7 Ways the Applicant Tracking System Simplifies Remote Hiring

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The Covid 19 pandemic brought a new wave of work-from-home options. Many organizations are now embracing the remote and hybrid work approach. Allowing more of their employees to work from home and deliver efficiently like they were in an office. 

With an increase in remote working options also came the need for more remote hiring options. Nowadays, great talents are hired, onboarded, and they begin their journey without ever meeting their employer physically. With an applicant tracking system, remote hiring is now easier. The advantages of virtual recruitment are enormous, especially if you need to fill up a vacancy quickly. 

You can go through the hiring process quickly while keeping track of all relevant information. You can provide timely updates and stay in touch with candidates when it matters most. In this article, we will be looking at the features of the applicant tracking system and how it simplifies remote hiring. 

Features of the Applicant Tracking System 

The applicant tracking system has several unique features that make it a top choice for recruiters and employers.

  • Attract Candidates. The applicant tracking system helps you attract the right candidates by helping to create detailed job descriptions. If you're in the Uk, an applicant tracking system in Uk can help you attract the best candidates from all over the Uk giving you a diverse pool to choose from. The software also makes it possible for candidates to view job postings and complete their applications using their mobile devices.
  • Manage Hiring. The ATS software manages the hiring process from start to finish. It parses through resumes to get the best qualified. With applicant tracking software, you can manage all applicants' data, communication and interactions between the candidates and the employer. 
  • Detailed Analytics and Reports. The applicant tracking system software tracks and collates all data relating to the hiring exercise, from the job posting to the actual selection of the best fit. With this, you can get detailed insight that will be useful for future recruitment exercises. 
  • Onboard New Employee. This is another amazing feature of the applicant tracking system. It helps with welcoming new employees and organizing important personal information. This is also helpful in sending welcome emails, resumption schedules, and helping the onboarding team manage paperwork. 

The Ways ATS Simplifies Remote Hiring

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1. Easy Job Postings 

The applicant tracking system allows you to make job postings across several platforms and social media channels with just one click. This means that your hiring team can reach out to potential candidates wherever they are. 

The software also takes care of monitoring the activities on your job posts across these different platforms. This way, you get track of responses and applications from wherever you are. 

2. Enabling Job Applications on Mobile

One great advantage of running an applicant tracking system online is that it allows mobile recruiting. Potential candidates can apply for jobs using devices of their choice. They can forward their resumes and other important documents and complete job applications on the go using their smart devices. 

This is another way ATS makes remote hiring easier. Candidates can apply for job openings, regardless of where they are. And the hiring team can receive and review these job applications regardless of where they are. 

3. Unified Candidates Database

The applicant tracking system software can track applicant data, personal information, and every interaction with the employer. It organizes this information in such a way as to make it accessible to others. 

This way, joint decision-making and joint hiring are possible without being in the same physical location. Your hiring team can communicate, view candidates' information and make decisions in real time, all from the comfort of their homes. 

4. Automated Communication

The applicant tracking system software can be programmed to deliver timely updates to candidates. Automated email messages can serve to inform candidates of the status of their applications. 

For example, the system can be programmed to immediately send a congratulatory message when a candidate's resume successfully passes the elimination stage.  And also to inform those who were not qualified that they would not be moving forward in the hiring process. This way, effective and timely communication with candidates can happen without the physical presence of the hiring team. 

5. Virtual Interviewing 

The applicant tracking system makes it possible to conduct virtual interviews with candidates. The software works in such a way that you can see all relevant information about a candidate while you interact with them. 

It eliminates the need for sorting through physical files or candidates' resumes at the point of the interview. With this feature, interviews can be conducted from anywhere without needing to be in the office or refer to any external database.

6. Onboarding

The applicant tracking system can manage and organize relevant information. And so, without needing to show up physically, candidates can have a great onboarding experience. The software can be programmed to send welcome messages, reminders and resumption schedules. 

It can also manage information such as new employees' health insurance details, tax information, and payment details. New hires can easily complete all the paperwork necessary. And hiring teams can have all the information they need without needing to meet physically. 

7. Passive pool

With the applicant tracking system, you have access to a database of past applicants. The ATS software can organize candidates based on skill, qualifications, and experience. 

This allows you to quickly find qualified candidates without needing to conduct another recruitment exercise. You can reach out to these candidates wherever they are should you desire to hire quickly for the same or a similar role 


With increasing opportunities to work remotely, every employer must be equipped with tools to help them attract and hire the right talents without needing to meet physically. This means being able to receive and sort resumes, manage application data, and communicate effectively without compromising company standards. 

An applicant tracking system, with its unique features, can allow employers and recruiting agencies the freedom of sourcing candidates and taking them through the hiring process quickly from the comfort of their homes. This means that employers can save time and cost and still get the best talents.


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