How To Hire High-End React Native Development Company?

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Welcome to the world of mobile apps development! If you are interested in the modern IT industry, you may notice a trend that the development of mobile applications with React Native is a new era in the creation of products for smartphones. High-end development companies that specialize in providing such services using React Native technology are in great demand among customers. Therefore, many representatives of successful businesses who are interested in modern technologies are faced with such an important task as choosing a reliable IT partner. In this article which is called ‘How To Hire High-End React Native Development Company’, I want to share a simple algorithm, which, in my opinion, allows you to speed up searches and choose a right development company. Read on and discover something new and interesting!

Why is a high-end development company specializing in React Native? Facebook programmers released this tool in the IT world in 2015 and it immediately became clear that this is an absolutely revolutionary phenomenon. World-famous brands (Pinterest, Tesla, SoundCloud, Uber and other big companies) have already assessed the prospects and switched to work with this technology. If you also follow current trends or dream of turning an innovative idea into a successful startup, a React Native mobile app might be the best solution. React Native is a modern, fast-growing framework that looks to the future. Its development is supported by Facebook, Microsoft and a community of developers around the world, and is also distributed under an open source license and implements native behavior appropriate for the target platform. Creating a React Native application involves working out one common project that uses the native capabilities of each platform (IOS and Android). Developing a React Native app at any high-end IT company involves more than just web development. An experienced high-end company pays maximum attention to market analysis and planning. Due to the detailed study of the interface design, the product acquires usability indicators and meets the characteristics of high-quality development. Such an application goes through several stages of development:

  • Business analysis: at this stage, it is determined what goals the client would like to achieve. Competitiveness is also assessed, the niche is monitored, and a portrait of the future mobile application is worked out in detail. 
  • UI / UX: the interface and prototypes of the sections are created according to the recommendations of Apple and Google, the specifics of user behavior are taken into account. 
  • Development: implementation of functionality, testing and performance evaluation. 
  • Launch: placing the application in Google Play and AppStore stores.
    React Native mobile apps are a powerful solution for any business. This is because in many niches the number of users logging in from the phone significantly exceeds those who use a PC or laptop. In short, the main advantage of React Native is speed of the development process. On average, the company's high-end team spends less time getting to know main features of the technology, writing more code (this can increase application productivity in the future) and new functions when compared to other mobile application development technologies. Giants like Apple and Google support many tools and offer best practices for native development, but the React Native ecosystem does not have a clear leader, so the developed application is productive on both platforms. 

What should be the path to hiring a high-end React Native development company? The following tips are useful when the business task and budget are determined, and all that remains is to find an executor. If you first need to determine the budget, the easiest way for a customer is to find similar applications and ask their mobile developers for an estimate. If the company has relevant experience, already during the first negotiations, you can find out what the minimum development budget should be expected.

  1. The first step is to identify candidates. As a rule, performers are looked for using the following sources: cases of mobile developers; recommendations of friends; business and personal contacts. It is important to study in detail the activities of each selected high-end React Native development company. Go to the site, look at the portfolio, try to assess the scale of the work. Look for the company's social media group or executive profiles to ensure they are a valid market player. At the same time, there are very important criteria for evaluating a candidate: whether the company has recommendations from colleagues in your business area; experience; evidence of the company's practical activities, the availability of relevant news in social networks; the success of the company. 
  2. The second step is collecting commercial offers. The success of your project implementation depends on how effectively the collection of commercial proposals will take place. It is important here to evaluate the resources of each developer and provide everyone with uniform data about the planned project. Each development company will offer his own cost of services, each option will have its pros and cons, which are determined by the technologies used (in our case, this is React Native). 
  3. After selecting several candidates, negotiations must be carried out. Teams will present themselves and ask you questions. Your goal is to determine which companies have their own resources to complete your project and which ones delegate tasks to their contractors. High-end development companies usually provide their clients with access to the project's task tracker. Having access to the task tracker, you can immediately see which of the specialists is working on tasks, how quickly these tasks are closed, how much is left until the end of the project, etc. In case of problems, you will recognize them much earlier. 
  4. At the fourth stage, you need to filter out commercial offers. After you have received a sufficient volume of proposals and conducted initial negotiations, you can start filtering the bidders. First of all, exclude companies that have risk criteria, for example: hiding information about the development team; lack of access to the task tracker and meetings; there are doubts about the competence of the company, etc. At this stage, it is advisable to leave no more than 2-3 potential performers. Invite other participants to draw up an approximate work plan (roadmap) for the project and then hold a meeting with the team that will be engaged in the development. With the help of the roadmap, you and the contractor can plan the work and the necessary resources. And by communicating with a potential team, you will understand the competence of specialists and increase the likelihood of project success. 
  5. At the final stage of choosing a high-end React Native development company, everything is simple: you need to make a decision. Naturally, it can be influenced by various factors, including the development timeline and budget, the team's approach to work, and the overall communication experience. Assess all information and potential risks. In the case of mobile development (front-end), such parameters as the combination of resources and capabilities of the company are most important. At the same time, you should be comfortable communicating with the performer on an equal footing. 

What are the characteristics that make a successful high-end React Native development company stand out from others?

  • Focus on the client's business objectives. Understanding the client's business processes is a must have when it comes to creating a mobile application. The goal of such a company should be not only a ready-made mobile application, but also the creation of a tool to achieve certain business goals of the customer. 
  • Experience is another important criterion for hiring a development company. It is important to find out what projects the company has implemented earlier, whether it has examples of work similar to your project request. As a rule, IT companies with a good reputation willingly share links to their projects, post samples of their work on their website. A close examination of the portfolio will help assess the quality, technical skills and level of work. 
  • The programmer staff has a lot to say about the company. This is a kind of indicator of its success, the ability to implement a large project. 
  • High speed feedback is very much appreciated in the IT business. Therefore, the manager of a high-end company must quickly respond to client requests. You can test the efficiency of the managers' work by filling out the feedback form on the website. Of course, the assessment can be subjective, but you will already have a first impression of the company. 
  • Another important criterion is the company's financial stability. It can be partially assessed based on information in open sources.


Choosing a high-end IT company is part of the success of the project and as a result of the success of your business. I hope that the described abode hiring algorithm, as well as the criteria by which you can assess the reliability of the company, will help you in the search process. Thanks for reading an article ‘How To Hire High-End React Native Development Company’. Let the IT studio of your choice make a mobile application that will become innovative and bring profit to your business!


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