From Destination to Engagement: 5 Social Marketing Tips for Travelers

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Social media makes interactions between people smoother and easier, which travelers and travel blog owners can use to their advantage. If you can inspire and unite people around you, then your efforts will not be in vain. But how can one leverage the immense potential of social media to effectively promote travel experiences and cultivate a thriving online presence? You need to use these social marketing tips to promote your blog.

#1 Put people in the spotlight

Many brands' social media channels tend to generate high engagement through content that doesn't necessarily revolve around the brand or its products. Instead, what captures attention is content featuring the brand's people: guides, staff, or even customers. Such content encompasses guest video testimonials and photos of company retreats or training sessions. By utilizing social media to showcase the stories of the individuals who contribute to the uniqueness of your travel company, you'll attract more interest and foster loyalty from your audience.

#2 Don't be afraid of negative reviews

When customers choose to travel with your company, they entrust you with their most cherished and irreplaceable resource: their leisure time. Your mission is to exceed their expectations and consistently deliver exceptional experiences. Admittedly, there may be instances where things don't go according to plan, resulting in frustrated guests that require delicate handling.

If you come across a negative comment that cannot be resolved immediately, simply acknowledge it, apologize sincerely, and communicate your proactive approach to investigating and resolving the issue.

#3 Try other regions

Travelers work for a global audience and may not even understand who their target audience is. Maybe you should try changing the country by using a VPN and managing foreign social networks. There are many social networks on the Google Play Store with special features for specific regions. True, they may not be available to you without a VPN. Do you know how to change countries? All you need to do is install VeePN and connect to its remote servers in the location where most of your audience is from. You may unexpectedly find that you can reach users in South Korea or Nordic countries through VeePN. You never know where your content might be more in demand.

#4 Create a realistic plan

It's not necessary to be present on every social media platform. Instead, take a realistic approach: consider the time available for creating content and the desired posting frequency for each site. Remember that followers anticipate responses, so allocate time for that as well. Marketing experts offer insights on "The Art of Response on Social Media" in Entrepreneur magazine, emphasizing the importance of responding to comments within 24 hours. To avoid spreading yourself too thin, choose two platforms and stick to a manageable schedule.

#5 Be active in social media groups

Selecting the appropriate group(s), especially on Facebook, to target your intended audience enables significant expansion of your consumer base. By sharing new content and engaging with other users' posts through commenting, liking, and sharing, you can increase awareness of your travel brand among potential travelers.

Facebook groups have proven to be advantageous for McEwen: "I am a big fan of Facebook groups. I currently manage two groups, which facilitate improved and more direct communication with existing and prospective clients. These groups provide me with a platform to showcase creativity and inject fun into my interactions with travelers."


Travel advisors can easily accomplish all the tips in this article in-house with a consistent allocation of time and effort. If you're already proficient in social media, consider advancing to the next level by expanding your reach. The tips listed will help you take important steps in this direction, but this is only the beginning of the journey.


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