3 Ways to Change the Photo Background: Free & Easy

There are myriads of tools that allow you to change the image background. However, it might take you quite a while to find suitable ways and test each one. So, we’ve decided to compile the 3 best methods that you can use in this article. You’ll discover a mobile app, a desktop program, and an online platform that can help you. 

Whether you want to get rid of the backdrop, add a white background to a photo, or add a creative touch, the methods we’ll talk about will help you get it done. So, let’s take a look at them and see which one works best for you. 

1. Edit the Background on a Smartphone

If you prefer altering images on the go, here’s an app you can give a try - Background Eraser. You can download this app to replace photo background in a couple of taps. The app offers two distinct modes to suit your editing needs. The automatic mode is ideal for quickly removing backgrounds from images with well-defined subjects. With just a single tap, the app intelligently detects the subject and removes the background, leaving you with a clean and transparent image. 

For more complex images, the manual mode allows you to have full control over the editing process. You can use the eraser tool to precisely outline the subject and remove the background with precision. Plus, the app also offers advanced features like feathering and opacity adjustment.

Another good thing about this mobile background editor is that it provides a real-time preview of the changes which allows you to make instant adjustments and see the final result before saving the finished picture. But there is something you should take into account - while the app is free to download, certain features and functionalities may require additional purchases, limiting the full potential of the app for some users. Besides, the program is only available for Android devices. 

2. Add a New Background on a PC

While PowerPoint is primarily known for its presentation capabilities, it also offers a surprisingly powerful image editing feature. With PowerPoint, you can easily change image background on PC. It has a built-in tool that automatically erases the backdrop of a picture. 

After removing the background, PowerPoint provides a selection of handles and controls to refine the accuracy of the selection. These tools allow you to add or remove parts of the foreground subject, ensuring a seamless and professional result. Then, you can choose from a variety of preloaded backgrounds, change the background color of a photo, add gradients and patterns, or even load your own custom images.

Additionally, PowerPoint offers various editing tools, such as cropping, resizing, and applying filters, to enhance your image further. PowerPoint has file size limitations though - this may affect the quality of high-resolution photos or cause compression artifacts. Editing images in PowerPoint can also be a time-consuming task, as the software is primarily designed for creating presentations, not specifically for photo editing.

3. Replace the Background Online

Want to edit your pictures without installing anything on your device? You no longer need to worry about storage limitations or technical requirements if you have a handy online tool at hand. This web-based service lets you quickly change photo background. All you need to do is upload your file and check out the result. You can save your photo with a transparent background, pick a color, or add a new background to a picture. 

What’s more, this online tool lets you alter your photos absolutely for free. But you need a stable Internet connection to process a picture within your browser. 

These are some of the best ways to replace the background in your shots. As a bonus, we’ll share some essential tips that will help you edit the photo background, regardless of the method you choose. So, here are some ins and outs you can consider when modifying your images:

1) Choosing a Background Picture

When changing the background, it's important to consider the purpose and theme of the photograph. Are you aiming for a natural landscape, an urban cityscape, or a minimalist studio backdrop? The choice of background should complement and enhance the subject, creating a harmonious visual balance. Experiment with different options to find the perfect match.

2) Attention to Details

You should also take care of smaller details like shadows, reflections, or any other elements that may affect the realism of the final image. These subtle touches can make a big difference in the overall quality of the edited photo.

3) Selecting a Suitable Photo

It’s better to choose a photo with a well-defined object and a clear contrast between the object and the background. This will make it easier to separate the foreground from the background during the editing process.

4) Other Adjustments

After you add background to a picture, make sure the lighting and colors of the subject match the new environment. It’s recommended to tweak brightness, contrast, temperature, and other settings to achieve a better result. 

5) Ethical Consideration 

While changing photo backgrounds can be a fun and creative process, it's important to be aware of ethical considerations. Misrepresenting the context or altering the original intent of a photograph can be misleading and potentially harmful.

Final Thoughts

This is it! As you can see, you can change the picture background with no hassle. The secret is to choose an easy-to-use program. To sum up, you can use mobile apps for editing your pictures on your smartphone or tablet. If you prefer desktop programs and often create presentations, you can make use of the embedded feature in PowerPoint. To replace the background in your pictures without any installation, use a browser-based platform. 

So, you need to consider your specific needs, device compatibility, and level of convenience to determine the best method for your background-changing endeavors. With these powerful programs at your disposal, you can effortlessly transform your photos and unleash your creativity. Now, you can choose the method that you like and get started with photo editing right away! 



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