Top 9 AI Content Writing Tools and Platforms

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How much time and money do you spend in hiring niche-specific content writers and copywriters? Even after investing time and money, the results might be disappointing. 

Relatable enough? 

Instead of juggling through different platforms for hiring writers, you can rely on Artificial Intelligence for excellent output in less time. 

Today, we will walk you through the nine best AI content writing tools and platforms that will reshape your content strategy entirely.

1. Jarvis

Jarvis is an AI content writing tool specifically trained by copywriters and conversion experts. It uses machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to help you generate excellent content. Using it will help you save a considerable amount of time and money. 

Let’s move further to some of the major benefits of using this tool. 

Benefits of using Jarvis 

  • Creates automatic content that matches your writing style
  • One of the best tools for writing blog posts, social media content, sales emails, and even fictional pieces
  • Easy functioning assures no beginner gets stuck
  • Takes into consideration every crucial aspect of writing, including grammar, proper capitalization, etc. 
  • The feature of creating images from typed words makes it stand out amongst its competition 
  • A huge database consisting of over a million sentences 
  • The advanced AI identifies the key elements of the sentence and gives the most relevant match
  • Guarantees 99% original content
  • Get access to a community of AI copywriters with over 25K+ active members
  • Enjoy the 5-day free trial and notice how it helps you reshape your entire content strategy. 

The only drawback is that some irrelevant content might pop up in between. Make a few edits, and the posts are ready to go live. 

Take a look at the pricing of this outstanding AI content writing tool: 

Jarvis pricing


2. CopyAI

We all need a companion that pulls us out of writer’s block. CopyAI does the task by generating excellent marketing copies. Start by selecting the type of marketing copy, inserting some keywords or phrases, and the algorithms will generate the perfect fit. This highly affordable tool will help you save a considerable amount of time. The algorithms ensure that the generated copy resonates with the target audience. Largely used and loved by marketers, content writers, bloggers, social media managers, etc. 

Sometimes we find difficulty in writing a compelling introduction for a blog post. The introductory part decides whether or not the reader reaches the end. CopyAI will save the trouble by generating relevant introductory paragraphs. 

Copy Ai - how t works


Why should you prefer CopyAI over others?

An outstanding and affordable AI content writing tool that helps generate the following: 

  • Potential blog topic ideas
  • Product descriptions 
  • Compelling Instagram captions
  • Core bullet points in your blog posts
  • Graphic copies and ad copies
Copy.Ai pricing

3. Article Forge

The goal of Article Forge is to provide you with unique and relevant content based on the keywords you provide. Enter the keywords, and the algorithm will present a unique and well-written article within minutes. This tool works like any other writer you hire but more quickly. Let’s say you need to write content on the best router tables. Based on the provided keywords, it researches, writes, and presents the content to you. But every tool comes with its benefits and drawbacks. Let’s analyze the same in detail. 

Benefits of using Article Forge 

  • No content spinning as the article passes Copyscape and other plagiarism detectors
  • It saves your time in searching and hiring niche-specific writers
  • Can write informational articles on every niche 
  • It saves money as niche-specific writers are highly expensive
  • Unlike humans, this tool goes through millions of articles to write in-depth content resonating with your target audience
  • Save extra time by enabling the option to add videos and images
  • Can generate content in different languages, including English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Limitation of using Article Forge

  • The word count is limited to 750 words
  • Can come across irrelevant or off-topic content in between

Get started with the 5-day free trial by providing your credit card details. 

Articleforge pricing

4. Writesonic

Do you often get stuck with writing Facebook and Instagram ad copies? 

Your copies must be powerful enough to generate high-quality leads as you spend a lot of money running ads. Writing ad copies during writer’s block is a big task. You need to convince your target audience within a few words that your products are worth purchasing.

Writesonic is highly known for generating engaging marketing content for businesses within seconds. The cost incurred is nothing compared to the hours of work this tool saves you. 

Pros and Cons of using Writesonic

  • Generate ads, blog posts, landing pages, product descriptions, and more within minutes
  • The supported languages include Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese (Simplified). 
  • Some sentences lack the required personal touch. Rewriting them is crucial for the best result.
  • This AI content writing tool knows diverse topics. You will be shocked at how quickly it provides results when you insert relevant keywords. 
  • Many different plans are available based on your position (freelancer, small business, agencies, etc.) 
Writesonic pricing

5. Growth bar

Are you tired of low ranking in search engines? 

