10 Best Digital Marketing Books For Beginners in 2021

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The world has turned digital, and so did the marketing. The people who sold their products or services outdoors have developed strategies and campaigns to sell them online. This is called ‘Digital Marketing’. Nowadays people invest in building websites, rather than ‘Brick and mortar’. Social media posts are designed instead of billboards. Mobile applications are used, to deliver a good user experience. Lastly, they do not improve or innovate as per the market trends, but as per the ‘Google Algorithmic updates’. These are the basics you should know if you want to become a successful digital marketer, and if you would like to know about it in detail, then you will find them in the books below. Books play an important role in digital marketers’ life. See which are they.

1) Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy World- Gary Vaynerchuck 

This book is written by a very popular ‘Youtuber’ and mass-media expert ‘Gary Vaynerchuck’. It highlights the importance of social media marketing. The author portrays how using the right ‘Jabs and hooks’ can earn you income as well as customer loyalty. This book emphasizes developing quality content on social media that can win the hearts of the users. For this, one should communicate nicely, be clear about the context, and deliver the best marketing idea that creates an emotional connection with the audience.

2) Epic content marketing - Joe Pulizzi

Pictures tell, but stories sell. This book is all about how a compelling story can sell your product to your target audience. If you apply a systematic approach to inform and entertain your customers at once, then it will encourage them to take further action. This is where stories help. The content you add in your story keeps the people entertained, interest them in knowing more about the product, service, or company. This book states some techniques how you can develop quality content, and encourage customers to act, without actually asking them to do so. The content should add value to the reader’s life.

3) Digital marketing for dummies -  (Co-authored) Ryan Deiss and Russ Hennebery 

If you are new to digital marketing and have a keen interest to get in-depth knowledge about this field, then this book is for you. This book tells you how proven strategies and tactics on the latest technology-based platform can expand your brand’s reach, increase engagement with the audience and turn them into customers. This book covers all the aspects of digital marketing that include SEO, SEM, SMO, lead generation, and content marketing.

4) Building a story brand -Donald Miller 

One of the reasons why businesses fail is, that audience has no idea what it stands for. This happens when the company does not communicate with its audience effectively. Without getting a clear idea, people don’t find a reason to support, no matter how good the product or service is.  This book helps to convey the message and purpose clearly, and get an audience that supports you. The author states a 7-step framework that will help an entrepreneur to communicate clearly and grow his business. He has stated the approach of calling customer a hero and treat him accordingly. By using this, you can not only stand out among your competitors but add value to the customers’ life as well. This book has helped thousands of business to grow.

5) Permission Marketing - Seth Godin

The author covers all the aspects of ‘Digital Marketing’ in a few pages. The unique and the most important lesson it teaches is ‘Permission marketing. This book encourages you to create and run marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience. The book teaches you to think out of the box, come up with new ideas, and build a strong relationship with your customer using online prospects.

6) Youtility - Jay Baer

This book explains the importance of information. As much as it is important to retain every single customer, similarly, it is important to give the right information. It shows that providing the correct, precise, interesting, and comprehensible information can build trust and attract customers’. The interesting thing about this book is the author also states how can you adapt to the constantly evolving trends of digital marketing. This book will change the traditional mindset into a modern one. The most interesting thing about this book is, it depicts the experiences and struggles of more than 700 brands trying to better their marketing strategy. This means a combination of relationships and leanings.

7) Crushing it - Gary Vaynerchuck 

One more remarkable piece crafted by the New York Times best-selling author ‘Gary Vaynerchuck’. In this book, the author talks about the principles that will help a business to expand digitally with the help of social media platforms. Each and every social media platform has a different set of people, and to persuade them into buying, one has to think the way they do. The author highlights leveraging all the social media platforms for business purposes. Gary V gives some unique tips and tricks on how anyone can increase their reach to millions and turn their marketing game huge. If you are a social media influencer, then this book will be very helpful to you.

8) Hit Makers - Derek Thompson 

This book was recognized as the ‘National Bestseller’ in 2018. The author very creatively explains a theory of psychology ‘Why we like’ by ‘What we like’ that influences the buying behavior. The author adds a personal touch and writes in an emotional way. It exclusively focuses on advertising campaigns along with the rise of Facebook for marketing. This book also tells how the cultural market will influence content marketing.

9) The Power of Visual Storytelling- Ekaterina Walter

A picture is worth a thousand words. This book very nicely elaborates this proverb. The author explains how consumers are provided valuable information through pictures on all social media platforms. This information is presented in a creative and interesting way. It is either presented with beautiful pictures or infographics. This book also tells us about the strategies and techniques, of selling products using pictures.

10) Social media marketing All-in-one Dummies- Jan Zimmerman, Deborah Ng

Marketing through social media is imperative. This book segregates the most insightful social media strategies that will increase your reach, engage your customers, integrate with other marketing initiatives which will result in increased sales and revenue. This book will help you to make the optimum use of all the social media platforms, promote your business, reach and retain prospective customers, and establish your presence globally.

This is a set of books you should choose if you wish to become a digital marketer. These books will change your perspective on digital marketing and will give you insights about the industry. If you would like to know more about it in detail, then Renaissance marketing will help you.

Author's Bio: Eric Alonzi s the Founder of Renaissance Marketing and Patient Valve, comprehensive Digital Marketing Companies. He is an expert friend to his dog Nala, as well as a passionate evangelist of Internet Marketing, SEO, and paid advertising like Programmatic Advertising and OTT.


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