How to View Full Size Instagram Image (in Full Resolution On Your Desktop)

Full size instagram images tutorial

Want to know how you can view any instagram image in full size on your desktop? Then this article is for you.

Of-course there are many programs that allow you to do this easily. But if you want to do this manually, then here are the steps.

Step 1: Open the image in your browser. (I am using Google Chrome for this tutorial)

Step 2: Now right click on the image and select 'Inspect' as shown in the image below.

Instagram image inspect

Step 3: The inspect menu will now display at the bottom or side of your screen. On this screen, make sure that 'Elements' tab is selected so you can view the HTML of the page. Now click on the small arrow next to the DIV that has a class of 'KL4Bh' as shown in the image below.

Chrome inspect 1

Step 4: After clicking on the arrow, you will be able to see four different image source URLs. Right click on the last URL as shown in the image below.

Chrome inspect 2

Step 5: After right clicking on the image URL (as told in Step 4) select 'Copy Link Address'.

Copy image address

This will be the link to your full sized instagram image (in high resolution).

You can open this link in your browser and you will be able to see the full resolution image.

This works with all images on instagram.



  1. Jimmy says:

    Thank you!! The more common method I was finding through Google — appending "/media/?size=l" to the URL — only works for the first photo in a series. Your method seems to work for all photos. A thousand thanks!!

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