Top 11 Salon Booking Software 2023


Undoubtedly, choosing the right software for salon management is a key to a successful salon business. But it also creates stress if you don't find one. 

So are you one of them who is confused among various software? 

If so, then we have got you covered!

You might have already researched the best salon booking system alternatives, but still, it becomes confusing. 

In this blog, we have mentioned the top 10 salon software so that you can compare them and review their websites. Have a look!  

11 Best Online Booking System For Salons

1. Salonist


Salonist is one of the leading salon management software that deals with most of the tasks in your salon. It helps to automate all your Spa or Salon work. This consists of appointment scheduling, staff management, and booking. With the latest technology, salon owners can be efficient as well as productive.

The best part is that Salonist is the online booking system for salons that allows you to reach millions of customers and manage your inventory. It allows you to manage billing, payrolling, carrying out powerful marketing strategies, and engaging your clients.

Key Features 

  • Appointment management
  • Customer management
  • Prepaid and credit
  • Reward/Loyalty system
  • Marketing automation
  • Online booking
  • Point of sale
  • Inventory management
  • Employee management
  • Analytics services
  • Customize mobile app
  • Locations/branch management
  • Forms
  • Online store 

2. BookingPress Plugin


BookingPress salon booking software is a powerful tool that makes it easy for salons and spas to manage their appointments and reservations. The BookingPress plugin is easy to use and offers a wide range of features to help you streamline your booking process and improve the customer experience.

With BookingPress, you can easily create and manage appointments, set up appointments, and accept payments online. The software also allows you to set up different services and pricing options, as well as manage your staff and their availability.


  • 33+ Premium add-ons completely FREE (it is the only WordPress Booking Plugin that gives such a huge facility)
  • 15+ new online payment gateways integration FREE 
  • Fully customizable Appointment Booking Plugin
  • Award-winning responsive design for frontend and backend
  • Advanced reports and analysis
  • Cart facility for multi-booking
  • Whatsapp & SMS notifications
  • Customizable email notifications
  • Google calendar and Outlook calendar integrations
  • Advanced staff dashboard for staff members
  • Custom booking fields with conditional hide/show
  • Fully customizable booking forms and customer panel
  • Invoicing feature with pdf support
  • 24/7 Customer support

And much more.

The BookingPress Plugin, which has a very adaptable and dynamic user interface, also comes in a free edition. You may quickly start accepting reservations by downloading from

3. Fresha


Fresha's former name is Shedul, and it is now one of the popular salon software. It doesn't have any subscription fees.

Well, it is an ideal solution for salons and individuals on a budget. Moreover, you don't have to be a technical expert to use this software. Also, your salon can get benefits from the end client marketplace of Fresha. There will be some limitations, like a lack of customization options. If you want more customization, you can use a booking plugin.

Key Features

  • Allow more clients to discover your salon.
  • Free subscription
  • Easy-to-use
  • Latest Features
  • Can install on iOS and Android, it also
  • Google, Instagram, and Facebook integrations

4. Mangomint

For those with more than five people on their staff, then consider Mangomint one of the popular online booking systems for salons or spas. It's a sophisticated platform that assists in saving your time and your everyday work.

It provides smart automation and manages appointments and other business operations. Also, this software allows integration with marketing and business systems. So, ultimately it's an incredibly flexible and powerful solution for every salon business.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use software
  • Open data ownership and contracts
  • It has smart automation that save time
  • You can integrate with any platform
  • Integrated payments option
  • Support on iOS & Android App
  • Business and payroll reporting
  • Good client services

5. GlossGenius

If you want to avoid any type of technical complexity, then GlossGenius is the perfect software for you. It is the best salon booking system that helps to manage marketing apps, appointments, and payments.

Also, it provides support to individuals and your staff. It offers a high-end client experience that delights them. So, this software is a combination of simplicity and nice design.

For independent professionals, it's the best platform that is customer-oriented. Further, your customer will get benefits from smart marketing tools without any technical issues. Also, high flexibility and payroll support is ensured.

Key features

  • Smart features 
  • Integrated payments
  • Easy-to-use software 
  • Easy-to-use SMS and email marketing
  • Helps to synchronize calendar and clients with your phone
  • Offers advanced business reporting
  • Transparent pricing

6. Square Appointments

Square Appointments is a full-blown POS system that offers ease in managing salon business. You can consider it the right choice for individuals and independent salon owners. For small-sized spas and salons, it's a great option you can rely on.

Key Features

  • Free subscription (individuals only)
  • A dedicated booking website 
  • Seamless integration
  • Email & SMS reminders
  • Advanced client data 
  • Provides booking widget for website integration
  • Easy-to-use software 
  • Advanced inventory management
  • Android App & iOS  

7. Booksy 

Booksy is the best salon booking system for scheduling appointments. It includes reporting tools that help to operate tasks smoothly. This software provides help in marketing, and you can use it to improve the performance of your salon.


  • Calendar appointment
  • Business management
  • Payment processing
  • Marketing tools
  • Front desk solution 

8. GoReminders 

GoReminders provide more customization to your salon. Also, it helps to set up scheduling tools like appointment slots and managing staff. By spending a small amount on the Silver plan, there will be more customization features available.


  • Save time 
  • Great option for appointment scheduling 
  • Automation available 
  • Customization 
  • Easy confirmation to clients by emails or SMS 

9. Booker 

Booker is an online booking system for salons that is considered a one-stop solution for salon management. With the help of this software, you can make logos with different colors for your brand. It will be easier for clients to plan appointments via this software. 


  • Easy booking 
  • Manage salon business 
  • Attract new customers 
  • Easy-to-use 

10. Setmore 

The right solution for handling your salon and spa is Setmore software. Well, it offers unlimited appointments to four users and allows payment processing via this software. With Setmore, you won't get the most advanced features, but it would still be enough.


  • Secure online payments 
  • Self-booking features  
  • Display client reviews 
  • Automatic confirmations 
  • Email and text reminders

11. Vagaro

Vagaro is an all-in-one software that manages salon business and makes it easier. It consists of dedicated hardware, full payroll support, integrated payments, native booking & online store integration via the website and provides salon marketing support.

There are advanced features that Vagaro supports, like live video streaming, agency design services, and subscription payments.

It will make appointment scheduling easier for customers and your staff too. If you want to run your business smoothly, then install it.

Key Features

  • Dedicated POS hardware
  • Attract more clients
  • Integrate with many websites
  • Membership and subscription payments features
  • Built-in payroll software
  • Client data tracking
  • Built-in website builder
  • Advanced business reporting
  • Easy to use and drag and drop features

Final Thoughts 

Well, choosing the right type of online booking system for salons could be a game-changer for business.

As you have read about the top 10 salon booking software and their features, now you can make informed decisions. So, we would suggest choosing the best one.

Thank you for reading!



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