10 Effective Tools To Smoothen The Attendance Management Process

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The outcomes of the pandemic left a significant impact on our lives, no matter personal or professional. 

Numerous businesses implemented remote work making changes in their policies and working styles. But unfortunately, they faced various complications, and some are suffering even today. Changing policies, applying for remote work, and most importantly, managing the workforce virtually is not easy, but it’s not impossible, either. Workforce management can be done effectively in WFH policy when executed in the right manner with proper tools.   

Role Of Attendance Management In Workforce Management 

Attendance management plays a vital role in organizational workforce planning and management. Of course, an organization's benefits to its employees will differ from other institutions. Still, the space they provide for employees’ personal lives will be a crucial matter, and it helps to retain employees.  Therefore, every HR manager prioritizes it while making/changing policies. 

The organization has to apply an efficient policy in which the workforce can work accurately and provide their time to their families & loved ones. Balanced work & personal life leads the force to greater productivity and the organization to more employee satisfaction. 

However, attendance management’s meaning is often misunderstood by people. It doesn’t only mean by recording the time; the scope is broader and sometimes complex, too. For instance, it includes leave management, setting different schedules/shifts, managing documents, and applying the total attendance due in salaries while calculating payroll. 

To retain employees for a more extended period, increase satisfaction among workers, and calculate salaries efficiently, an organization has to set a potent attendance policy.

The Emerging Attendance Management System

Digitalization equipped us with numerous benefits and facilities. The modern world tech-savvies came up with digital solutions to reduce errors and complications from the attendance management process.  

An attendance management system is a cloud-based software automating various functions such as recording time of punches, integrating salaries calculation with attendance, calculating leaves & work hours, and planning shifts. In addition, it stores employees’ data on the cloud, shows holidays in the calendar, and automates the request & approval process for leave.   

The digital practices help to establish transparency in the workflow, save the time of managers, protect confidential/important data, help in business decisions, assist in attendance calculations and plan different shifts. It boosts business practices and improves productivity. 

10 Considerable Tools To Improve Attendance Management 

The usage of attendance management systems has significantly boosted in recent times. As a result, numerous organizations have implemented automated processes and enhanced the workflow. 

Though, several businesses are not still aware of its usage. Below mentioned tools can be helpful for companies to manage activities efficiently: 

1. Clockify 

Clockify is an attendance management system handling the workforce’s office hours and revamping productivity. The digital system enables organizing timesheets, calculating employee hours, analyzing reports, and reducing paperwork. It includes a time tracker, dashboards, timesheets, calendars, and different reports to manage various activities. Some key features can be stated as below:

  • The software enables reminders for due timesheets for managers to get notified at the proper time. 
  • It allows integration with Google and Outlook calendar and adds events in the system.  
  • Dashboards help the administrators to keep track of workers' activities. Also, they can see where the workforce consumes most of the time for the accomplishment of the task and what they are completing at the current time. 
  • Members can request leave via the software and track holidays from the calendar. In addition, HR can make a time-off guideline, approve time-off proposals, and track the leaves. 

2. Spica

Spica is a cloud-based system enhancing different functions of the attendance procedure. The software helps enterprises get a real-time presence overview, staff reports, and faster salary operations. Plus, it enables customization in the workflow to provide optimum flexibility to the business. Essential features of the digital tool are noted here:

  • HR can spot employee leaves on the calendar, find early-going/late-coming, track WFH, track specific work hours, and create reports as per the need. 
  • Absence types can be customized and defined as paid or unpaid as per the manager’s choice. 
  • In addition, managers can set different rules for each department or individual. 
  • HR and authorized persons can track the workforce virtually. 

3. Softwaretech

Softwaretech is an online attendance software assisting managers in improving operations. The system contains features for tracking attendance, leave request & approval automation, and reports. Essential elements of the software are mentioned below: 

  • Customized reports provide informative data about salaries, shifts, and much more.
  • It calculates payroll based on the total attendance of employees so that human errors can be reduced. 
  • Employees can add leave proposals via the employee self-view module, and authorized persons can approve or reject them. The workforce gets the manager’s responses via e-mail. 
  • The built-in point system lets managers track employee infractions or reward them for good behavior. 
  • Administrators can control access to decide who accesses the specific data and at which level. 

