Should You be Using an Essay Writing Service for Your Assignment?

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Are you struggling with essay writing and feeling overwhelmed? If so, you're not alone. Many students find the process of creating essays to be stressful and time-consuming. Thankfully, there are now essay writing services as well as other related services like annotated bibliography writing services that can help provide assistance. These services offer both pre-written essays or custom-written essays tailored to a student's needs. Read on to discover the top five annotated bibliography writing services and how they could help reduce your stress levels!

What is an Essay Writing Service?

An essay writing service is an online business that helps you write pre-written or custom essays or assignment for a fee. Typical services tend to involve customers communicating with writers through order forms, email correspondence, or even online chat if the customer and writer are in different countries or time zones.

If a student requires a pre-written essay on a certain topic, they can indicate that in the order form. Custom essays can also be requested – customers just need to provide the topic they want to discuss, the number of words it should have and their deadline. Afterward, essay writers will do research and create the essay exactly as required.

Even though using these services usually come with a cost, they are very useful for students who lack either the skills or time to write their own essays but require help with them.

What are the advantages of using an Essay Writing Service?

Getting help from an essay writing service can provide students with a number of advantages, such as time savings, convenience, improved grades, reduced risk of plagiarism, and increased knowledge. Time savings is one of the main benefits as students can free up their time to focus on other activities.

Additionally, pre-written essays offer convenience and the chance to get better grades and reduce the risk of plagiarism. Lastly, custom-written essays allow students to gain valuable knowledge that they can then apply in the future.

Is using an essay writing service legally allowed?

Generally, yes, as long as the essay writing service provides original custom content. However, it is important to note that submitting plagiarized or non-original work through an essay writing service is considered academic dishonesty and in violation of most educational institutes' rules. Additionally, laws concerning the use of essay writing services can vary according to where you live and the specific service you are utilizing.

Make sure to check your institution's regulations or policies regarding such services or consult a legal professional if need be. As long as you adhere to ethics and responsibly utilize the service, then you should have nothing to worry about; it is perfectly alright to use essay writing services for academic purposes and avoid plagiarism.

How much do essay writing services charge?

The cost of essay writing can fluctuate greatly depending on the service you use, the type of essay required and its level of complexity. Generally, basic essays will cost approximately $10-$20 per page. However, more intricate or urgent essays may be priced up to $50 per page or even higher. In some instances, discounts are available for large orders or frequent customers.

The cost may also differ according to scholar level; a Ph.D dissertation might cost more than a high school assignment. Additionally, there could be different pricing tiers with regards to specific services such as proofreading and editing. Keeping in mind that pricier doesn't automatically equate to better quality is essential when selecting an essay writing service, so reading reviews and comparing costs should help you find the best value for money.

Top 5 essay writing services in the market today

This service is known for its team of professional writers who are experts in their fields and can provide high-quality essays on a wide range of topics. They also offer a money-back guarantee and a user-friendly website that makes it easy to place an order.

  • EssayPro
  • EssayShark
  • EduBirdie
  • EssayOnTime

Factors to consider before choosing a service

Selecting an essay writing service should involve evaluating a few key elements. First, consider the quality of work they provide, have experienced writers and a good reputation exemplifying the quality of work you can expect.

Secondly, examine their pricing structure against what you need from them and make sure it is acceptable for your budget.

Next, check their policies regarding revisions, deadlines, and guarantees like money-back to determine if the service aligns with your expectations.

Then research customer reviews on the service to get a full understanding of their past performance.

Further, make sure that customer support is available in case you have any queries throughout the process.

Additionally, identify the turnaround time needed for submitting your essay so you know if that timeline is feasible for you or not.

Lastly, make sure your privacy with the service is guaranteed. In conclusion, by taking each factor into account when choosing an essay writing service can help you find one which meets your needs and has the right price point within the given timeframe while keeping in mind customer satisfaction as well as security concerns.


Essay writing services provide an invaluable resource for students who need assistance with essay writing. Options like EssayPro, EssayShark, EduBirdie, and EssayOnTime offer experienced writers to produce high-quality essays on a wide array of topics. Although, using essay writing services comes with some responsibility - students should take care to ensure the essay is both original and tailored to their specific needs.

It's also important to read any policies or regulations regarding the use of these services at your institution or country. In summary, essay writing services are a great option to help with essay writing, but must be used responsibly!


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