6 Simple Ways to Increase My Upvotes on Quora

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If you respond to any questions, readers will vote for your response if it is effective. The more upvotes you get for your answers, the more views your profile will get. 

Quora shows the answers based on their upvotes. Upvotes will lead to more views on your answer. As a result, having a good number of upvotes strengthens and increases the value of your Quora profile and makes it more reliable.

Your answer may not be visible in some questions if you do not receive upvotes. Read on this article to get quora upvotes more than ever -

How Do I Increase My Upvotes on Quora? 

Quora users value useful answers and they leave upvotes for the answer. There is no shortcut for upvotes rather you should enhance the quality of your answer or writing. This will make your writing valuable to the readers and they will definitely leave upvotes. Have a look at the following points to boost upvotes on Quora -

1. Write Long Answers 

Q and A

Try to answer with in-depth details. Readers love to read detailed answers. They expect it will provide them with more pieces of information. Quora is used to solve confusion or to learn about unknown things. So, try to cover each and everything on that individual topic. If you manage to fulfill user intent, they will definitely leave an upvote. 

Don’t answer the whole question as a paragraph. Share some stats or add bullet points. Include images between paragraphs. This will make the reader enjoy your reading no matter how long it is and of course, stay relevant. Try to cover something that was missed by the previous Quoran.

Don’t write long paragraphs if the question is asked just to get a short answer. You won’t get good views and upvotes with a long answer everywhere. You have to understand the question and how well it can be answered. Check the below questions that may solve your confusion -

  • What Is Your Recipe To Make Coffee?

This question on Quora can be answered with just the recipe. You may add a few additional lines to make the answer more interactive but not too much.

  • How Do I Cultivate A Habit Of Reading Books?

This question needs elaboration. You should describe a full working method to the reader. Present some theories that will work with most of the readers. The writing may include how you started your habit of reading books. 

2. Keep Things to the Point

You are making the answer longer but not out of the point. To stay on track, you may add some famous examples relatable to the question. If the question requires any step-by-step instruction, add descriptive illustrations or images to guide the reader. If your instruction helps them to solve the query, you will get upvotes as a reward. If your answer has many views but fewer upvotes, try to figure out the problem and change it accordingly. Remove the unnecessary parts and add some more information relevant to the question.

3. Don’t Pause

You should keep writing regularly. Make a daily attempt at answering a specific number of questions. Don’t answer too many questions on a single day. Try to cover at least 5+ questions of a single niche per day. By the end of the month, you will have answers to 150+ questions of that single niche. You may not get the result in the first few days but it will surely improve the reach and upvotes as well. Readers will start noticing you and your answers. Quora suggests similar or related questions for every query. So, they will value your response if they notice your answers everywhere.

5. Select a Niche

Stick to any single niche for the first few months. If you are an expert in any niche, try answering questions of only that niche. This will make your answers more acceptable to the readers. If you have any skill or educational qualification relevant to that niche, add it to your Quora profile. This is going to make the readers realize that the question is being answered by a professional or expert.

6. Add an Image or GIF

Including an image will add more value to your answer. But, keep it relevant to the answer. You may add a sarcastic image to the answer. This will make the reader enjoy the answer. If you check the top answers, you will notice that most of the answers include images with a summary of the answer. 

There are answers without any captions as well. They also get a good number of upvotes. This means that having a good sense of attaching relevant images can also get you a good number of upvotes.  

GIF is another great way of expressing vibes. Sometimes GIFs work as video. You should find the perfect GIF to use with your answer. This will work for sure.

Here are some questions that can be answered with only a single image -

  • What is the best thing you saw today?
  • What disturbed you today?
  • What did you see today that melted your heart?
  • What is the most wholesome thing you have seen on the internet?
  • What did you find on the Internet today that shocked you?
  • What is the most foolish thing a person has done for internet attention?

So try to find similar questions. Answer with the best relevant image you find on the internet. You may add a short caption with humor as well.

These are points you should keep in mind while answering any question. If your answer fulfills the reader, they will upvote your answer for sure. Have patience, and keep answering. Quora users always look for quality writing and answers. So, you will get noticed as well.

Bottom Line

There are no hidden tricks to increase upvotes on quora. Try to build a strong profile and answer questions about a single niche you’re an expert at. Write answers with some humor and add images or GIFs with them. If you manage to follow the mentioned points, you will get more upvotes than before and it’s proven. Just don’t break and be consistent. Valuable answers always get upvotes.


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