How to view and download Youtube thumbnail image in high resolution?

You can view and download the thumbnail used in a Youtube video by checking the page source and then looking for the "OG Image" Open Graph meta tag.

The "OG Image" meta tag is one of several Open Graph meta-tags that youtube uses to tell social networks like facebook which image to use in-case someone shares/embeds a video in their social network page. In 99% of cases, the "OG Image" tag that youtube uses is the thumbnail of video.

So here are the steps on how to locate the "OG Image" tag and there-by retrieve the URL of the video thumbnail:

Step 1: Open the youtube video in your browser. For this example, I am using the following video:

Note: I am using Firefox as my browser, so the instructions here are specific to Firefox, but this works in Chrome and Internet Explorer as well.

Step 2: Point your cursor on a blank area of the video page.

Step 3: 'Right click' on the blank area and select View Source or View page Source as shown in the image below:

View Source

Note: You can also view source of a page by clicking CTRL + U on your keyboard.

Step 4: On the view source page, do a search (CTRl+F) for the phrase 'og:image'.

Now you should be able to see the thumbnail URL as shown in the image below:

yt thumbnail image

From this tag, the URL of the thumbnail image would be:

You can now copy and paste this URL in your browser to view it and then download it if you want.

Step 5: To download the image just right click on the image and click 'Save Image As' and then 'Save' to save it to your computer.



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    Thank you very much!! That really helped. Cheers !!

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