Top 10 Web Development Trends to Expect in 2021


Life on this planet is evolving and improving by the continuous innovations in technology. This vast advancement has only become possible because we have the ability to connect multiple sources and make them work simultaneously using the internet. 

However, the souls of the internet are websites, which create a pattern to make different things work according to the need and our demand. According to the internet live stats, there are over 1.8 billion websites that are live on the internet. These sites are the medium of businesses that can provide increased traffic, good leads, and a high conversion rate.

If you are a developer or an owner of a website then there should be a desire to improve the quality of your site. For doing so, you have to keep yourself ahead with the proper strategy and web development trends. So, here we are with the top ten web development trends of 2021 that will bring a new level of user experience and boom the web development industry.   

1. Progressive Web App (PWA) 

Apps have become part of our life. It makes our task less complicated by providing direct access in a click and its advanced UI makes things sorted and displayed in a more understandable way.

PWA is a cost-effective solution as compared to native apps because creating a native application is costly. The page loading speed of PWA is higher than an app. Additionally, PWA is available offline or in the slow internet connection and it doesn’t take much space in the device. 

Considering such a scenario, few companies have redesigned their mobile sites in a more optimized way so that if users don’t want to install the apps, he/she can go for the website. It means an app-like function without downloading it. 

It has a high conversion rate and the users have options for both apps and sites. Very rare Web Development Agencies provide the option of building PWAs.

2. Dark Theme UI 

For a long time, white backgrounds have ruled the website's graphics. Now there is a huge shift towards a darker background. In 2020, the dark theme UI was the top trend and it will continue to be the one in 2021.

It is fact that a dark theme extends battery life as well as reduces eye strain by minimizing luminance emitted by the device, which improves the visual ergonomics and user experience. With that, it looks more aesthetic than the normal theme.

Dark theme UI is available for many software as well as devices and old operating systems have been upgraded for dark theme compatibility. Moreover, brands are focusing on this web development trend to modernize their digital presence.

3. AI-Powered Chatbots

Every company wants to impress their user by delivering better customer care service. For doing so, chatbots are replacing humans. Chatbots are artificial intelligence programs that work on machine learning. It can simulate a natural conversation with a user.

This AI technology is accurate, smart, and fast in responding to customer services without any delay. The best thing about Chatbots is it doesn’t require any breaks and can work continuously which reduces customer drop rate.

That’s the reason companies are investing heavily in services and chatbots. It is estimated by Global Market Insight that the market of chatbots will reach 1.3 billion dollars by the year 2024.

It helps to gain genuine feedback and customer loyalty along with building a positive relationship. Despite their amazing capabilities, sometimes chatbots are not able to process unexpected queries. Nonetheless, it is improving to make it more like full human intelligence. The most common examples are Alexa and Google assistance.

4. Single Page Website

If you want to make a trouble-free website then a single-page website is the best solution for you. These sites are easy to create as compared to multi-page websites. Additionally, it requires less content for website creation.

Single-page websites are straightforward. Despite that, it takes less loading time and is easy to navigate. That is why it works well on phones and desktops.

It is best known for grabbing user’s attention because of less complication and less content. These single-page websites are used for landing pages, events-related websites, and portfolios because users can focus on specific content without distracting into multiple pages. 

5. Voice Recognition Technology

Voice recognition technology is a great example of how technology improves lives as it allows the user to effortlessly search and command the devices just by using their voices. It is a helpful technology for people who are not able to type.

Using voice search, you can save a good time which is otherwise wasted in typing the word. With that, there is no need to have physical access to the device for voice search as you can command from a suitable distance too.

It is calculated that by the year 2023, more than 8 billion voice assistance will be used. Apart from this, voice search provides a more personalized experience. That’s why it would be on trends in the upcoming years.

5. Web Security

The biggest threat of today’s advanced world is data stealing. Websites have huge confidential data of users on their servers. It may include personal details and transactional records, etc. In case of cyber attacks, these things can be easily targeted and cause serious trouble.

Despite that cybersecurity was always considered a serious issue, still, it would be on the list of top web development trends of 2021. That's why many site owners invested in tools like VPN (Virtual Private Network) from today's top VPN providers to avoid these security issues.

6. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the technology of the future. According to a report by Gartner, it is said the cloud services would reach $304.9 billion by 2021.

This amazing technology prevents data loss and system overloading. Along with that, it will strengthen the overall web architecture at an affordable cost.

Active major cloud service providers are AWS Lambda and Google cloud functions.

7. Accelerated Mobile Pages

The idea behind AMP is to speed up page performance and minimize the risk of leaving it by the visitor. AMP does not just decrease the bounce rate but also improves the overall performance of the website.

Additionally, the content in AMP is readable and pages are mobile-friendly. There is no doubt that it is going to be a major trend this year.

8. Automation Testing

The main purpose of emerging technologies is to provide the best user experience and reduce the cost of development. As we know, everyone wants quick results with more efficiency that can be only delivered by AI and machine learning.

Now, this technology plays a significant role in testing. Using automation testing, we can test whether the application is ready or not for deployment in a limited time. It helps in overcoming the market competition effortlessly in a short period of time.

9. Blockchain Technology

Heard about Bitcoin?

Absolutely you may, it is a cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is not limited to just cryptocurrency transactions. It also has an impact on several sectors.

Blockchain technology allows secure, efficient, and accurate digital transactions. So, while using this technology, you don’t have to be concerned about a hacker's attack as it makes business-to-business transactions private and confidential.

The popularity of Blockchain technology is increasing significantly. Probably we can see its role in the mainstream payment transaction soon.


As a developer, it is quite necessary for you to get upgraded with the latest updates. Hence, these are the emerging trends of web development in the year 2021.  Let’s see how it will change the world and where we will reach in technological fields in the upcoming years.

About the Author: Harikrishna Kundariya, a marketer, developer, IoT, ChatBot & Blockchain savvy, designer, co-founder, Director of eSparkBiz Technologies. His 8+ experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on IoT and ChatBot.


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