7 Effective Tools for Making Great Presentations

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As a content creator, you know the importance of making your content clear and memorable. One of the best ways to present it is via a presentation. A cleverly put together presentation can ensure that the information you convey is told in an entertaining and comprehensible manner.

Sounds good, right? Then why don’t all people create presentations that are full of pictures, charts, and whatnot? The reason might be this - there are too many presentation making tools to choose from. Want to create presentations for your website or business Facebook page but have no desire to try hundreds of software to find the perfect tool? We have a solution for you.

We have tested tons of presentation makers and have compiled a small but helpful list of programs that you might want to try. So without further ado, let's have a look at 7 presentation making software that can become your valuable asset. 

1. Prezi

Prezi is a more artistic alternative to the overly formal PowerPoint. It offers a non-linear presentation and gives you a canvas to lay out your information. The software acts like a mind map, zooming in and out on whatever piece of information you want to highlight. This makes the creation process somewhat of a brain teaser, but a compelling and informative result is certainly worth it. Prezi comes with tons of templates and is generally quite intuitive. It supports online collaboration as well. There is a free version of this presentation instrument, but it is somewhat limited tools-wise. 

2. Google Slides

Google Slides is a cloud-based service that is suitable for creating simplistic presentations. On par with the rest of the free Google office apps, Slides is very easy to use, but offers quite a limited toolkit. It has virtually no templates and a slightly modest collection of effects and transitions. Despite these downsides, this app is really handy if you are creating a presentation in collaboration, since it allows for seamlessly synchronized teamwork. Besides, the service is free and comes with your Google account.

3. Visme

Visme is online infographics software for creating pro-looking slide decks, storyboards, and social media posts. It comes with a vast collection of easy-to-use templates. Mostly aimed at building brand recognition, Visme is still an effective tool for creating presentations for any cause. This web-based app offers a free version that is kind of scarce in tools and templates.  The paid Visme comes in four versions, depending on the intended usage. However, should you decide to subscribe to Visme, bear in mind that its value for money is less than perfect.

4. Genially 

Genially is one of the leading presentation software for teachers. It allows you to create stunning interactive images, gripping presentations, quizzes, CVs, and whatnot. This web-based software supports almost any type of media you want to feature in your presentation. It comes with predesigned templates, but allows you to come up with your own designs. However, this application is somewhat confusing and might take some time getting used to. Genially comes with a free and paid premium version.

5. PowToon

PowToon is a wonderful presentation tool that you can use to turn otherwise boring slides into an engaging presentation. It is easy to use and really leans towards a more cartoony style of visual content presentation. This is why PowToon is a discovery for teachers and other educators, especially for ones working with middle school children. It is equipped with templates and a collection of animated characters. Still, all this prowess comes at a high price. Granted, PowToon has a free version, but it is very limited and is rumored to be working poorly. Another downside to this otherwise excellent tool is that it takes ages to render the presentation.  

6. Zoho Show

Zoho Show is a web-based presentation tool with an exceptionally intuitie workflow and real-time collaboration feature. It is praised for being compatible with MS PowerPoint, meaning that you can edit your PowerPoint presentations within Zoho Show and give them additional zest. The service provides both premade themes and an opportunity to create presentations from scratch. Zoho Show is perfect for creating simplistic presentations, but if you are after something more spectacular, search for something else. 

7. Haiku Deck 

Haiku Deck is yet another web-based tool for creating presentations. It has a unique approach to the task. The software uses your outline or previously created PowerPoint presentation, lets its AI work and builds around it. Haiku Deck comes with tons of pre-made layouts and stock images to make your job even easier. However, there is little room for customization and artistic expression. Nonetheless, Haiku Deck is an exceptionally easy service for visual content creation. This presentation maker has a free version along with a paid version that grants access to all the app’s tools.

8. DesignCap

DesignCap is one of the most popular web services for creating online infographics. But it also provides the tools to help people make fantastic and professional-looking presentation slides quite easily.
With DesignCap, you can create original presentations even if you do not know design. Here, you can make better use of the work, for example, to show data in a simple chart or statistics of a specific area. Thanks to these functions, the information is more attractive and attractive to viewers.

And there you go - these have been 7 all-in-one software and web-services that will be perfect for creation presentations, whether for your website, online shop, or social media page. If you feel like we haven’t covered enough programs and you want to learn about other options, make sure to get acquainted with more slideshow presentation softwares - hopefully, you’ll find just the right tool for you. But whatever product you choose, we wish you awesome content ideas, swift and easy completion, and a constant flow of customers.


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