8 Reasons Why You Should Target Long Tail Keywords in SEO Campaign


Long tail keywords are specific in search terms and account for 70% of all web searches. According to, Kiwi Website Design, which is a Top SEO company in New Zealand, long-tail keywords hold immense potential because they are easy to rank for and convert better too.

Long-tail keywords are intended to get specific information rather than the general details. Apart from their 70% contribution to all web searches, long-tail keywords have a lot of perks.

Here are eight reasons why you should target long tail keywords in your SEO campaign.

1. Fewer Matches Equals Less Competition

It’s not a piece of cake to rank better for broad-match keywords. They are highly competitive due to huge traffic & being generic in nature. On the other hand, long tail keywords have half the traffic; thus, the competition is less.

Top SEO companies think that working with long phrases is more natural, and you can easily rank on the first page. Try to find out long tail keywords that have less competition. Then, make amendments to your page to fit the long-tail keywords, and you’ll see results in no time!

2. Long Tail Keywords Are Peoples’ Choice

People love to be specific while searching as they only want to see relevant results. That’s how long tail keywords come into play. Incorporating the right long-tail keywords in your content will surely pull out wonders.

When using long-tail keywords, think from the users’ perspective. How will they search for the content you are advertising and act accordingly.

Note that Googles’ sole objective is to show the best & most relevant results to users. Keep this fact in mind and target your audience with long-tail keywords.

3. Long Tail Keywords Provide Meaning & Context to Your Content

You should be laying out meaning and context for your content via long tail keywords. Top SEO companies have noticed that this tactic adds value to your content, which results in meaningful & relevant traffic.

Always try to incorporate long-tail keywords in such a manner that they look natural & informative. Long keywords must be contributing something valuable to your content. Lastly, take keyword research very seriously!

4. Better Conversion Rates

Long-tail keywords are proven to bring in more organic traffic. Although it might take some time to see actual results, incorporating long tail keywords is an excellent long-term investment.

Research shows that long-tail keywords contribute to an average conversion rate of 36%. If you are just starting out, you will be experiencing no more than a 5% conversion rate. But in the long-run, the outcome will drastically change in your favor.

5. Long Tail Keywords include primary keywords

Betting on long-tail keywords doesn’t go in vain as they are already incorporating your main or primary keywords. This way, your content is accounting for both primary and long-tail keywords.

Long tail keywords kill two birds with one stone. They target whatever your audience is searching & incorporate the head/primary keyword alongside it. Using long-tail keywords is a win-win situation.

Start targeting long-tail phrases and experience the magic!

6. Using Long-Tail Keywords Builds a Robust Conversion Tunnel

One of the top SEO companies, HubSpot, hosted a survey and found out that 65% of companies are worried about generating leads & traffic. A weak functioning conversion tunnel attached to content marketing efforts leads to this.

There are seven general steps of the Conversion Tunnel. Initial contact, qualification, develop solution, presentation, evaluation, negotiation, and closing. Lack of information & trust leads to leaking customers.

Blogging and page hoisting is vital than paid advertising as it builds trust and aids the Conversion Tunnel. Moreover, providing relevant, unique, and useful information also accounts for a more reliable Conversion Tunnel. Creating more pages and adding the right amount of blogs will help you target a wider audience using long tail keywords.

7. Long Tail Keywords Can Do Wonders for Extremely Competitive Niches

If you are looking to break into extremely competitive niches, long-tail keywords can help you achieve miracles. Alternate long tail keywords that include head/primary keyword can help you target a specific audience.

For instance, you want to rank on the first page for “hotels in Chicago,” that’s merely impossible. Over six hundred and thirty-five million sites are betting on this keyword. But what if we find an alternative? If we incorporate our content with “hotels in Chicago that have Jacuzzi in room” it has a better chance of ranking on the first page since there are only 50,000 results for this long-tail keyword.

8. Build Value

It all comes down to the value you are providing to your site's visitors. Both Google and your site's visitors want real-value. If your content doesn’t provide value, you need to start working on it. Top SEO companies make the most of long tail keywords to build value.

By enriching your content with long-tail keywords, you are attracting organic traffic. Moreover, your content is providing real solutions and value to the people. Thoroughly research for long-tail keywords and use them to build valuable and useful content.


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