4 Simple Ways to Watermark Your Images to Protect Them

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Spotted your content being used without your permission? Sadly, it happens all the time, and any site can be a victim. If you don’t want to see your hard work being stolen, protect your images with a watermark.

A watermark is a perfect way to ensure that your copyright remains unviolated. What’s more, a beautifully designed watermark can become your logo and help you raise your brand awareness. So it’s basically two birds with one exquisitely designed stone. So how can you brand your image? This is what we are here to tell you. In this article, we’ll show you a handful of easy ways to add watermarks to your photos. Let’s get going.  

1. Brand Your Image with Photoshop

We’ll begin with the photo editor to rule all photo editors - Photoshop. This pro-level software is famous for its toolkit and notorious for its complexity. But is it any good for watermarking? Let’s see. 

  • First, you need to create a separate file with your logo. Make sure that it has a transparent background.
  • Save your watermark as a PSD file. Then, open the picture you want to brand.
  • Go to File and pick Place Linked. Choose the file with your logo. It will be pasted over your image as a smart object.
  • Resize this layer and place the logo wherever you want. If you don’t want your logo to look too stark, lower its opacity. And you’re done!

2. Protect Your Image with PhotoWorks

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If you like Photoshop’s capabilities, but can’t stand its complexity and heavy price tag, then direct your attention to PhotoWorks. This is a smart photo editor that hits a perfect balance between being easy-to-use and feature-rich. Let’s see how you can use this software to protect your images with a watermark. 

  • Open your image in PhotoWorks and switch to the Text and Frames tab.
  • Type in the text of your watermark and pick a style for it. There are dozens of premade styles you can use. Alternatively, come up with a design of your own.
  • Use a built-in collection of stickers to provide your logo with a background or a lovely art element.
  • Resize your watermark and place it over some complex background so that it won’t be easy to remove it. Make sure to save your watermark for later use. And this is it.

Need to watermark a batch of images? Easy as pie! Just activate PhotoWorks’ batch mode, open the images you want to brand, find the watermark you’ve created and put it on all the images in a click. Voila!

3. Watermark Your Pics Online

If you don’t want to install and learn new software, but still need to have your image protected against digital thieves, then consider branding them online. One of the tools you can use for the task is LunaPic. This is how it works. 

Upload your photo to this site. Type in the text of your logo and pick a style for it - decide on the font, color, size, and position. Then, simply click Add Watermark and then save your branded image. And you are all set!

Another tool you can use online is Colorcinch -an intuitive photo editing tool with AI-powered photo effects and features. It's free, no sign-up is needed.

Just upload your photo - add text, choose a lovely font style, and pick from the collection of graphics & icons, overlays & frames and add these elements into your artwork. It's as simple as drag-and-drop. Be creative with your watermark.

4. Put a Logo on Your Pic with a Mobile App

Prefer your phone to all laptops and PCs? Then find out how to brand your images with it. If you prefer non-Apple products, then Add Watermark to Photos is the solution for you. This Android app does exactly what its name suggests and does it swiftly. 

All you need to do is to open your picture within the app, pick the watermark style and type in your text. Decide on the spot to place the logo and finally save your branded image.

And there you have it. Now you know four easy ways to protect your photos from unauthorized use. So no matter whether you have a PC or Mac, prefer your phone to either or would rather go online to brand your image - do it right now. This way you can make sure that no one ever steals from your website.


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