Top 10 Tools for Automating Lead Generation

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As a marketer, you know that Marketing Automation is key to your success. But what are the top tools for marketing automation? And how do you decide which tool is best for you? 

Marketing is a numbers game. Out of 100 people, 20 might be well known for understanding the flow of automation.

My advice to you is to forget about the number of automation tools available online and get an expert on any of two or three tools for your convenience. Say you want to improve the conversion rate, you can use online tools that shows all the data from various social media platforms in the form of pre-defined Google studio templates used by experts. This information can help you plan your future strategies. Also, self-learning in automation is a little obstructive, which can be overcome by joining an online digital marketing course to become an automation expert in no time.

Improve the quality of your leads. Spend more time qualifying your leads. Do more research, heat those cold emails / cold calls, and the two will take care of themselves.

Now let’s look at the Top 10 Tools for Automating Lead Generation

1. The Powerbot

Powrbot's usefulness is immediately apparent to any marketer who has spent a day, or seven, compiling Excel spreadsheets with publicly available firm data.

It is not worthy of the human mind to type in limitless keyword variations into Google. Recognising this, the lovely people at PowrBot created software that automates the process.

You can also link Powrbot to a CRM like HubSpot or Salesforce, use Powrbot data to personalise email campaigns with a MailChimp connector, or use Zappier to connect Powrbot to any of 1000+ other apps.

2. Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics will uncover leads you had no idea you had. Prospects anonymously browse your website every day. Consider what you could do if you could retarget all of these anonymous users.

Even if the prospect does not complete a single form, Lead Forensics can usually figure out who they are. Lead Forensics performs exactly that by monitoring IP addresses. Then, using some of the other tools mentioned in this piece, you can follow up on that lead. You're also qualifying better leads because they've already heard of your company.

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The LinkedIn sales navigator is a fantastic tool for generating leads. Because everyone is on LinkedIn, it has a lot of power.

With LinkedIn sales navigator, you may send in email messages to anyone on the platform. You may also check how many people have looked at your profile.

The team and enterprise plans have all the essential features you want for automation.

4. HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot offers several free lead generation tools that integrate with the HubSpot CRM. That isn't to mean you have to use HubSpot CRM with them. HubSpot's lead generation tool can be combined with your existing CRM or customer data platform, or you can place them on a website and create your own integration.

HubSpot's free tools are more than adequate to run a complete marketing campaign. Forms, popups, and even a live chat are among the free tools available. If you add some content to the mix, your documents will be collecting email addresses in no time. HubSpot's free tools are more than adequate to run a complete marketing campaign.

5. Qualaroo

Qualaroo is a tool that simplifies user research. It will perform user surveys, measure emotion, and give you actionable feedback on your marketing funnel and UI/UX so you can make improvements.

This software takes advantage of IBM Watson, an artificial intelligence (AI) that can sort through unstructured data and arrive at meaningful results. Qualaroo has used Watson to provide sentiment analysis.

All of these capabilities may seem excessive for a tool that polls people, but getting users to fill out a survey, much alone knowing which users to ask and when to ask them, can be difficult. If you do it correctly, you'll have some valuable data to help you optimise your funnel.

6. Growbots

Growbots advertises itself as "The Only Platform You Need to FullyAutomate Outbound Sales."

You could come to believe it after utilising this platform for a long. Growbots employs artificial intelligence to provide a customised list of leads that are relevant to your target market. All You should do is give info on the market you are going to target. Set up and automate your email campaigns once you have these leads. That's when the magic happens.

7. HotJar

Hotjar is a service that allows you to see how visitors interact with your website. Hotjar is an efficient tool for optimising your page for conversion with a combination of heat maps, cursor recording, click and action tracking.

One thing that all internet marketers agree on is that customers are lazy. Heat maps and activity monitoring can help identify where users get stuck and leave your funnel.

Hotjar will collect input from users via surveys and polls, in addition to all of the other excellent tools I've discussed thus far.

8. Turnstile

With video, Turnstile is an excellent approach to finding high-quality leads. After connecting your account to your preferred email provider, you can add an email capture gate to any point.

The idea behind a lead magnet is to provide something valuable in exchange for a lead's email address. Bait is required to catch a charge lead. This bait is usually an ebook or a subscription. These content types can be challenging to sell.

It would help persuade the lead that they require this ebook or that the subscription is worthwhile. A book is more of a commitment than a video. You'll need better bait to catch more leads.

Turnstile inserts an email capture gate between the lead and the video content, allowing them to continue if they enter their email address.

9. Clearbit

Clearbit has several data suppliers to assist you at every point of your funnel. Your sales records are automatically updated with precise, verified company and contact information. Identify prospects, expand your marketing database, and get contact information for accounts within a company.

Connect is a Clearbit widget that you can add to Gmail or Outlook to find email addresses quickly.

Clearbit also includes the Reveal feature, which is a valuable tool. It can convert anonymous website visitors into entire firm profiles, running targeted advertising.

10. Jumplead

Jumplead is a lead automation tool that is more lightweight than other options.

Add dynamic embedded lead generation forms to any page of your website, overlay offers, and set up follow-ups and automation, as well as chat capability. Jumplead is a comprehensive set of tools for managing on-page marketing campaigns and connecting them to email.

There is more about marketing automation. If you are interested in learning more about  marketing automation, learn from Rishi Jain the Co founder of Digital Scholar.  You can join the most excellent digital marketing course in Chennai or digital marketing online course offered by him and marketing automation will undoubtedly assist you with the best online digital marketing course available.


Although it can be challenging to determine which automated marketing solution is the best for your team to build a b2b leads database, by considering some essential factors, you will be able to make a decision that you feel confident in. Make sure to look for integrations, reporting strength, testing functions and more before making your purchase. Doing so will help you find a system that fits well into your business and enables you to achieve your marketing goals. 

About the Author: Karthik is a Digital Marketing Head at EchoVme Digital. He heads the development team, SEO team at echoVME, and a trainer at Digital Scholar. He has been working in the development field for over a decade and is the go-to person for any SEO and tech-related queries.


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