How White Hat SEO Techniques Comply With Search Engines’ Terms? A Complete Guide

Whitehat SEO techniques featured

Search engines like Google and Bing constantly update their algorithms and ranking criteria. It can be challenging to keep up with these changing dynamics. 

But, by using white hat SEO techniques, you can ensure that your website complies with these changes and will rank higher in search results.

But, how Google perceives SEO, and what are some techniques that White hat SEO uses?

Let’s dive into details from the top to the end. 

White Hat SEO Techniques: Google’s Perspective on SEO

If you want potential customers to find your website, it’s essential to comply with search engine terms. You have two options to rank on search engines: 

  • Black hat SEO 
  • White hat SEO.

While some black hat SEO techniques might improve search engine visibility, it’s not ethical. Many white hat SEO techniques comply with search engines’ terms and help you rank ethically and organically.

Key Differences Between Black Hat and White Hat SEO


Black Hat SEO White Hat SEO
Black Hat SEO ignores the analysis and goes beyond by continuously inserting unrelated keywords, which causes the Web content to lack flow and look shabby. White Hat SEO uses keyword-rich titles, descriptions, meta tags, and URLs.
Black Hat SEO believes it can reach the top rankings by purchasing links in quantity. White Hat SEO uses trustworthy links that build domain authority and promote the website's content.
Black Hat SEO employs replicated and plagiarized content that provides no real benefit to users. White Hat SEO uses original, high-quality content that fits user intent and addresses their query.


To deter black hat SEO strategies, Google updates its algorithms routinely. If you don’t optimize your website’s content using white hat SEO techniques, Google will eventually remove the site. Black hat SEO practitioners run the risk of being penalized by Google.

The website’s placement on Google is significantly lowered by a penalty, affecting traffic and ad revenue. In conclusion, everyone creating website content should understand white hat SEO. They can use it sensibly rather than using morally wrong black hat techniques.

Google’s SEO Criteria:

Each search engine may have its algorithms for websites to follow, but there are some standard SEO policies that every search engine appreciates.

Landing Page Content: Make sure your pages, specifically your homepage, include high-quality content.

High-Quality and Original Website Content: Write pages that concisely and accurately summarize your topic to create a helpful data site. 

Use of Keywords: Consider the search terms visitors might use to reach your web pages and include them on your website.

Contribute Valuable Data: Provide website visitors with the required information. Google likes helpful content for its users. One way to add value is to avoid fluff and be direct.

Backlinking: Incorporate links from other websites to yours. The backlinks should be from high-quality sources. You can use different types of backlinks. 

Avoid stuffing your website with keyword lists, trying to “hide” pages, or creating “crawler only” pages. You don’t want users to see Google will not index any pages, links, or text on your website.

Google's SEO Guidelines and Policies

According to Google's webmasters' guidelines for developers, these are some basic points for Google's SEO policies.

  1. Make your website easy to access by interlinking every page on the website. 
  2. Consider using alt texts for pictures and anchor texts for backlinks. Users can use these to get to the destination page.
  3. Offer a sitemap file including links to your website's key pages. 
  4. Ensure that your web server correctly supports the If-Modified-Since HTTP header. 
  5. To control the cost of your crawling, use the robots.txt file on your web server.

Top 6 White Hat SEO Techniques

Whitehat SEO techniques

1. Thorough Keyword Research

One of the first White hat SEO techniques is proper keyword research. By performing comprehensive keyword research, you will be able to avoid using too-competitive terms. 

Keyword Research Gives You an Edge:

  • Research might find both broad and specific times.
  • Long-tail phrases are frequently more precise. 
  • Matching user intent may be made simpler.

There are numerous tools and methods for conducting keyword research. You can use the precise data to learn, for instance, the specific desires, ideas, and even concerns of the user in your customer base. 

Keyword research is important because it reveals the precise keywords your competitors are ranking on. It also unveils the phrases your target audience uses to search for a particular query.

2. Quality Link Building

A high-quality backlink is a primary method in contrast to all other White hat SEO techniques. It helps promote your product or service by ethically winning organic traffic. It also optimizes linked web pages and raises the ranking of each page. 

Although these links you use have to be of the highest quality, you must also ensure that they relate to your content. A high-quality backlink is essential because it gives your website a ranking boost. 

If you use bad-quality backlinks, search engines will recognize link spam and flag them and all the web pages they refer to.

How to Get Quality Links?

You can think about guest posting to aid with useful backlink building. Keyword interlinking and email outreach are other ways to strengthen White Hat SEO. Perform a regular backlink audit to maintain your website’s quality.

Using this strategy, you will grow your network of contacts and your audience while generating natural backlinks to your website. Google places a high value on relevant, meaningful backlinks.

Additionally, it’s a wise idea to frequently perform backlink audits on your website for broken links, as they might harm the user experience. Your website’s ranking is also. A program like Ahrefs, Semrush, and UberSuggest can help simplify this process.

3. Exceptional User Experience

White hat SEO is the only SEO type, among different types of SEO, that focuses on user experience. You can improve your website’s design or its speed. Additionally, pay attention to the site navigation aspect. Keep in mind that the website should be simpler for the user to navigate.

Importance of Website design for Different SEO Types

Refreshing the UX or site design is the best technique to give the user an unparalleled experience when they are on your website. This type of SEO is especially recommended for business owners who lack time to develop their websites to hire a professional website designer. 

Make Website Responsive

Making sure a website is mobile-friendly has become essential for websites to rank on the search engine after Google announced its mobile-first indexing in 2020. To determine if Google deems your website to be “simple to use” for mobile visitors.

4. Unique Website Content

Search engines’ priority is to fulfill user intent. Because user satisfaction is crucial, Google has developed RankBrain, an AI tool that measures service quality with recommendations.

If the user can find what they’re looking for in your content, Google will rank your page faster and with rankings. White hat SEO techniques favor blog posts with quality, original content. 

One key strategy to increase user engagement is understanding your audience and optimizing your content with audience-specific buzzwords. Other methods include employing films, graphics, and skimming content addition to these.

5. Website’s Structure

Your main demographic expects easy site navigation. The linkages, structure, and other elements that guide people through your website are referred to as website navigation. Easy web navigation and loading speed are of utmost importance regarding user convenience.

Website’s Navigation:

The navigation of a website and its material are interrelated in significance when we talk about white hat SEO techniques. Your website will be more SEO-friendly the better your information is organized and categorized. Content columns have a role to play in this picture. 


By demonstrating how your material is connected to other sections of your site, content pillars will help you develop structured content that adds value to your audience while enhancing your SEO efforts.

The ease of navigating your website has a major effect on your website’s ranking. 

6. Use a Sitemap for Your Website

You can define the webpages, video files, and other resources posted on your site and the connections among them on your site’s map. Use your sitemap in the bottom, category pages, or in the main table of content. 

The linking placement in the site map indicates that the user is a click away from the main page and everything within the website.

Connect the site maps all within if you have fewer than 100 posts. Link to your subcategories and popular posts from your sitemap if your blog is large and contains millions of articles. 

Although some category links will require an extra click from the main page, all content will only need two clicks.

Tip: Don’t merely have a long list of links in your HTML sitemap. Google could penalize it for being a thin page. Instead, include a 100-word summary.


All organizations must incorporate white hat SEO techniques if they want to rank organically in search engine result pages. Combining these techniques with different types of SEO into your website for ranking will be an effective way to succeed. 

Your marketing strategies can be challenging if you don’t have a solid grasp of SEO which is why understanding and implementing types of SEO is crucial. 

You can also work with SEO resellers for high-quality white hat SEO services to help you take your brand to the next stage.


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