Top 5 Automation Software to Speed Up the Workflow

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Automation software is a tool that reduces human involvement. These applications are programmed to perform repetitive and complicated tasks on their own. They are built with a particular purpose, hence the difference.

One of the most common implementations of these tools is workflow automation.

Automation Software for Smooth Workflow

When it comes to workflow automation, this software can perform a variety of tasks:

  • Chatbots can respond in a human-friendly tone to answer customers' common and repetitive customer queries.
  • An email bot integrated with a website can send a welcome email to subscribers as soon as they enter their contact information.
  • An autoresponder gives timely responses to inbox messages.
  • An automated user provisioning software creates, manages, and removes user accounts in a complex IT infrastructure.

Automation software synchronizes different tools to perform a single task, preventing the need for human(s). This way, they reduce the chances of error.

Almost every industry has room for these software, but the main aim is to make the workflow as smooth as possible. Below, we shall discuss 9 automation software tools that can improve a company’s workflow.

5 Automation Software for Better Workflow

There are different ways you can automate workflows. Below are some everyday tasks that can be performed quickly with the help of automation tools. We have also mentioned the best tools related to each task:

1. Automated Provisioning Software

Since we’re talking about workflow automation, we can’t keep IT out of the discussion. Organizations create user accounts for their employees, giving them access to their IT infrastructures across multiple departments. 

The network encompasses almost every process in the company to ensure everything is streamlined. Managing such an infrastructure is a challenge within itself.

To make such an IT system work smoothly, the company must think about automating certain processes. Otherwise, it may develop loopholes and might fall apart in the long run.

Here, automated user provisioning software can help prevent manual tasks, such as:

  • Creating user accounts
  • Approving or denying permission requests
  • Changing access permissions
  • Removing accounts upon the termination of an employee

In short, automated provisioning tools help complex IT infrastructures run smoothly. Because of provisioning automation tools, organizations with thousands of employees are able to perform their day-to-day administrative tasks seamlessly.

While choosing the best software, make sure it has a proven track record backed by case studies to relate to. A strong portfolio is vital, because it shows:

  • Who’s using it - big brands, corporates, etc.
  • How much they have managed to save in terms of time and cost

2. Automated Task Creation Tool

When running a company, you’ve got plenty of things to do. Let’s admit it, we all tend to lose track of our tasks from time to time. That’s because we miss those important emails that might need urgent responses.

You need an automated task manager to streamline your tasks. It’ll help you send instant notifications to the concerned person in a specific department. That’s not it, because it’ll check back with them to get you the latest updates.

With the right automation software, you can easily streamline different kinds of tasks. In this context, Tallyfy may be a good choice because it can automate almost every process without coding. 

3. Automated Lead Management Software

If you do it manually, collecting information about prospects and creating a list would take days if not weeks. But if you invest in the right automated lead management software, you can save yourself a lot of time and cost.

There are different automation tools for lead management. But when it comes to providing solid results backed by high-level automation, nothing comes close to It offers a deep dive into customers’ profiles, finding the right kind of prospects that match your customer persona.

4. Automated Invoice Generation Tools

Following clients is one thing, and generating invoices is another. And it is undoubtedly a burden when you have an extensive list of invoices to generate.

There is always a chance that you might miss a thing or two while entering the data manually into the system. You may end up sending an invoice to the wrong person. Or any client might call you back to complain that you’ve overcharged them.

To avoid all this, you can use an automated invoice generator. These tools prevent you from admin work, saving time to focus on your business. Here are some handy tools to generate invoices automatically:

  • Quickbooks
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Oracle NetSuit

5. Automated Reimbursement Software

If you run a big company, then may have faced the issue of reimbursing your employees on time. That’s because the traditional reimbursement mechanism is long and boring.

Step - 1: The employee has to send an email to their manager, providing all the expenses in a report form

Step - 2: The manager reviews it to give his approval.

Step - 3: After approval, the manager sends it to the finance department, where they enter all the figures into the system.

Step - 4: Finally, they cut the check

To make it speedier, you can use automated expense management software.

The said employee has to fill out the information and submit it to the manager for approval. Once the manager approves it, the report goes to the finance department.

Here the data is pulled into the system without any human intervention. The reimbursement amount is credited to the employee's next month’s paycheck.

Tools like Expensify, Brex, Airbase, etc. can make this process pretty simple and straightforward for you. These automated tools boost millions of customers and have 4.5 to 5-star ratings, making them the best tools for expense management.

6. Automated Procurement Software

SMEs typically have fewer resources than MNCs, which can make winning bids challenging. Yet, in 2017, SMEs received 80% of government contracts. For smaller businesses, a lot of the advantages of e-procurement software are too significant to pass up. The COVID-19 epidemic has accelerated the pace at which the digital transformation of procurement has been taking place for years.

E-procurement platforms, like Tenderboard, include a number of capabilities that can assist in automating and simplifying repetitive, time-consuming work. Its budget management function, which may assist small firms save a tonne of time given the reduced personnel size, is one feature that reduces the need for manual intervention.


Automation software can help you streamline different tasks and speed up a workflow to a great extent. Businesses are tied to a large number of repetitive tasks, such as administrative tasks, expense management, workflow management, and lead generation.

We have shared some top-notch automated software to deal with all these tasks. However, if you invest in a comprehensive IT infrastructure backed by automation provisioning, you can singlehandedly address all the other issues. 


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