What is Shopify Marketing and How Does it Work?

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Many entrepreneurs have started online retail stores to sell goods and services. If you also plan to sell your goods online, using Shopify is an ideal option. It is an economical and popular option in today's time. You won't need additional investments or stores.

Want to know the best part? Instead of just providing an account, Shopify app stores provide you with the opportunity to create and grow your startup. Some of you might not be aware of the platform, but no need to worry. In a few seconds, you will learn everything about it.

What is Shopify?  

Just as bloggers use WordPress to create their websites, Shopify helps individuals create online and offline stores. In other words, Shopify is an eCommerce platform. You can create a custom page and use it to sell products.

The application allows you to sell products through your website or in-person through the Shopify POS. Here’s the deal, you can create a powerful Shopify chatbot and start with your eCommerce business in no time.

An individual gets all the basic and advanced features for building their webpage. If you are uncertain of your decision, you can opt for the 14-day free trial period. Within a short span, you will be able to land profitable deals. Once you are satisfied with the performance of the platform, you can choose one of the following plans:

  • Lite plan
  • Basic plan
  • Advanced Shopify/ Shopify plus

You can decide on one depending on your business needs. Business activities become

 smooth after you have Shopify.

Without the right tools, a business idea cannot survive. That is why Shopify's ai comes in handy. It lets you sell products on your terms.

Getting Started With Shopify Marketing

Unlike other applications and platforms, Shopify doesn't only provide access to tools. It assists in the development and growth of a successful business. To benefit from the eCommerce platform, you need to start by choosing a plan.   

Shopify plus is a perfect choice for business owners having a significant client base. However, entrepreneurs with a limited budget can work with Shopify lite. You can even get Shopify Point of Sale or POS. It enables individuals to sell products offline. With the POS app, collecting payments is no more an issue.

Once you get a plan and enter the necessary details, you are good to go. In case you are stuck, Shopify questions and answers or Shopify live chat can help you.

A business is always about the correct marketing strategy. Individuals who efficiently handle customers, see a growth in their profits. That is where Shopify plays a crucial role. With Shopify marketing, you can use various strategies to convince people to visit your store.

Shopify Marketing Options to Increase Sales

Shopify helps you with hosting, building a virtual identity, and payment processing. You won't need any other application if you have Shopify. For better results, integrate the following tools and apps into your platform.

Shopify chatbots

We all know what is a chatbot? An online chatbot is a great way to make clients feel special. Lucky for you, Shopify has included ai chatbots which provide efficient customer support. Several businesses use a chatbot app or an AI chatbot to resolve client issues. You can use a Shopify chatbot app to assist clients in their daily purchases.


Okendo provides the best software solutions for consumer brands. Having Okendo is beneficial for every business owner. Integrating this technology with your website allows you to collect reviews through automated emails. You can post these reviews on your page to influence people into buying products. A majority of the buyers check reviews before buying from a page.

Payment Gateway Integrations

When you provide simple payment options, more people tend to purchase items from your website. Shopify allows users to sell in 133 different currencies. So, your clients can purchase goods from any part of the world, and there won't be any complications.

Social Sharing options

Another way to increase sales is to use social sharing buttons within your Shopify store. It helps individuals easily share products of their interest with friends and family. You can customize buttons to make them attractive and easy to spot.

Why Use Shopify?

You might be wondering why is Shopify necessary for your business. Well, it offers several advantages, including:

Dozens of Applications

When you start using Shopify, you will see several applications on the Shopify stores. Whether you need product sourcing applications or anything else, Shopify will have it. There will be paid apps and free apps. So, you can add anything to your website.

Detailed Admin Panel

The admin page will show the progress of your sales. You can view the current orders and have a real-time view of your webpage. With this tool, you have a strong understanding of your business. You will know which products are excelling and which need a replacement. Depending on your findings, owners come up with new strategies.

Free Options

Websites need a catchy theme to attract more viewers. With the help of Shopify, you get a free customizable theme. You can make as many changes as required and even transform the color scheme. These options enable you to build a powerful website.

Cloud Networking

You won't need to be worried about failing servers. One of the best features of Shopify is that your website will be on a cloud network. A server crash at the wrong time could make you lose hundreds of dollars. So, you remain safe with the cloud networking option.

Suitable Plans for Everyone

Whether you are just starting your business venture or have an established company, you can find suitable plans for yourself. Shopify has the best pricing plans. You can get eCommerce chatbots, colorful themes, and much more.  


Shopify is an easy-to-use and scalable platform. You cannot find a better option for starting your online shop than this. From building your brand to reaching out to clients, you can do so much with just one platform. A Shopify user gets:

  • Google analytics options
  • Marketing tools like Google adds, SMS marketing, and automated messages
  • Customer support

Apart from these features, you can avail of different plans. Each plan offers enough features to run a complete online store.


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