Why Should You Choose Liferay Development Services for Your Business?

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Liferay development services are very popular these days. Never heard of it? Well, you are missing out! Liferay has held the top position in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Horizontal portals for several years. Liferay is an open-source enterprise software development platform used to deliver extremely reliable and stable web app solutions. 

If you need to build customized, feature-rich software you need a liferay development company by your side.

What Are Liferay Development Services?

Liferay DXP is a highly scalable platform used to build robust enterprise portals and highly interactive websites. It’s business-friendly, and delivers a higher return on investment than many other platforms. Many large companies rely on Liferay to improve customer experiences and enhance engagement. Liferay website development is extremely robust and effective, which is why more developers are gravitating towards it. You can find teams of excellent Liferay developers offshore, via freelancer sites like Upwork or Fiverr, or by hiring a team of your very own locally. Every method has its own pros and cons, but most companies go the offshore route because it's the most affordable way of accessing skilled developers. 

What Are the Benefits of Liferay web application development? 

There are several benefits to Liferay portal development and web app development, including: 

1. Staying in touch with your customers

You can use Liferay development services to build a robust digital experience for your customers to stay in touch and resolve their queries. Liferay is designed to be user-friendly and to allow easy communication. Customers can get the content they need on various devices, including mobile devices. 

2. Make changes as you go 

Liferay has a range of customization options that you can use as your requirements and needs change. You can modify your work at any time if market conditions or client needs change, making Liferay the perfect tool for modern, agile businesses. When you hire Liferay developer teams they can easily reposition tools and elements to modify the software at any time. 

3. Affordability 

As an open-source platform, Liferay is very cost-effective, offering dozens of tools and themes with a single license. The built-in features meet almost all business needs, including collaboration, administration and web publishing. 

4. Safety 

It doesn’t matter what business you are in, big or small - you have a duty to protect your customers’ data. Liferay follows the OWASP standards to ensure that the security of the portal is maintained and that your business remains protected against potential cyber-attacks and other threats, like CSRF attacks, clickjacking, path traversal, local file inclusion or content sniffing. 

5. Enterprise-grade solution

The Enterprise edition of Liferay provides extensive technical assistance and everything you need as a large company. Enterprise apps can be developed without coding thanks to drag-and-deploy modules and features, which makes it very easy to modify. Developers will love the portlets and add-ons so that you can easily customize your solution without investing heavily. 

6. Flexibility

Liferay doesn’t just support Java or C++ - they support several available programming languages making it one of the most flexible, customizable platforms on the market. It can integrate with every popular ERP and CMS system, old and new. 

7. An Improved User Experience

Liferay offers better UI/UX compatibility and supports CSS, HTML5 and other design technologies. Users can also personalize portals and web pages with the Liferay framework, which leads to a more pleasant, rich experience for customers. You can manage your ECM with ease, adding, editing and removing content as needed. 

8. Out of the Box API and Excellent Modules

With Liferay, you can have over 60 modules. You can build small modules while ensuring the seamless performance of the app, instead of developing a large application. With drag-and-drop functionality, it’s very easy to maintain the software and manage installations. It also comes with out-of-the-box workflow APIs that can save time and efforts of developers and avoid glitches. You can modify or create workflows as required. 


Liferay is the perfect platform for companies that want to create hassle-free, error-free and engaging customer experiences that improve the entire customer journey. If you want to build exciting web applications or portals for enterprise level businesses, you need to use Liferay development services.


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