10 Essential Mac Shortcuts for Boosting Productivity

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Having a MacBook can be infuriating at first. You will need ample time to get used to the different shortcuts and keys. Hence, in the beginning, you might get tired from constantly switching between windows, menus, and applications on your Mac. This will seep away your productivity and make you more irritated. Hence, this article will share the ten essential Mac shortcuts to help anyone with the device.

Whether you plan on becoming more efficient with your laptop skills or want to navigate your files better, this article is for you. Any shortcut you get used to will help you save time and lower the amount of frustration. Whether you are a student or not, getting accustomed to these shortcuts will make your work much more manageable. So, read on to learn how to streamline your workflow and finish work in less time.

1. How to Delete Messages on Mac Pro

Suppose you are surfing through your laptop, and some messages appear on your screen. The chances of someone next to you reading them are high. That means your privacy is exposed, which drives many to want to delete their messages. Hence, one of the essential tips is learning how to delete messages on mac pro to protect confidential and sensitive data. Especially if you share your MacBook with others, sifting through your messages ensures no one reads private conversations. Moreover, this tip will increase your productivity. It reduces the distractions available and allows you to focus on the tasks.

2. Capturing the Screen on Mac

One of the best Mac productivity tips is capturing the screen. Many people find this beneficial since it allows them to save the screen as a picture. You have two options for doing this. First, try “Command + Shift + (3)” to capture the entire screen. If you want a screenshot of the window, press “Command + Shift + (4)”.

3. Removing Clutter By Hiding Apps

If you are using multiple apps at once but feel overwhelmed, you can easily hide the currently open window. Instead of manually pressing the exit button, use the shortcut “Command + Option + H .”This lets you keep your desktop clutter-free and free up some space to focus better.

4. Opening a New Browser/Document

Have you ever wondered why the software on MacBooks is becoming increasingly popular? One of the most important things to note is that most users consider Mac more productive than Windows. That is primarily thanks to the shortcuts available. You can easily open a new document or tab if you are working on large amounts of information. Press “Command + N,” which opens up a new browser window or document, depending on the app you are on.

5. Switching Between Windows

One of the best MacBook productivity tips is the “Command + Tab .”This way, you can seamlessly switch between applications, especially if you have multiple open at a time.

6. Accessing Preferences

Sometimes, you want to change a small detail about the app you are using. To do so on an Apple device, press “Command + Comma .”This allows you to access preferences easily. Remember, this shortcut might not be supported on all apps.

7. Most Important Productivity Shortcuts

The best productivity trick around MacBook includes the copy, cut, paste, and undo shortcuts. On Windows, you must press “Ctrl.” Mac replaces all “Ctrl” functions with “Command .”Hence, the shortcut “Command + X/Z/C/V” will allow you to cut, undo, copy, and paste the text.

8. Finding Misspelled Words

Productivity on Mac demands the ability to replace common commands with accessible buttons. One of those is finding misspelled words in a document. Press “Command + semi-colon” to see all misspelled words. However, if you work in Google Docs, you must press “Command + apostrophe .”On the other hand, in Microsoft Word, you must press “Alt +F7”.

9. Easy Access to Help

If you are browsing any application and need help, press “Command + Shift + (?)”. This opens up the help menu specific to the app you are on, making it much easier to be productive on Mac.

10. Productivity Apps & Custom Shortcuts

Some MacBook Apps for productivity include Todoist, Hazel, Alfred, and TexExpander. However, making keyboard shortcuts can be handy before seeking the best productivity applications. Apple Support provides an extensive overview of how you can create shortcuts to boost your productivity through simple clicks of buttons.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, since we live in a fast-paced world, time is more valuable than ever. Every second counts, adding to productivity and time wasted trying to figure out simple tasks. Hence, knowing the simple shortcuts commands is essential if you own a MacBook. These will make you work smarter, not harder. By mastering those shortcuts above, you can streamline your work, regardless of whether you are a student or an employee.

So, the bottom line is that shortcuts can shave minutes off your day. Over time, that could add up to hours upon hours of work. However, you need time to get acquainted with the different buttons and commands. Practice the essential Mac shortcuts above to enhance productivity and reduce working time!


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