How To Do An Enterprise SEO Audit?

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Increasing the number of reach after being searched on Google (or other search engines) requires assistance with SEO audits. These are direct guide maps that help you understand how much and how quickly your website can reach upon being searched.

To do an enterprise SEO audit, you will need to know how big the website is, assess the current reach and engagement, create a checklist, and finally implement the resolutions. These problems will be assessed and evaluated to help create a checklist for the SEO factor that needs to be worked on. 

That said, if you find yourself interested in knowing how to do an enterprise SEO audit, then we have the answer for you. Stick to the end for a thorough explanation of it.

How To Do An Enterprise SEO Audit?

Before you begin with an SEO audit, you need to know about enterprise seo strategies. Here in this section, we'll talk more about SEO audits and how to proceed-

Mobile Compatibility

Whatever your content or website is about, it is crucial to ensure the content is mobile-friendly. More than half of the traffic on any content comes from mobile devices. This is because Google has opted to be more mobile-centric and tends to be more suitable for mobile websites.

Using your mobile phone is the quickest way to browse the internet for any information. This is why it is important to design the website not to seem clustered when using a mobile phone.

A simplistic, organized, and aligned arrangement on a website is ideal to go through. This will allow the user to go through the website without feeling “lost or messy.”

The visual appearance and arrangement of the website are to be clearly and thoroughly assessed during the audit. Moreover, the benefit of the enterprise SEO audit is that you can ensure the website's compatibility on a laptop or a mobile.

Accurate And Relevant Heading

Headings and titles are, without question, the essential part of any content. It is mostly responsible for users to click on the link and go through your content. Hence, the importance of choosing an ideal, accurate, and relevant heading or title is very important.

An audit is a perfect time to go through your website and entire content to ensure it satisfies your audience. This is when certain changes can be made to your content to appeal to more readers and engage.

The H1 used on your content will be the same as what appears upon initial search on a search engine.

Appropriate use of H1, H2, and H3 will help your website and content appear much more organized and less chaotic.

That’s not all; Proper use of these will also help ensure your readers can clearly identify one paragraph's interconnection.

An enterprise SEO audit should also include the addition of keyword input for better reach and engagement with readers.

You should also ensure each page of your content makes proper use of the heading for a more organized appearance.

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are very important for any content to rank. This is because meta description is the small portion of the description you find upon your search.

Underneath the title of each link, there is a very small portion of the description that gives an idea of what the content is about.

The one doing the audit needs to ensure the meta descriptions check all the necessary requirements for it to rank and optimize.

There are so many requirements that need to be fulfilled. Some of these are the number of words used to write it and the number of characters on it.

All the necessary requirements will be thoroughly checked and assessed during the audit. The meta description must clearly explain what the content will cover. It must be written within the specified character limits while being totally informative (within 155 characters).

Keyword Input

Keyword implication and input play a major role in the content is well-optimized. This input also plays an important role in better reach, traffic, and engagement.

Anyone doing the audit is responsible for ensuring the keyword input shows up when Googled among the top few contents. The keyword placement needs to be precise to reach better traffic and engagement.

The content must include appropriate input and placement of the keyword while seemingly natural. If the keyword implementation sounds off or isn't pleasing to the reader, it needs to be altered. The keyword needs to be in sync with the rest of the content to optimize it.

There are certain places where the keyword must be placed. The first 100 words of the content must include the keyword for it to be optimized at maximum potential. That said, one must be careful of the keyword chosen for the content.

Your chosen keyword must be synonymous or relevant to the content so people can easily find your content upon searching. However, in the case of an enterprise SEO audit, all of these shall be tackled and adjusted as needed.

Image Input

Elaborate descriptions can indeed be of help to readers to understand what you’re offering to the customers. Although, there is a better and more effective way to do that. Adding a few images to your content can elevate it to another level.

From a reader’s point of view, visualizing or seeing what you are offering can significantly lure in more readers. An enterprise SEO audit will be able to help you decide on the appropriate and right kind of images to add.

These images serve as a possible mind map for what they can expect the website to be like after the audit. These images can also represent the process and procedure that would be used during the audit.

Several aspects of adding images to the content need to be monitored. The filename of the image and the alt tags are just some ways to optimize your content through SEO audits. During the audit, one must also be aware of the description provided for the image. The description will help the readers better understand what they are being offered.

Content Quality

As a client, you should focus more on the quality of your product rather than its quantity. This is a common mistake most companies make. They tend to fixate on the number of contents published without being concerned about its quality.

Publishing top-quality content is extremely important for any company. This is where enterprise SEO audits are most beneficial to a company. Anyone reading the website content is, in fact, a potential customer.

If the quality of the content is consistently leveling up, the readers may make a purchase. Not only that, but these same readers may even contact you for business or investment purposes too.

Bottom Line

Regardless of what type of content you post or publish, an enterprise SEO audit should always be done thoroughly by experts. It will help you attract more readers, engage better, and improve website traffic.

As the owner of the website, you will be able to identify specific problem areas of your website that are unpleasant to the readers. You will also be able to make certain changes to satisfy your reader's needs.

Hence, the importance of knowing how to do an enterprise SEO audit is, without question, pretty important. However, for the sake of sales and business growth, it is best to leave it to experienced personnel.


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