Top 10 tools for Social Media Analytics in 2022

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Let’s accept the fact that social media marketing is intricate. To understand if you are doing it right for your business, you must use social media analytics tools. By leveraging these tools, you can understand closely the things that are working for your brand and the stuff that is failing badly in bringing results to your social media.

Here’s why you should take the help of a reliable social media analytics tool:

  • Effective data visualisation: With an analytics tool by your side, you can actually visualise all the data. This crystal clear picture will help you make smooth progress across all your social media platforms.
  • Growth tracking: When you track the growth of multiple platforms from a single dashboard, things will get less cumbersome. Social media management needs to be hassle-free. That’s what these tools offer to you.
  • Easy personal branding: Building a personal brand for yourself or your client is not a cakewalk. You must come up with a robust content strategy. A social media analytics tool can help you in charting out a result-oriented content strategy
  • Time-savvy: Social media management includes content creation, scheduling the posts, publishing, and lastly, tracking their performance. These tools offer you detailed reports and extensive data using which you can save up on your precious time. 

If you have not yet started exploring social media analytics tools, know that you are lagging much behind your competitors. Here's a complete list of the top 10 tools that will keep your social media game sorted!

1. Google Analytics

No! Google Analytics is not just about your website performance. Rather, this tool brings you some of the most detailed insights about multiple social media platforms. You will get the idea of different social media platforms diverting traffic to your website. Also, this tool works effectively when it comes to goal assignment and analysis of those goals on your social media. It also helps the user to keep a tab on the rate of conversions.

The best part about Google Analytics is that the tool is completely free to use. Also, you can learn each and every detail about the same from the resources, videos, and tutorials available online.

2. Hootsuite

An extremely popular tool among all the social media managers out there, HootSuite ranks second in the list of top ten social media analytics tools. From management, collaborations, analytics, and scheduling, HootSuite helps you do it all. Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram- you can manage multiple social media platforms using Hootsuite. What makes it one of the best is the tool’s ability to share real-time reports. Besides, you can use over 200 filters to analyse the overall performance of the platforms.

The tool offers easy post automation as well as allows convenient gauging of the performance metrics. Another great thing about HootSuite is its dashboard. You can manage different social media platforms from this single dashboard, thereby reducing the element of confusion. 

Now that you know so much about HootSuite, you should first try the freemium and then the premium version to notch up your social media performance.

3. BuzzSumo

Another popular tool for competitor research and brand monitoring, BuzzSumo has been a saviour for social media managers. It helps in elaborate content analysis, content discovery, and influencer marketing as well. 

You can take a free trial for a limited time to understand the usage and benefits of BuzzSumo. Also, the tool is quite easy to use. The learning curve is not that steep, and one can leverage BuzzSumo without facing any technical glitches.

Another plus point of BuzzSumo is that you can search for trending topics effortlessly. And also, once you have learned to use the tool, using it gets super easy!

You must have already heard about the tool from social media experts. If you wish to actually understand the brilliance of BuzzSumo, use the free trial period. Then you can go forward with the paid version. 

4. Zoho Social

An all-rounder social media analytics tool by Zoho, it helps you to understand your social media audience closely. You get to know when and what type of posts work for your brand the most. It also enables you to distinguish between your followers and those who actually engage with your posts actively. Its detailed reports give you a crystal-clear view of social media insights.

The tool offers extra smooth service because of its association with Zoho CRM software. You can manage multiple platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter through Zoho Social. 

It costs just $15 per month. If you are still skeptical of the advantages, then go for a free trial. You will soon fall for this fantastic analytics tool. 

5. Keyhole

If you are looking for a tool that is easy to use and yet offers flawless results, then Keyhole has to be your ideal choice. This tool can be used to manage different social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and so on. Also, the tool allows you to predict campaign results. 

Keyhole is that ideal analytics tool that actually helps you to peep into the minds of your audience, well, metaphorically! You can understand the thoughts of your target audience and study their engagement patterns conveniently. Besides, the tool enables the users to keep track of all the impressions, engagements, and reach that a particular hashtag or account is receiving.

6. Buffer Analyze

An all-encompassing tool for different social media platforms, Buffer is all you need if you are in search of a full-proof analytics tool. It allows you to manage as well as keep a tab on all the social media channels. It is a great tool that helps you manage engagement, reach, conversions, etc. Buffer comes with a built-in social media analytics tool that helps you to study deeply about sales, engagement, reach, and so much more. 


7. Brand24

A highly underrated tool for social media analytics, Brand24 offers multiple SMM-friendly features. You can easily discover trending hashtags, check out metrics for engagement, and so much more. The tool allows you to monitor industry-related keywords, website addresses, hashtags, company names, and so on. Brand24 can also be put to use to study deeply about reach, engagement, and other significant factors.

Make the most out of your 2 weeks free trial. Once you get the hang of the tool, proceed to buy it. You will definitely fall in love with its user-friendly dashboard.

8. CoSchedule

A perfect tool that blends analytics with the social editorial calendar, CoSchedule brings you recommendations and suggestions for different social media platforms. Also, you get assistance regarding the right time to post, types of content to post, and similar other details.

Whether you require a detailed analysis of all social engagement you receive or an in-depth evaluation of the posts’ performance, you get it all with CoSchedule. The tool works like magic for those social media managers who are into scheduling social media campaigns. 

9. Social Pilot

Just like its name, the tool allows you to manoeuvre your social media platforms in the right direction. Social media managers can track, schedule, post, and manage content from just a single dashboard. With this single tool, you can manage multiple social media platforms such as Google Business, Instagram, Tumbler, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and so on. Since you get to analyse and evaluate so many platforms with the help of this one tool, the brand performance for your client will improve significantly. 

This social media analytics tool helps you to understand the pattern of growth quite effortlessly. Besides, the creation and sharing of reports are extremely convenient with Social Pilot. Pay $30 monthly, and Social Pilot will keep your social media game sorted!

10. NapoleonCat

This tool makes it absolutely easy for you to create and post content that resonates with your brand’s TG. It comes with built-in analytics as well as reporting features. You can keep a tab on the campaigns you run on social media.  The tool comes in handy while making a detailed comparison of post insights and engagements. Competitor analysis also gets convenient with NapoleonCat.

The tool is ideal for detecting the type of content that brings you maximum engagement. Also, you can administer your social media team’s performance to ensure that your customer support service is top-notch. You can also access weekly, quarterly, or monthly analytics reports by using NapoleonCat. 

Wrapping it up!

When it comes to social media, just following the latest trends won’t do the trick. You need to analyse and evaluate your content as well as multiple other factors to get the much-needed results. And this is where the social media analytics tools step in for your rescue. These tools serve as your saviour amidst the ever-changing social media algorithms. You can try any of these tools as per the need and budget of the brand you are working with.

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