9 Web Design Trends to Explore for 2023

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Trends. The very word conjures up thoughts of things that, as a culture, we “grab” onto for a while and then gradually let go of as new things come out. Consider just the trends in clothing, cars, and diets, for example. Technology is no different, especially when it comes to website design. 

And just what is the purpose of new trends in site design? It’s to capture the audience – to make that audience see and experience something new, engaging, and even exciting – so much so that they are willing to stay on that site longer. The longer they stay, the greater the possibility of conversions. Your job as a web designer is to make that happen. For instance, integrating elements and ideas from a leading VR agency into a project can bring an immersive experience to users. So, here are just some design trends for 2023 that should make your job more successful.

1. Motion Without Animation - Gradients

You can create the illusion of motion without actual movement by using gradients. Take a look at this simple but effective gradient effect used with this chat app. But in 2023, gradients will take on a more drastic form, so see how you can incorporate them into your designs. 



Or, how about this one?

Gradient 2

The point is this: Gradients create the illusion of movement without the need to add animation to your design. And they serve to add curiosity on the part of visitors.

Here are a few tips:

  1. The color gradients should match the “mood” of the product or service. You wouldn’t want to use the same gradients for a site like Red Bull and Rolex watches, for example.
  2. Use colors from nature when possible. This is not always possible. Look at the colors used by Lego products, for example. They will be primary colors, not the hues visitors expect to see if the site is for products that claim to be all-natural or eco-friendly.
  3. There are lots of gradient generators, so you don’t have to do this all on your own. Check them out.

2. Augmented and Virtual Reality

This is a design component that is not going away. In fact, it will only be getting better as the tech improves. From travel sites giving virtual tours and placing you in resorts to product-based websites, like furniture, clothing, and eyeglass retailers, visitors are almost demanding that they be able to experience products in an interactive way. Anything you can do to accomplish this will lengthen the time visitors spend on the site.

3. Greater Content Personalization

This is not a new trend, but it is worth incorporating this into your web design. In fact, the importance of personalization cannot be under-emphasized.

  • Geolocation should be a given if your site has brick-and-mortar establishments – restaurants, retailers, etc. And that information should load first based upon previous visitor behaviors.
  • If a site has many products, then previous behaviors should be “remembered” too before other content is loaded. And if a visitor continues to scroll down to more content, that content can load as the scrolling happens. This serves to speed up the overall load time.

4. Hand-Drawn Graphics

Web users are so used to computer-generated graphic art that it has become mundane and boring. Now, web designers are mixing up this pot with hand-drawn graphics, many of them loading in motion as visitors scroll. The idea is to attract users in a unique and creative way. And it lets you experiment and show your creativity.

For a great example of hand drawing, check out http://waltersophia.com

5. Micro-Animations

These have been around for a few years now but will continue to be widely used in 2023. Why? Because they capture attention. And they can move in a variety of ways, not just on a flat plane. And it’s more than just having a cute airplane fly over or a hot air balloon descending into the picture. Micro-animations can help visitors evaluate products if those products can be presented with animation. 

Here's an example from Alo Yoga Clothing

Alo clothing

The model moves in various ways to show fit and flexibility of these yoga pants when worn by actual people.

4. Claymorphism

Here is an increasingly popular design effect – the illusion of 3D through the use of four elements:

  • Pastel and light colors
  • Prominent rounded corners
  • Outer and double inner shadow

Here’s an example from humans.wannathis.one:

Humans graphic

5. Social Proof

It’s all about trust, and consumers demand that today. Solid proof builds trust in relationship building. For this reason, designers will be using more genuine and authenticated social proof. Customer reviews are fine, but more must be done now. Here are the content types that will be included:

  • Verifiable data on customer satisfaction
  • Customer ratings that can be linked to trusted consumer rating platforms – Yelp, Google, etc.

Take a look at https://vendasta.com for a good example of multiple trust elements.

6. Smart Videos

Gone are the days of providing a link to a YouTube video about a product or service. Visitors want to see videos on the site itself. Imbedding the videos that show actual consumers using a product or service. 

And getting creative with presentation of products and/or services should be a real goal for 2023. Take the example of CEI, a company that supplies inexpensive printers and copiers to businesses. It has a video using a superhero with a weapon pointing to various drab objects – building, cars, etc. and coloring them. The text reads “Color for Pennies.” Check out the website, http://copycei.com to see how the superhero concept is used.

7. The Aesthetic of Scrapbook/DIY Design

Going organic and natural is a priority of many millennials and most all Gen Zer’s. If you are designing a website to appeal to these groups, then understand that they should be given a feel for the natural environment.

Designs can feature a DIY effect that promotes that “feel.” It may include such things as doodled illustrations, handwritten type, and collages, as opposed to the automated precision that strict graphic design provides.  

If you want an amazing example of the scrapbook/DIY aesthetic, check out DEGO Interactive - Pack it! 


Access the site and see how many truly great elements are included for an amazing user experience. Study all of these elements and get ideas of how you can incorporate them into your own site designs. This is the perfect combination of technology and nostalgia.

Are There More?

Absolutely there are. A simple Google search will bring up several resources for you to study. But most important will be for you as a designer to research the demographics of the audience to be reached and then to pick and choose from among those trends to create the greatest appeal.


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