3 Effective Ways That Design Can Help You Transform Your Content Marketing Approach

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Content marketing is a form of marketing that has seen much growth in recent years. As of 2019, 91% asked marketers used content marketing. And as of 2021, about 97% claimed content marketing was a core part of their marketing schemes.

The grounds for this growth are not hard to see. Semrush also showed high success in 73% of companies that spent 10% to 70% of their marketing shares on content. Of course, the growth of content marketing has drawn more people to it. And the result? It has created a very driven market where written content alone is no longer enough to draw the notice of clients.

There is now a greater need for content marketers to stand out among rivals. And one of the most fruitful ways to do this is through the use of schemes based on website design. We will be looking at the impact of a design-led tack on content marketing in this piece.

Website Design and Content Marketing

A design tack to content marketing centers on jacking up the looks and workings of a website. Doing so boosts user experience and raises the odds of keeping the client's interest.

The sway of such a tack is borne out by a 2021 survey by Top Design Firms. 38% of asked clients said they based their first sense of a website on navigation links and page layout. Further, 42% said they would leave a website at once if it worked poorly. Matching results from other surveys serve to show the same point. Good website design is crucial to content marketing success.

Due to this, content marketers employ design teams to enhance their website designs. But, of course, most marketers can't bear the cost of keeping their teams. So, they hire the services of such firms as Maxburst, a NY-based firm that renders the best services in website design NYC has to offer. Both options are viable to meet your web design needs.

How Can Web Design Transform Your Marketing Approach?

As we have seen, design is a significant factor in the success of your content marketing tack today. But, in what ways does it impact your approach?

1. By Boosting Your Appeal to the Right Client Base

Clients will tend to engage more with sites that give off a vibe they can connect with. For this reason, adapting your website design to your target client base is a very crucial design tack.

Of course, the first step to such a design is to get a fix on the client type you want to reach. You need such data as age, gender, career, interests, etc. Armed with this data, you can make designs that will appeal to your chosen client base.

For instance, picture a site with content aimed at engineers. Such a site will gain from design features that give off the "engineering vibe." A case of such features would be faint outlines of math set tools in the background. You could then merge that with the right fonts, color schema, menu designs, etc. 

This will create a latent rapport with your brand with the right clients. Along with written content, it will help catch and keep the client's interest better than if you were to count on just content.

2. By Raising Your Brand Awareness and Uniqueness

Brand awareness does not mean that your clients must recall a lot about your brand. They only have to consider enough unique traits of your brand to point it out.

Now, the average person sees a jillion things online daily, forgetting most of them. But the brain tends to keep some things more than it does others. Visually rendered material is of the former class. Brands that spice up their content with great designs stand out among others. Clients tend to bring such brands to mind with more ease.

But of course, standing out also takes creating a unique brand image through your designs. You can do this by using fonts, styles, pictures, website structure, etc. The use of logos is also one more fruitful way to do this. Research on logos and user awareness shows that 75% of people recall a brand by its logo. Thus, even if clients can't recall your brand name, your unique logo will still strike home.

But, you must bear in mind that being unique isn't all. According to the survey, 60% of users are turned off by weird or hideous logo designs.

Thus, you must design a logo that will stand out and stand out in the right way.

3. By Boosting Customer Consideration and Decision

Awareness is just the first stage of a three-stage process we can call "the buyer's journey”. And as we have seen, great design boosts your success in getting your clients into that first stage. After that, the next stage is consideration. And here, too, design plays a big role.

At this stage, the role of website design is about lasting impressions and offers of value. While a good impression is crucial, a lasting one is even more so. Here, as before, great visuals come in. People tend to go for visual content more than written content. We also know that they tend to recall the former more than the latter. As such, whittling down written content favoring brilliant visual content is the way to go.

The offer of value also has to do with making crucial info easy to access. For instance, clients should be able to access your open offers with ease, perhaps through your header menu.

Lastly, there is the decision phase which is where conversion takes place. The use of design to boost the odds of conversion in your clients involves such useful tacks as:

  • Using CTA buttons that stand out
  • Using cues to direct clients to your CTA
  • Using colors to provoke the sort of response you want from clients
  • The use of visual hierarchies

Using CTAs urges clients to respond to your message and engage with your brand. And by using guiding cues, you make them more likely to notice your CTA. In addition, the use of the right colors and visual hierarchies will appeal to their passions and raise the odds of the desired response.

Closing Thoughts

From the above, it should be clear enough that a design-based content marketing plan affects your marketing campaign. Plus, it gives a significant boost to your content marketing scheme.

Of course, we have only talked about some of these ways. But, we expect that your grasp of them will guide your campaign and boost your success.


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