5 Ways Email Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

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When it comes to marketing your business, you have to choose an advertising model that helps you reach your consumers. For instance, if your product target moms and housewives fond of morning shows, you must advertise it through TV advertisements or as endorsements on these morning shows. 

But if your target audience is fond of getting all the information through the internet, and staying in contact with their brands through emails, then email marketing must be your choice for communicating with them. 

The use of emails is increasing. According to a study by Adobe, Millennial spend 6.4 hours each day checking their emails. 

Not just millennials, consumers overall have become more inclined to get all the news about what is happening with their favorite label through emails. 

Similarly, as per Exact Target, 91% of the consumers report checking their email once a day. But it is also not surprising to know that these consumers might be checking their emails dozens of times every day. These stats lead to one conclusion: email marketing is a viable way to reach your audience. 

You can also promote your content in a more customized and targeted way. 

Care to know more benefits of email marketing? Continue reading to know more. 

5 Ways Email Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

1. Use machine learning for email marketing optimization 

Forbes states that email marketing is the most powerful tool to reach your audience. But there is no point in an extensive campaign and getting your emails and sales funnel written if your audience never opens your emails? 

To avoid this issue, businesses can use email marketing optimization to ensure that their message/email reaches their audience. 

By opting for email marketing optimization, you will get to know the best time and date when your emails can get more attention from your audience and send your emails when your consumers actually read them. It means that you can capitalize on customer psychology to make your campaigns more successful. 

2. Personalize content for the targeted audience 

Email marketing is the best way to curate personalized content for your targeted market. You are not sending your message to anyone and everyone. You have a consumer base you want to target with your emails. 

Often email marketers divide their audience into lists and categories based on what they like and what they want to hear or know. Everything in your email must be designed for your targeted audience, from the unique subject line to a creative hook to the attractive and engaging body. 

A successful email marketing campaign has content that resonates with your receiver's needs, likings, pains, and troubles. Therefore, email marketing is the perfect way to target those who might be fascinated by your product/service today or in the future. It also helps you to avoid spending on extensive campaigns that are more open-ended and reach even those who might be irrelevant to your offerings.

In order to achieve this, make sure you use a good email marketing platform like AWeber or GetResponse. When you use an effective email marketing platform like GetResponse, you can further enhance your targeting capabilities. By analyzing user data and preferences through the GetResponse login, you can refine your email campaigns to ensure they hit the mark and resonate with your audience on a personal level.

3. Arouse your customers’ interest in your products

Email marketing can make your potential customers your loyal buyers only if you hit the right spots. For instance, when you send an email, there is a possibility that it pisses off the receiver, or it goes to their spam to its shady subject line. 

On the contrary, there is also a likelihood that you instigate your reader's interest enough to make them open your email and peruse its contents. 

Even a simple emoji or a catchy subject line is enough to grab your reader's attention. You can touch the right spots or mind cords of your potential customer or make them averse to your offerings. 

The ultimate results depend on how you curate your content. Does your receiver feel that it is solving their pain? Or your message a fear in their mind that you are trying to sell something by playing with their mind? If it is the latter, you did not put the right foot out. So, know your customers' interests, likings, and even aversions before you bombard them with sales messages. 

One way to ensure you don't avert your potential customer is by offering them a checkbox to opt in. This way, they will know which emails they signed up for. 

4. Improve your brand recognition

There are successful global brands that failed to garner the recognition they deserved. They had a winning products/services, budget to promote their service, and provided the best customer and after-sales service. However, they still could not reach a larger customer base. 

On the contrary are those businesses and brands that have become so entrenched that they are synonymous with the industry they belong to. What could be the difference between these two brand categories? 

The difference lies in reaching your customers and telling them about your brand and services. 

Email marketing is one such way to increase your brand recognition. You can establish yourself as a recognizable brand by constantly telling your potential and current customers that you exit. It is a wonderful way to develop your identity because it gives you direct access to your customer’s inbox.

5. Increase your sales

Marketing Week reports that email marketing generates $37B in retail sales annually. How does this happen? There is no denying that people don’t like going through sales pitch. But it is also true that the consumers buy emotions such as happiness, a sense of belonging, etc.; that is how your emails target them by touching their emotions. 

You have to be clever with your emails to instigate them for impulse buying. In your emails, you can list what other people have been buying, what problems your product solves, how one product can be paired with the other, or what is their hot selling item. 

Create special offers and a feeling of urgency and scarcity for your consumers. Customers are often ready to act on their impulses; sending an email with a link to the e-store or your sales page can make things even easier.


Email marketing has been in use for quite some time now. Even most established brands have been using this mode of direct advertisement to target their audience, increase their recognition, and build their credibility among consumers. 

So far, email marketing has been successful in bringing sales for brands and businesses.

Whenever curating the content of your marketing email, research extensively about your audience’s background, age, social status, financial standings, fears, wants, etc. Tune your message to resonate with your customers’ needs so they think it has been specially crafted for them.


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