Top 10 Best Qlik Sense Extensions Created So Far

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Qlik Sense makes business intelligence accessible to underserved businesses that may have trouble using more conventional methods. Many users want to do more independently, so the business intelligence platform must allow for self-service.

Using Qlik Sense extensions, anyone can quickly and easily add new capabilities or visualizations that aren't provided "out of the box." The extensions will help innovate data visualization techniques and make the app more engaging for end users.

The extensions are compatible with widely available technologies like JavaScript and APIs to connect to external systems. To help you make the right choice, we've compiled a list of the top 10 best Qlik Sense extensions. Continue reading the article to know the right extension for your business.

1. Vizlib

It's the most widely used and famous third-party library for use with Qlik Sense. Even though the provider is an independent company, you'll get access to a functional library version for no cost.

The Vizlib library will give you access to common graphical elements similar to those found in Qlik Sense but with more options for personalization and unique designs. The line chart, for instance, will allow you to annotate the chart at various points.

The extension has more than just the typical objects for visualizing data. It has UX objects, including a slider and filter objects, allowing for improved documentation. They're usually present in Qlik Sense, but in Vizlib, you have room for more personalization.

Vizlib has tools for analyzing specific data types, such as Vizlib Finance and Vizlib Gantt. These are primarily objects for analyzing accurate data in predetermined objects and different color palettes, making it easy for even less experienced users to create graphs and charts quickly. Thus, the extension is the perfect option for beginners.

2. Two-Dimensional Heatmap

The fully-featured Qlik Sense add-on will help in generating heat maps. Heatmaps are effective visualizations because they allow you to use color to see how relative values compare to all other values.

The extension fills a need, as Qlik Sense does not have a built-in heatmap. While you can't make your custom color scheme, you'll be able to choose from a dozen premade schemes that alternate between bright and muted shades.

Alternatively, you may display the numbers in the chart with proper contrast, irrespective of the color. The lasso tool will allow you to make assortments in your visualization.

The visualization may appear big or too small for the space provided, so you'll need to use the Max. Unlike other extensions on this list, Two Dimensional Heatmap has columns for Grid setting in the Appearance properties, allowing you to make changes quickly.

3. CVL Sunburst Quadrant

It's hard to overstate the helpful CVL Sunburst Quadrant extension for Qlik Sense. The extension will help you rank fields according to how closely they relate to the specified parameter. You can have a maximum of four parameters when using this extension.

The visualization is a quarter of a circle. In addition, users can adjust the visual quality, which is convenient. You can make your selections by clicking on the slices.

4. Narratives for Qlik Sense

You've made a magnificent picture, but what does it represent? What kind of business insight does it offer? 

With the free Qlik Sense extension developed by NarrativeScience (recently acquired by Tableau), you can automate a storyline that communicates the message in your data. In addition, you can allocate a pre-existing visual object to the extension, allowing it to begin telling a contextually-appropriate story immediately.

Narratives extension for Qlik Sense allows you to use paragraphs instead of bullet points, and everything will be fine. As the user makes selections, the narrative will adapt accordingly. The innovation is still in its infancy, but it is imposing.

5. Date Range Picker

Qlik's developer is probably guilty of assuming that all users will be comfortable with the period-driven date controls featured in a standard Qlik App. However, a knowledgeable user will want to inquire whether or not they can choose a range, such as November and January.

The Date Range Picker Qlik Sense extension will help facilitate that function. You can change the date format to something more familiar, like "M/D/YYYY," if that's how you usually display dates.

In addition, it's convenient that you can choose from various commonly used data requests, such as Today, Last 30 Days, and This Month. You'll only need a third of the grid for the Date Range Picker. When you make your input, it will expand into a larger space before contracting back to its original position.

6. Simple Table with Links

The ability to import images from other sources into your Qlik Sense tables makes the Simple Table extension one of the most preferred in the market. If you've had times when you needed to do this in QlikView, this extension helps you to do so in your Qlik Sense applications by adding external links or images.

You can toggle the image and hyperlink options on and off at your discretion. There is also an option to resize the images. There aren't many choices, but this should be adequate for most applications.

The conditional logic looks for cell values starting with '.jpg', and '.png' for detecting images. The identification is managed by toggles, allowing you to choose whether to display links, images, or neither.

With link and image detection enabled, it will convert any detected image into a clickable URL. You can also adjust the image size if you want.

7. SenseIt

For many reasons, SenseIt is a top-tier extension that paves the way for a previously uncharted area in the world of extensions. Unlike the usual in-product extensions, it will give you an entirely new experience. SenseIt will allow you to develop a new application quickly and easily.

Senselt differs from other extensions as it mainly focuses on functionality, especially when users perform specific tasks. It's worth noting that the extension runs various user flow tests instead of page-by-page tests. Therefore, business owners can focus on crucial actions their clients need.

8. Dependency Wheel Chart

The Dependency Wheel Chart is an attractive add-on if you're looking to represent the connection between 2 dimensions using a measurement visually.

When you focus on a specific dimensional value, the interdependencies between the various visualizations will become more prominent. You can choose dimension values within the chart, but you'll only have two color options (Diverging and Sequential) to work with.

9. Traffic Light Extension for Qlik Sense

The Traffic Light add-on for Qlik Sense is a versatile tool for keeping an eye on key performance indicators. Different configuration options, such as horizontal and vertical alignment or a one/two/three light system, will allow you to tailor the extension to your reporting requirements.

You, as a decision-maker, require insightful reporting. That's why you need a quick way to assess where your focus is most required. You'll need to take advantage of that with the help of the Traffic Light Extension.

You'll be able to notice when critical metrics start to fall outside of an acceptable range. Everybody in your organization can quickly ascertain whether a required field falls within or outside the KPI scope.

You require no programming experience when using this extension. All the hard work of implementing the various logic has already been completed. You only need to set up the critical value ranges. From then on, the design is entirely malleable to suit your company's requirements.

In addition, you'll be able to control the data so that everybody uses the same data and measurements. It will help ensure there is only one version of the truth.

10. PowerKPI for Qlik Sense

With the PowerKPI trusted visualization extension, you can create a visual blueprint for a dynamic user interface in Qlik Sense. You'll be able to build adaptive data views in line with your organization's needs and different styles like actions, fonts, alignments, and much more.

It's now easy to streamline dashboard navigation and make it easier for users to find the information they need.

Use actions when navigating through the application, and perform tasks such as drilling down or around, accessing help, making selections, adjusting dimensions, and more. Choose from 37 preconfigured dashboard automation actions.

The extension will help you achieve things such as:

  • Enhance the functionality of Qlik Sense applications.
  • Discover novel methods of data visualization.
  • Make the development process quicker and simpler.

Final Thoughts

If you have not yet experimented with extensions, you must do so immediately. There is an increasing amount of work happening at the Qlik Branch and elsewhere to broaden Qlik Sense's applications.

In previous encounters with Qlik Sense, there is a huge likelihood you've been using Qlik Sense extensions to create a QlikView-like user experience. You'll be amazed at what you can do with the previously impossible Qlik Sense.

Qlik Sense's functionalities combine to provide a great tool that allows business users to create reports and analyze data independently. Hopefully, you know where to start to get the right Qlik Sense extension for your needs.



  1. Oliver Argires says:

    Kliksheet extension is also a great one!
    Mainly because editing spreadsheet inside Qlik Sense is not possible...

  2. Andy Lane says:

    This one is a very useful list. I would just add the rest of these too, especially those by ancoreSoft, AnyChart, and Infinity to start with. It's really great to see so many great extensions bringing something new to QlIk Sense!

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