The 16 Innovation Management Software Solutions for Companies

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A company won't be able to innovate successfully without the resources at its disposal. They will speed up the pace at which you generate new ideas and help you achieve your goals more effectively.

"Innovation management" offers paradigm-shifting ideas and transforms companies. The process is critical for competitiveness and maximizing employee creativity.

Innovation management is distinct from idea management. It seeks to be helpful and entails developing and collecting ideas.

"Innovation management" is turning ideas into fundamental inventions. It includes the basic steps involved in converting a concept into a marketable item.

Innovation management requires a tool and motivated people to utilize it, like sailing a ship. An innovation management tool helps you handle ideas, arguments, and categorizations.

What Is an Innovation Management Tool?

Innovation management companies offer tools and services to implement ideas. An innovation management tool will do many practical things for your company’s success. You must find out in which sector you can use various incredible software and its features.

You will get services in multiple sectors, like- 

  • Trend detection
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Brainstorming
  • Hackathons
  • Stage-gate automation for concept evaluation
  • The selection and portfolio management
  • Project and product management and idea execution

Tips for Selecting an Innovation Management Platform

Any corporation that wishes to survive in today's competitive markets must finance decentralized innovation. Your team must interact successfully to exploit innovative opportunities.

There will be a slow death of ideas among your staff if you don't have a system in place to prioritize them. These thoughts may be what your firm needs to grow.

It makes things clear that an innovation software solution should be utilized. But what would you do if you had to choose one of these tools? Well, here are some things to keep in mind while you search for the best software for your business:

  • Your organization's unique innovation needs
  • Your target workforce's involvement in innovation initiatives
  • What skills and capabilities are essential for you?
  • To what extent are you willing to devote time and energy to manage ideas?
  • Any target date by which you would want the program to be installed and operational?
  • How much have you set aside in your investing budget?

Best Innovation Management Software Solution for Companies

1. Brightidea

BrightIdea aims to be the most popular innovation-related business results platform. It claims to boost the volume and value of customer ideas.

Brightidea improves corporate processes by gathering and organizing ideas. This platform can support large organizations and solopreneurs.

Your creative effort may influence thousands of projects and generate billions. Many ideas can be graded for viability and tracked across departments.

The Brightidea Innovation Cloud® can help you manage your innovation portfolio. They will maintain the tried-and-true crowdsourcing projects and hackathons.

Such as an accelerator or an innovation lab, something you maybe hadn't considered previously. Complete enterprise-wide transformations can be managed using this single, highly flexible system.

Brightidea will provide a free demo and quote based on your specific needs on demand.

2. Ideawake

Ideawake can be used to urge coworkers to innovate. These employees are notified by email and have the chance to discuss ideas, criticize others' solutions, and talk in real time.

User-friendly design and ideation process boost adoption and user engagement. Ideawake also provides in-person and remote assistance options for its customers.

Idewake's idea management solutions include crowdsourcing, analytics, gamification, and real-time interaction. 

3. IdeaScale

IdeaScale is another software which companies can use for innovation management solutions. Crowdsourcing can help firms find and produce the next big idea using IdeaScale, a management platform. The seven steps of the process are laid out clearly on the forum.

The steps are- concept, construction, refinement, evaluation, estimation, financing, and finish.

4. Sprintbase

Sprintbase guides organizations through the innovation process through design-thinking methodologies. Companies may use digital solutions to address creative challenges and increase cooperation. They will also help to save money and time.

Sprintbase is a project-based design thinking curriculum.

Employees need structure, direction, and assistance while adopting these concepts at work. It provides lessons, advice, and aid for initial design thinking initiatives.

5. Viima

Viima's straightforward design and attractive aesthetic help keep users engaged. It is a self-service SaaS platform yet also offers skilled services.

6. Rever

The following product caters to manufacturers and assembly facilities. Rever is for firms who want frontline staff, such as those in construction, to help improve operations.

Field employees may use their own mobile devices to take images of issues and send them to Rever. Managers and other team members can be tagged to work together on ideas.

Rever's features include concept grading, status tracking, analytics, and workflow management.

7. InnoCentive

The process of concept generation and administration is handled differently by InnoCentive. Instead of internal cooperation, the platform links companies with outside experts. One definition of InnoCentive is that it is a marketplace for new ideas.

Users post issues they need assistance with to get suggestions on how to innovate. The InnoCentive team splits the problem into digestible bits and challenges problem-solvers. The solvers' network includes around 400k original professionals from several fields.

8. Planbox

Agile Work Creativity's Planbox software encourages innovation and new ideas in your company. In early 2019, Planbox purchased Imaginatik.

Imaginatik (previously PlanboxInnovation )'s Central fosters idea collecting, team collaboration, and resource allocation.

This software's superior decision-making and social/content analytics help organizations develop abroad.

9. Qmarkets

Companies may address their most critical business challenges with Qmarkets. Their "Q-360" product line includes applications for a few things. For example- innovation management, continuous improvement, open innovation, and digital workforce engagement.

Using Qmarkets, firms can quickly create a method for each department.

10. Accept Mission

Accept Mission's unique features inspired us to include it despite being an idea management tool. Accept Mission's gameplay mechanism encourages innovative thinking. It's fun to play, but it's not flexible or adaptable. 

11. Exago SMART

Exago SMART is a versatile, pre-built platform for big enterprises. It lacks personalization even when conducted with a large number of individuals.

12. Spigit

Spigit is a simple application. It helps firms track project progress and increase employee communication.

13. IdeaJam

IdeaJam is unique because it facilitates group interaction. It's a place where you and your team can exchange ideas and get feedback from others. In addition, readers may leave comments on articles, leading to more in-depth debates.

14. Crowdicity

Crowdicity manages ideas and innovations. It shines in flexible and practical areas but is restricted elsewhere. The user experience has been carefully crafted to be as stress-free as possible. You will need an innovation tool to accomplish a more comprehensive approach.

15. NanoNotion

NanoNotion features a dated UI but good innovation management tools. The platform is compatible with Microsoft's software, thanks to Microsoft Azure.

User submission of a concept, known as a "Notion" on the site, initiates the ideation process. SharePoint, One Drive, or a URL can be added to a Notion.

The creator of a Notion earns kudos whenever any other worker engages with it. Ideas with more excellent support are more likely to be heard by top management and implemented.

16. Codigital

For companies of any size, Codigital is a fantastic option. Codigital helps organizations simplify idea development. But it also provides tools to let them engage a broad audience in events like seminars and workshops.

That’s why companies can also use this tool as an innovation software solution.  But it is dependent on the strategy you choose. This platform's innovation management method gathers problem-solving suggestions from workers.


Most companies have set targets for innovation. But they don't use the proper methods to innovate as effectively as they might.

Therefore, innovation managers must choose the finest resources. They may implement the company's creative aims, boosting profits and customer satisfaction. This guide will let them know which innovation management tools will aid their businesses.


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