5 Growth Marketing Strategies to Know About in 2022

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Every entrepreneur like you has thought about how to invest less and generate more and better results in every new campaign. That's why growth marketing is here to stay.

You have your startup, a solid business idea, and an ideally studied marketing plan, and you soon realize that you're not the only one. Plenty of startups are growing and competing in a market where a differentiating element can be the key to standing out from the rest and obtaining better results.

As the amount of competition rises, the landscape becomes more and more complex, thus making it necessary to implement a growth strategy capable of helping navigate with a steady hand.

Let’s look at the growth marketing strategies that make a difference for all entrepreneurs in 2022.

The top 5 growth marketing tactics you must know in 2022

1. Launch a successful B2B Link Building Campaign

Links add value to your project, as they are third-party markers of your domain's authority rankings. Google intends to provide the most relevant results, so it considers authority. In addition, Google works on the basis that good publishers will link to your content because it will enhance their user experience.

The b2b link building services you need must boost traffic from external sources by targeting relevant audiences. To that end, web traffic is a good indicator of the overall performance of your website.

Better traffic and improved metrics equal more chances to bring in revenue. For instance, your website will appear higher in search results, leading to more prospects coming to you. You will be able to sell more products or services and drive new ways of income.

2. Build a solid ‘Member to member’ system of referrals

A further excellent growth marketing strategy is the 'Member Get Member' approach. You have to build it around a customer recommendation scheme where both the recommended customer and the referring friend get rewards. In this, you can increase the volume of customers.

You can offer several advantages: promotional tickets or maybe some services that are typically only obtained under paid form. You can also provide courses or gift certificates exchangeable for acquiring any of your company's products. Any new idea you can dream up, as long as it means affordable prices for your company.

It's a simple but highly effective way of doing business. Its inner nature moves on the fact that people are more responsive to referrals from friends than paid marketing campaigns. In addition, they tend to refer people like them, which increases your chances of successfully meeting their needs, as the background is known.

The recommended members are likelier to stick around longer as they link socially to another user.

3. Work with the advantages of ‘Freemium’ hacks

This strategy is a must-know in 2022 if you have or want to develop SaaS businesses. Occasionally, it can be tricky to implement, but its potential benefits can be desirable for start-up companies. 

We can recognize some of the basic features of a Freemium approach in big brands such as Netflix or Spotify.

This model enables customers to access the product freely but with temporal boundaries. These boundaries can be an advertisement, volume of audio or limited functionalities. This way, you push the user to enjoy all the unlimited functionalities by purchasing the paid version of the product.

It would help if you aimed to achieve the highest possible conversion of visitors to customers, so your goal is to monitor, study and enhance the percentage of free users who upgrade to Premium.

4. Use Viral Contests & Giveaways for engagement

User commitment is the primary focus of any marketing campaign you lead. For that, contest launching is one of the most outstanding ideas Growth Marketing gives so that users remain engaged with the brand.

Social media is the optimal way to launch a contest and track user engagement and participation. Also, they provide the perfect way to motivate word-of-mouth promotion with little or no investment. You must remember, however, that a strategy has to be applied, and you need to be clear about the objective to achieve.

Some contest ideas depending on your goal, are competitions for photos, hashtags, or shares. For example, Instagram is a platform that allows you to create contests that encourage the engagement and interaction of your audience. Being creative is essential to differentiate yourself from the competition.

5. Support backlinking with a good Skycraper strategy

In creating content, the most common way to work is to have a publishing schedule and use it to fill your blog with topics related to your activities. The Skyscraper strategy works the opposite way. 

Rather than free you to decide on a topic to write about, you will look for specific content that has a lot of inbound links and then write around it. It is no use employing this technique with content that does not have a good number of backlinks because the strategy will go down the drain.

To identify relevant content and find out how many inbound links it has, you will have to employ professional SEO software tools such as SEMrush or Ahrefs, which bring powerful techniques to the table. You can also find cheaper options such as Ubersuggest or Monitor Backlinks, which even offer you a 30-day trial to do your searches.

Growth marketing for startups

Startups benefit significantly from this, and it doesn't cost too much. You should start by checking out your competitors: who are they talking to, and what are they offering?

Communicate with your customers through social media and choose the best channel for your audience. For instance, you can leverage LinkedIn if you sell B2B business services. If you target young people, you should use TikTok or that social media platform that is blowing up now, and you didn't even know it existed. 

Create an Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook profile. You could also use Telegram, which is an excellent platform for you to share content.

If you develop a page for your brand, make your content in text. In social networks, visuals are everything: you can post pictures, photo collages, and products. You can go to a designer to help you build your image on social networks. 

Lastly, monitor and measure everything and adjust when you see new opportunities.

The logistics of the growth hacker

It is possible to list several characteristics for the tasks that correspond to a Growth Hacker. However, the foremost is that you need to research to understand if the strategies the company is developing are the best ones and if they are effective or not.

This will be based on metrics and taking into account the audience. In this way, you will be able to assess whether things are going in the right direction or if changes to the plan need to be addressed.

In addition, the growth hacker has to perform creative tasks, as described earlier. One of their functions is to seek out new growth approaches regularly. The underlying reason is always to break new ground and not repeat ways others are already applying.

You should add other tasks from a range of disciplines to the table. It is not a professional who has to be the most skilled in many skills. Still, at least a basic grasp of web development, copywriting, web designing, SEO, and other areas will be convenient.

There must also be an active and productive leader. Many rely on brainstorming or brain mapping for the various things needing to get done and be able to record work ideas. It's something you might even try on your time.

A skilled growth hacker should know how to find the correct chances for a company with market analysis and research on social networks and the internet. One of the goals is that the business's products become a necessity for the sector.

Lowering costs while growing exponentially

An effective growth marketing core aspect is to merge a strong analytical capability with fast and agile processes to deliver faster results at lower costs. Resuming, among its features are:

  • Customer centricity.
  • Making business decisions at every stage takes into account the consumer buying lifecycle.
  • Fast entering any market.
  • Enhanced ROI. An integrated view allows for better opportunities for planning and budgeting.
  • Nimble operational analytics teams that drive excellence.
  • Planned marketing actions after assessing key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Developing original marketing concepts.
  • Runs a/b trials.
  • Reviews marketing data and other metrics to make informed decisions.
  • Exchange ideas with other marketing professionals.
  • Reviews consumer trends and behaviors.
  • Looking to develop "viral" or broad exposure copy.
  • Strategically aligns social media as its primary strategy for growth marketing.

Don't overlook the fact that growth marketing is no easy endeavor, and for it to succeed, you who will lead it have to keep your mind open to change. That openness to change and to accommodate new ways of operating will add the necessary value to the project.


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