 minutes. The paid plan offers watermark-free videos and recordings of up to 30 minutes. Utilities works in a range of browsers on your desktop or laptop, but performs best in Google Chrome.

7. Canva

Screenshot of www.canva.com

With the goal to empower the world to design, Canva makes sure that its free video editor is easy to use. Though it has powerful editing tools and features, Canva’s video editing app is for every creator, whether you are a beginner or a professional. You can customize thousands of available templates for any ideas you have and any format you need, whether TikTok videos, Instagram reels, YouTube videos, Facebook ad videos, and many more.

It is the perfect intro video maker for you if you like to polish your clip with fun or professional-looking animations, voice-over, and sound effects. Canva’s video editor is available on your browser (online editing), desktop download (if you want offline editing), and mobile (iOS and android). And if you want to unlock more powerful and helpful features such as magic resize, brand kit and colors, and content planner, then you can try out their Canva Pro subscription!

8. MotionDen

MotionDen has a library of readymade themes, and it will take you only a few minutes to identify the most appropriate one for your intro. The tool is extremely simple to use and allows a fair deal of customization on the background, texts, or other details. With MotionDen, you can create up to five intro videos for free. Post that you need to pay $9 per video to use the tool

9. Filmora Video Editor

Screenshot of filmora.wondershare.com

A classic in the world of video editing, Filmora has more than 100 templates that are dedicated to creating intros and outros. You can use the split, cut, and edit function to personalize your video content to your taste. Filmora has more than a thousand special effects, and that will allow you to come up with a video that stands out. There is a free version of the Filmora tool and the intros that put watermarks in the videos created with it.

10. Cinema 4D

Screenshot of www.maxon.net

Cinema 4D is another advanced video editing tool that allows you to create captivating video content. The tool allows you to focus on detailed editing and has the latest motion graphics features. If you want to use 3D animations to get your viewers hooked to your content, then Cinema 4D is the perfect choice for you. Cinema 4D has a free trial that you can leverage before you decide to shell out $59.99 per month to use the tool.

11. Promo

Screenshot of promo.com

Captivate your audience from the start with a standout YouTube intro. Endless creative options inside. A strong intro for your videos can make all the difference in getting YouTube viewers to stick around and watch to the end. With Promo.com’s intro maker for YouTube, you can easily apply a captivating intro that gives your brand, and channel, a boost. Use professionally designed ready-to-use free intro maker templates or edit your own footage with Promo's YouTube video intro creator.

12. IntroCave

Screenshot of intromaker.com

There is intense competition for professional gamers on YouTube, and creating an eye-catching intro is the only way to attract potential followers. IntroCave has a huge collection of gaming intro templates for you to choose from. Although this tool does not come with fancy graphics, its dedicated gaming templates allow you to create intros for all your videos. IntroCave offers the finest level of customization as compared to any other intro-making tool in the market today.

13. Placeit

Screenshot of placeit.net

For content creators who want to create an intro and then tweak it for multiple videos, Placeit is the ideal choice.  Here you have preset themes, fonts, and images. You also have the luxury of saving an edited intro that can later be edited to suit other videos. Placeit has a huge media library, and you get access to more than 2000 royalty-free music tracks.

Understand that when you add music to your intros, people start to relate it to your brand. This increases brand recall and is especially useful for marketing videos. The only shortcoming of PlaceIt is the fact that its free version comes with the watermark and the paid plans are at $39.99 per download.

14. Kapwing

Screenshot of www.kapwing.com
Kapwing is a collaborative solution to create and edit videos for both amateur and professional uses. The simplicity of usage and the quality of results given makes it easily a go-to multimedia source for amazing digital storytelling. What's more, the open-source comes packaged with a lot of other handy tools like subtitle, meme maker, trimmer, filters, and so much more. Create a combination of file sharing and editing along with image and audio to really make outstanding results. Kapwing comes as a free package, with a lot of great perks in paid versions. Perfect solution for both amateur and professional uses.

15. Animoto

Screenshot of animoto.com

Animoto has easy-to-follow video tutorials that guide new users on the usage of this tool for creating intros. Thus, if you are new to video making, this is the ideal platform for you to begin your journey. You will find over 60 original video templates, and you will need to identify the one that is the most suitable for your intro.

You then get to decide whether you want a 16:9 format or a 1:1 one. You can personalize the sections by changing the colors and fonts. Animoto is a paid tool, and its subscription begins at $400 per year.

16. Biteable

Screenshot of biteable.com

If you are looking to use a simple intro-making tool that will allow you to personalize a template with its texts, filters, animations, and transitions, then Biteable is a perfect choice. It has more than 8 lakh stock footage clips and is one of the best options for creating animated videos. Biteable does not come with any hardware restrictions, and you can use it on any browser.

All the above tools allow you to come up with captivating intros. Depending on the type of video that you are creating and your editing experience, choose a tool from the list and begin your journey of engaging content creation.


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