Real Estate Postcard Ideas To Try For Your Marketing Campaign


One of the most effective ways of marketing in real estate is using postcards. These can help increase brand awareness, make you look more professional, and even help you save on costs. In addition, postcards make it easier to communicate your intended message because they're delivered directly to the target market.

However, you need to be informed about postcards before you start using them. First of all, you should ensure that your postcards have elements like attention-grabbing images and unique prints. Also, you can decide to include gifts when sending postcards to your former clients.

Apart from the named elements, there are other ideas that you can incorporate into your property management postcards, for instance, to make them an effective marketing strategy. These include:

1. Making Just Listed Postcards

One of the types of postcards you can make is just listed postcards. These postcards inform potential buyers or any other person interested in real estate and its services about new properties on the market. 

In addition, by sending out just listed postcards, you’ll not only be spreading information about the new properties in the market, but also informing people about your real estate services. To do that, consider including details about your services and how people can get in touch with you in the postcards.

Moreover, you might not get inquiries about the new properties immediately after you distribute the just listed postcards; it might take time, but, eventually, you might end up selling various properties.

2. Making Quote Postcards

Quote postcards have quotes that send direct messages to your target market. You can include quotes that’ll motivate your target market to buy or sell a property.

The following are examples of quotes you can use in your postcards:

  • I’m not a salesperson. Instead, I’m a matchmaker who’ll introduce you to a home you’ll fall in love with.
  • Your dream home awaits you.
  • Go big or go homeless.
  • Buy land right now as they're not producing anymore.
  • The best time to own a home was years ago.
  • Stay calm and call a real estate agent (me).

It’d be best if you followed some guidelines when adding quotes to your postcards to increase their effectiveness. These guidelines include:

  • Use simple but catchy quotes that are easy to remember. If possible, use quotes that have less than ten words.
  • Use fonts that’ll make the quotes easy to read and different from the fonts used on other texts in the postcard
  • Try as much as possible to be original and unique in such a way your target market can connect with you on a more personal level.

Even if your target market doesn't buy or sell their properties at the moment, they’ll remember you through these quotes when the time comes.

3. Adding A Customer Review Section In Your Postcards

Customer reviews influence the decisions that a potential client would make. If you have good customer reviews, your target market won't be very worried about working with you. However, your target market will be reluctant to do business with you if you’ve earned negative reviews. This is because customer reviews reflect the quality of your services. If you provide good services, your clients will be pleased and satisfied. On the other hand, if you offer poor services, your customers will be dissatisfied and give bad reviews about your work.

Moreover, adding reviews to your postcard will save some clients the hustle of researching your reputation online. In addition, providing reviews on your postcards shows you're confident about your services. This will motivate people to work with you and get more referrals. 

4. Sending Postcards About Just Sold Property

Informing your clients and potential customers about the properties you sold recently is essential. This is because such postcards will show the milestones you’re making in your career. The more properties you manage to sell, the better it is for you because they’re a reflection of the great work you’re doing. Therefore, informing people about your success in real estate by way of postcards will increase the number of people interested in working with you.

5. Making Open House Postcards

Having open houses is a topic of debate as some people believe they help while others don’t find the essence of doing so. Having open houses is important because of the following reasons:

  • Open houses attract potential buyers who may not know how to go about the process of buying a property.
  • They increase the exposure that your property receives, which will, in turn, increase the probability of selling the property.
  • They offer potential buyers an opportunity to tour the property without the pressure some realtors give them when viewing properties.

Such advantages can act as a motivating factor for you to inform potential buyers about upcoming open houses. You can use open house postcards to do so. However, it’d help if you didn't have extremely high expectations from open houses due to these perceived cons: 

  • They involve having unqualified buyers.
  • You can’t ask for a mortgage pre-approval during open houses
  • They reduce the safety of a property as criminals can use open houses as an opportunity to check out homes they can steal from, without any suspicion.
  • You might not get any buyers from an open house despite incurring costs.

6. Making Postcards About Expired Listings

Unfortunately, some properties take a long time before they find buyers. This results in expired listings since the time agreed upon on the contract will be over. Some reasons for expired listings include curb appeal, overpricing, overabundance, and realtors who don’t have your interests at heart. 

Expired listings in real estate aren't good as they negatively affect your reputation. You can take advantage of such situations by sending expired listings postcards. These postcards are used to inform other sellers of how you can help them sell hard-to-sell properties. You can send these postcards immediately if you spot an expired listing.

Summing It Up

Postcards are an effective marketing strategy in real estate. However, you have to ensure that your postcards have the vital elements for them to be effective. Some of the ideas you can use include creating postcards for different reasons, such as hosting open houses, announcing sold properties, getting in touch with sellers that have expired listings, and informing potential buyers of just listed properties. In addition, you can add quotes and customer reviews to your postcards.

You can use this article to gain more information about the postcard ideas you can use in your marketing campaign.


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