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Web design is the process of producing websites that encompass several different skills and disciplines. Producing websites have long been a profitable career path but even more so nowadays because of the many mediums where it can be learned. Many web designers and computer specialists made a living out of creating courses about web design, which has now spread and is still spreading all around the internet.

Nowadays, you can have zero background in web design and still learn how to do it. Thanks to the seemingly limitless source of web design courses online, you can be a web designer. All you have to do is find one, sign up for it, and finish it; voila! You now know how to create a website from scratch.

Another thing that makes learning web design attractive is its broadening field, which leads to the increasing demand for web designers. Become one and enjoy the fruits of your labor today. Start by checking out these top paid and free courses on web design for beginners.

Alison (free)

Alison is one of the many online resources that provide learning materials for anyone interested in learning new skills. Their courses on web design are self-paced, meaning you have the option to pause and proceed whenever you want. Universities and subject matter experts designed them to be interactive, which makes for an enriching learning experience.

They divided their web design courses into two, tailored to your learning objective. The web design certificate courses only take two-three hours on average and are focused on providing specific expertise. The diploma courses take around eight-ten hours to complete and are focused on helping you master multiple concepts within a subject.

Their classes cover primary programming languages and key tools for web design, along with other essential concepts. You need to hit an 80% score requirement during each assessment to finish all programs. Since it’s self-paced and interactive, it wouldn’t be that difficult to accomplish. Now, learning technical concepts is made easier with Alison.

Check out their design course here.

Memorisely (paid)

Memorisely is an e-learning platform specifically made for learning user interface (UI) design and user experience (UX), two significant web design factors. Its goal is to provide an affordable alternative to the conventional academic format of learning web design and development. Their setup is similar to the traditional classroom; only they conduct classes virtually.

This site offers classes on UI and UX design that they call online bootcamps. They conduct live sessions twice a week for a total of ten students per class. Their bootcamp covers creating case studies, writing articles about UX and UI, and launching a UX and UI portfolio.

Apart from the comprehensive course, they also emphasize building their community of learners. They provide a friendly online space for those who genuinely want to learn web design for an affordable price of $275 for a 10-week program. They aim to promote a welcoming, conducive, and affordable learning that’s worth more than what you pay, just like in business as practiced by reputable companies like Carl Ocab Digital Marketing.

Check out Memorisely here.

Coursera (free and subscription)

Coursera provides its users with access to tons of options in web design courses. Top universities and companies from around the world teach their courses, assuring that you learn from experts. They cater to all kinds of levels of expertise, even beginners who are in pursuit of learning new skills.

Courses on web design fall under the category of specialization. Specialization in Coursera targets individuals who aims to master a specific skill, which in your case is web design. This category features self-paced courses that tackle real-life challenges, where you’ll earn certificates upon completion.

Beginner-level web design courses on Coursera include Web Design For Everybody hosted by The University of Michigan, a 6-month specialization that consumes four hours weekly. An enticing bargain for the cost of $39 after a 7-day free trial. You gain so much for paying and giving a small amount of your money and time.

Check out their design course here.

Design. Build. Launch. (free)

The whole “learning a new skill online” trend got the world’s attention because of YouTube. That’s what Design. Build. Launch. is banking on; the fact that today’s world is dominated by video content and social media. It’s a YouTube series that provides access to web design lessons using Webflow.

This course made by and found on Caler Edwards’ YouTube channel uses Webflow in teaching web design, step-by-step. It teaches all key aspects of creating a website, such as building a balanced layout, responsive design, and putting in linked navigation. Upon completion, you can proceed to use Webflow to apply what you’ve learned.

All videos are made for easy comprehension, even for facets like search engine optimization (SEO). It also helps that he used Webflow as the guide for his content, making it more straightforward for newbies. Even better, you can always go back and rewind or replay entire lessons anytime you like because even without signing up for a YouTube account.

Checkout the first episode here.

Skillcrush (paid)

Skillcrush is another online learning resource with courses designed to be completed in 3 months. They aim to teach skills to help individuals increase their chances of landing employment in their desired field. They offer courses on web design, coding, and user experience.

Their lessons are also self-paced, that include step-by-step processes and projects. Once they sign up and enroll in a Blueprint course, they get lifetime access to all of its contents. This means you review always review anything you want whenever you like.

Also, you get to build a portfolio and a certificate after completing your web design course. Skillcrush also provides access to support whenever you need it. You can use email or the live online chat feature of their Slack community, where you can contact instructors and other students.

Checkout their courses here.

General Tips When Choosing The Right Web Design Course For You

Whatever type of website you’re intending to create, it’s crucial to choose the right course that would uplift your technical skills in web designing.

Here are some recommended tips when choosing a web design course for beginners:

  • Choose A Reputable Course Provider: Make sure that the course provider is credible to provide such technical knowledge and skills. Check for any proof of credentials, like accreditation or license.
  • Determine Course Offerings: Know the topics included in the course. Do you want to learn purely technical concepts or related concepts, too, like search engine optimization (SEO) and inbound marketing?  This way, you can offer a wide range of web design services to your clients and understand their needs better.
  • Consider Learning Digital Marketing: Inbound marketing is an essential aspect of any website, and which involves using valuable web content to draw people’s attention to a website, along with other aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly web design elements. Considering creating a website that implements HubSpot web design is a good idea to hit your client’s inbound marketing goals.
  • Check The Time Requirement: Free and paid web design courses have different time requirements. Make sure that you choose a course you can finish to ensure you’ll fully benefit from it.
  • Check The Hardware And Software Requirements: You’ll find web design courses that require specific types of hardware or software program, allowing you to apply the things you’ve learned hands-on.


Regardless of your level of knowledge of any subject, you can still learn to do it, if you know where to look. Knowing that these paid and free web design courses exist should give you the confidence to try it out. Start now or whenever you feel like; it’s never too late for you to learn and earn from creating websites.

EdwinAbout the Author: Edwin Deponte is a motivational writer who is also passionate about SEO, social media, and digital marketing. He’s frequently invited to company training and seminars to give talks about cultivating one’s digital marketing strategies.


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