4. factoHR

factoHR is a cloud-based attendance system improving the workflow with reduced blunders. The system assists supervisors in monitoring employees, managing leaves, and merging salary operations with attendance. Considerable features are discussed below:

  • HR can set & manage multiple shifts for different departments and their team members. Also, they can set & plan rotational shifts with the system. 
  • Attendance & leave policy can be defined and set through the system. 
  • Organizations can integrate their biometric devices into the system to record punches in real-time. 
  • The workforce can add proposals of overtime and leave through its ESS portal; authorized persons can accept these requests. 
  • Payroll operations can be integrated with the software to calculate salaries fairly as per employees' attendance.  

5. ePay

ePay is an online software automating the time & attendance functions. It delivers different features for time-tracking, reporting, scheduling, alerting, and payroll integration. Some essential components of the software include:

  • The system can manage complex overtime regulations and observe workers' overtime. 
  • It can manage & organize multiple pay groups and union contracts. 
  • Employee self-service enables facial and geofencing clock-in/clock-out. 
  • The manager gets notified about workers’ failure to clock in as scheduled, over time, over budget, etc. Authorized persons can select the messaging system in which they can choose personal messages for each individual, message a particular department, or the entire workforce.  
  • Time-tracking enables administrators to run real-time data in the system.  

6. Talenta

Talenta is an attendance management software enabling salary process integration with workers' attendance. The system includes different real-time tracking features, schedule creation, absence management, and salary syncing. Some of these features are described below:

  • Managers can run and modify schedules online through Talenta or its mobile application. In addition, the workforce can review their attendance activities.  
  • The workforce can generate the punch-in system from anywhere via its mobile application. In addition, administrators can set live monitoring features to observe break time or work time. 
  • It automatically calculates the due attendance considering leaves, overtime, and work hours. 
  • Overtime and absence requests can be added online, and approvals can be granted. 

7. Splintly

Splintly is a time & attendance management solution enhancing the process. It enables different features for various practices such as leave management, shift management, and reports. Notable elements of the system are discussed here:

  • Real-time attendance reports can be generated and sent via email. 
  • A user-friendly UI helps create multiple shifts and manages them with a shift roster. 
  • Employees can initiate leave requests via its mobile application, and administrators can grant permissions. 
  • Different attributes for the company can be created, and customized reports can be generated.
  • Attendance check-in methods include modern access cards, biometric devices, two-factor authentication, smartphone credentials, and GPS check-in. 

8. Securtime

Securtime is a cloud-based solution for organizations to handle time & attendance management operations. The system includes various features for leave management, timesheets, shift scheduling, dashboards, and overtime management. Some critical elements of the software are stated here:

  • The system enables geo-tagged punching that automatically records check-in when a particular employee enters a marked area. 
  • Geo-fencing allows supervisors to track the workforce in real-time. 
  • It contains personalized dashboards to track data regarding ongoing activities. 
  • The system also operates via the mobile app so that managers & subordinates can access necessary data anywhere at any time. 

9. Calamari

Calamari is an attendance management system improving the workflow of attendance activities. The software enables different features for managing various activities like work tracking, timesheet, project time tracking and approval flows. Crucial segments of Calamari are described here:

  • Managers can monitor the workforce’s attendance, considering all breaks. 
  • With the timesheet feature, managers can monitor one’s work time and get notified when someone makes changes in the sheet. 
  • It also notifies authorized persons about late-comings, unexpected leave, or other policy violations. 
  • The system enables time tracking of projects and tasks so that managers can take a view of the total time spent on a project by a specific team/employee.

10. Zimyo

Zimyo is time & attendance software assisting managers in tracking staff members. The digital system enables features regarding timesheets, customizable workflow, configurable policies, and calendars. Notable elements of the system are mentioned here to consider:

  • The system has a commute monitoring feature to monitor employees’ working hours and tasks while they are not at the workplace or working remotely. 
  • Customized workflows help to reduce the errors happening in manual requests & approval flow. 
  • The software assists HR in creating leave and time policies as per the need. 
  • The employee self-service module lets the workforce generate their absence balance statements, attendance history, and salary statements. 
  • In addition, the system is also accessible on the mobile app to ensure necessary data is obtained regardless of the time and location. 

To Sum Up

We went through the attendance management process components and their importance in modern times. In addition, we discussed the digital solution for the ease of the process. The above-suggested software can be helpful for organizations to automate the attendance process and reduce errors.


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