Growth Bar helps you in curating search-engine-friendly content that boosts your online presence and drives growth. It provides the perfect blend of content writing and optimization. Your search for the best SEO-friendly content generator ends here. All you need to do is provide a general keyword revolving around your topic. The tool does its task and presents you with fully optimized content. 

Advantages of using Growth Bar 

  • Equipped with OpenAI GPT-3 technology that uses machine learning models to simulate the writing process
  • Easy to learn interface
  • All premium plans provide unlimited keyword research, competitor traffic insights, and Chrome extension use.

Some major limitations

  • No keyword difficulty score is displaying along with keyword suggestions
  • Suitable for basic SEO projects only
Growth bar pricing

6. Wordsmith

Wordsmith is a user-friendly AI content writing software appropriate for beginners. Let’s take a look at why users prefer this tool over others. 

Pros and cons of using Wordsmith 

  • Mostly preferred by data-driven industries 
  • Easy customization ensures you get the desired results
  • Equipped with voice-assisted analytics
  • Creates relevant content in short durations
  • It is a Natural Language Generation (NLG) engine; you need to feed it data in the correct format to ensure well-written articles. The process is often hectic and time-consuming. 
  • Difficulty in the beginning as you need to set up templates based on your requirement
  • Apart from the lengthy setup, Wordsmith is one of the preferable AI writing tools in the market.
Wordsmith pricing

7. WordAI 

Are you handling multiple websites with different niches? 

Hiring different niche-specific writers is hectic and expensive. WordAI is an article spinner that makes your writing task quicker and easier. It provides you the option of adjusting the spinning quality. 

Here are the three spinning options you can choose from: 

#1 More conservative

Readability is highest in this option, but the level of uniqueness remains minimal. 

#2 Regular (Most preferred option)

The perfect balance between readability and uniqueness. 

#3 More Adventurous 

This option entirely focuses on uniqueness, and the readability suffers. 

Pros and cons of using WordAI

  • Easily integrate WordAI with other tools for smooth functioning
  • The new version removed the majority of options, thereby leaving users with limited choice
  • Provides a free 3-day trial to help you assess whether or not it’s worth your time and money
  • The web interface offers the flexibility of accessing it from any device
Word Ai pricing

8. Quillboat 

Quillbot is one of the most affordable paraphrasing tools in the market. It changes the sentence structure, replaces words with their synonyms along with retaining the original meaning. Since its launch in 2017, this paraphrasing tool has seen substantial modifications. 

Here are the reasons why more than 10 million people across the world prefer this tool.  

Pros and cons of using Quillbot 

  • The clean and neat editor ensures every person with no technical knowledge can use it
  • The web-based interface ensures you can access it from wherever you want
  • Choose from 7 different Quill modes responsible for the quality of the final drafts
  • The summarizer helps you get access to the summary of any piece of content
  • The perfect blend of summarizer and grammar checking tools in one platform makes it more preferable
  • Provides extensions for smooth functioning in your device
  • The forever free plan makes it stand out amongst competitors
  • The only drawback of Quillbot is that both free and premium plans have character limitations. 
Quillbot pricing

9. Rytr (free AI content writing tool)

Rytr is known to generate catchy, original, and high-converting copies. Its deep learning and language models automate the writing process. 

Let’s move forward to the key reasons to choose this AI content writing tool. 

Benefits and drawbacks of using Rytr

  • It uses GPT-3 technology and has a huge database 
  • 23 different use cases to choose from, including blog ideas, job descriptions, interview questions, and more
  • The expand tool is specifically impressive. You need to type a sentence, and the tool will elaborate the same and turn it into a paragraph. 
  • Document-style workflow ensures ease of use.
  • The major reason behind its preference is that it’s completely free to use
  • The tool comes with the limitation of 5000 characters per month. The premium plan is available for writers or businesses requiring more credits. 
RYTR pricing

Summing up

You need to step up your content game with the continuous advancement in technology and the increasing demand for content. Go through the benefits and drawbacks of the tools mentioned above and platforms to make the right choice. Create lengthy content and deal with urgent deadlines in a blink of an eye without any hassle. 

About the author

Porter Gale is Editor-in-Chief at Sleepation. She has 7 years of experience in developing data-driven content for brands, SaaS businesses, and agencies. When not writing you can find her playing her guitar or binge-watching time-travel movies.



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